Friday, November 20, 2015


Let it be known that his day in history we found out that Larry PASSED the california bar!!! He took the test in July and now tonight we found out that he passed and can now be sworn in as a licensed attorney. It took a lot of years and work to get here. It was such a stressful and long day waiting till 6pm when the results were up. I couldn't look with Larry, I put the kids to bed and then heard him running up the stairs and I knew that meant he passed because he wouldn't run to tell me he didn't haha. I just cried and cried. It was a lot of sacrifice and faith having me not work and start a family while he went to law school and it still is us trying to have faith that he will be able to provide well for us so I can stay home with the kids, so this is kinda a big deal to say the least!!! Honestly we are on cloud 9 and now just wait for all the other things to come through intense background checks and what not then he can be sworn in by a judge and then onto a big awesome job hopefully. This is a huge blessing and we are really feeling happiness tonight!

Monday, November 9, 2015

The sinus infection from hell!

I've been battling a cold the last 2 weeks not to unusual it's been damp and cold finally so I was just powering through until last Wednesday I was feeing awful and felt like I had a bad tooth ache Larry came home early and I went to bed thinking bummer I better get to the dentist. I woke up around 3 am in such bad pain I was bawling my eyes out. My upper jaw and cheek and eyes were pulsing with pressure I thought all my teeth were going to fall out. I took some medicine which I always feel guilty about being pregnant and waited till I could call my dentist the second the office opened. I went in with tears in my eyes waiting to hear what tooth would need a root canal or something and after some extras everything looked just fine. I felt like an idiot because I was in such bad pain. He told me it was probably a sinus infection and to wait a few days and see if it would go away being that I'm pregnant and sometimes they are slower to prescribe you anything. So I waited all weekend nursing the horrible pain and crying a lot and today I went right into my dr and it was determined I had a major sinus infection and eat infection. I have never been in such pain in my life. I feel like my teeth and going to fall out and my head is going to expose. I threw up multiple times from the pressure and even took a norco which didn't take any pin away. I'm currently waiting for Larry to get home to decide if we will go to the ER to see if I can get something for the pain because I'm not going to make it, I can't function or take care of 3 kids . I hope I get better soon and that I don't die because at the moment that would probably feel better then this!!  Also I think it should be a rule that pregnant people so not get sick! Seriously it's cruel and unfair.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scout 16 months

This girl has some personality!! She is leaning things at rapid pace. I'd like to think it is because she is brilliant but it might be her trying to keep up with her 2 older brothers :) She is the light of my life and my little buddy girl who hangs with me while the other boys are at school. She is so smiley and funny and imitates everything we do.

She can say...

  • mama
  • dada
  • hi
  • yeah
  • un-oh
  • ta-da 
  • max 
  • nono (noah) 
  • baby 
  • bye
  • baba (bottle) 
She can...
  • climb on every chair or table 
  • use a fork
  • blow kisses 
  • sleeps 2 naps and 12 hours a night
  • go up and down stairs
She loves....
  • her dad
  • her baby blanket 
  • bottle
  • her bothers
  • pushing her baby stroller
  • playing in the bathtub 
  • destroying everything
  • playing in the sandbox 
  • riding around on her scoot and zoom 
  • being tickled
  • playing with her brothers
  • being held 
  • getting lots of attention 
  • dogs 
  • mandarin oranges, string cheese, blueberries, and peanut butter 
  • looking at herself in the mirror
  • getting her teeth brushed
She is in the crazy phase of climbing on the tables and pulling things out from everything and everywhere. She thinks she is so funny when she does naughty things and loves to come up and pull my hand to take me to show me things. She is sad when they boys leave for school and always so happy to see them greeting them with a big smile and a loud hi. She loves to scream and listen to her voice inflections...she has a good set of lungs. She doesn't see herself as any different the the boys and I swear she has no clue she really is still a baby. She climbed and fell out of her crib a few weeks back and was totally shocked when she was on the wrong side in the dark. We lowered her crib to the lowest level and she should be good for awhile longer. She loves going to the park and being around friends and she loves the weekly music class we go to, she dances and sings right along! She can't wait and nether can I to go to nursery at church 2 more months to go! I love her SO much and am so happy she joined our family. She is so loved and I can't wait to see her with her sister, it might be dangerous or crazy for awhile but I know she will love that little baby. She is just the best little girl, we love her so much. It breaks my heart just a little to forget how she was just a year ago, a tiny new baby but she is turning into the funnest toddler and I love see her personality emerge and hearing her learn to talk is priceless. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Currently with Noah....

(Noah's Joy School photo 2015)

Well my spit fire are crazy! We love you so much and really we couldn't imagine life without you. The other day an older man saw you and said, man I bet he is the kinda kid you can't turn your back on for a second...I said dead on! You are that kid my love!! You are wild, and silly, and care free with just a hint of naughtiness that you like to let come out especially when you think it will be fun. You sit in time out often, and usually cry and say you will never ever do it again, which is almost 100% never true. We love your big brown eyes and your toothy smile. You say the most ridiculous things every. Today you said primary was boring...and I asked you what boring meant and you said it meant things you didn't want to do! Ha! You are clever and always are up for fun. The other day you were in the bathroom and I asked if you were every going to obey the rules, and you told me no, that you were allergic to obeying rules and then you laughed and said isn't that so funny?! Oh boy you are just the craziest 3 1/2 year old I know! Here is what's up with you...

  • Love going to joy school 2 times a week 
  • Obsessed with the color green...everything has to be green 
  • Still has a paci and bottle :/ 
  • loves to play until you are over it then destroy whatever you were playing with 
  • In the bad transition of nap phase, still need one but fights it unless you fall asleep in the car then we all jump for joy!
  • Loves to escape the house with scout, adventures over to neighbors yards 
  • Likes doing magic tricks
  • Goes into great drapers room and turns all his lights on and off
  • Is a good eater...especially cold hot dogs and chips and cheese 
  • Likes to color on things :) 
  • potty trained!
  • Loves bubble baths 
  • Usually your arms or legs are covered with pen or a stamp
  • Loves to get his hands copied in the photo copier 
  • Has to be watched like a hawk, will wonder off in 1 second if allowed! 
  • Has no stranger danger, we are working on that! 
  • Loves his green blankie...takes it everywhere 
  • Became a great little swimmer over the summer. Loves the hot tub! 
  • Loves Max and Scout 
  • Loves animals, especially dogs...always asking for one.
  • Loves going to the park and cruising around on his trike. 
  • Loves hanging out with grandma doing play dough 
  • Asks for the ipad when he is tired
  • Wakes up a lot in the night asking for someone to lay by him
  • Great vocabulary and memory! 
Oh Noah we love you lots! You make me exhausted and I hope as you turn 4 your constant need to bolt or get lost will lessen but your funny joyful personality will stay the same. We are working on being more obedient and listening the first time around. You try to be very helpful and you have a great passion for just about everything. You love to be tickled, and tackled and kissed and you have a great laugh! We love you so much!! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently with Max...

(Transitional Kindergarden  2015)

Max is almost 5 1/2 and he is so awesome and I just love him more and more! He is a great big brother, and really cares about his siblings. He is kind, and shy at times and still particular but he has really grown into his own little personality. He tries his hardest to obey and does a really great job at following rules and is a good example. Here are some more awesome things about him currently....

  • Still LOVES legos! 
  • Loves star wars and talks and acts it out continually 
  • Has about 5 lightsabers :) 
  • Can dress himself and always wears what I pick out! 
  • Loves playing outside and exploring the rocks usually acting out star wars 
  • Loves school and his friends
  • Can read really well and practices 20 minutes a day 
  • Is getting better at writing and cutting! 
  • Starting to really draw different things and color 
  • Has a great vocabulary and imagination 
  • His memory is amazing..I can tell him something from years ago and he will bring it up. 
  • Spending time with his cousins is his favorite 
  • Loves to walk and scooter to the park 
  • Likes soccer, isn't really good but never complains 
  • Knows most of the primary songs and sings them continually
  • Loves listening to scripture stories and tells me all about them 
  • Continually talks about star wars, legos, his friends, and things he learns at church 
  • Is helpful, grabs me a diaper, tells me is Scout is naughty, ect. 
  • Still loves blue and into changing into different costumes often. 
  • Loves pizza, root beer floats, carrots, yogurt, toast and grilled cheese 
  • Super creative with anything he plays with has a great imagination and tell storying 
  • Still hugs and kisses me when he goes off to school 
We love Max so much! It is sad to see him grow up, but it is also awesome how independent and funny he is getting. He is joyful, and innocent and wants to do his best and I love all his little things that make him tick. I am still blown away by his memory and I am amazed at how well he is really catching on with reading and writing which had been a struggle for him. He is still really incentive driven which is great and he loves to meet those goals and get his prizes. He treats Noah and Scout really well and is excited for the new baby. We love having him in our family and are excited to see how amazing he becomes! Love you Max!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Photos 2015

We had family pictures done a few weeks back and it is so fun to see the kids grow. I wasn't super thrilled with taking pictures 20 weeks pregnant because I look chubby not very pregnant but not myself. BUT this is me growing another human during this moment in time so I don't want to make that a reason why we don't take pictures so I suck it up and I am happy we did. I know we will be getting a new family member soon but I figure we will just take more when she arrives because I think having photos of your family good or bad (hopefully some good) are priceless. It is amazing to see how much they all have grown in just one short year. The boys were a bit hyper and Scout is going through the phase of not wanting to sit still or stand for 2 seconds but we did manage to get a few shots! It was also a hot 90 degrees in the evening when we were taking these so called "fall" shots. After we treated the kids to in-n-out and were happy to be done till next time! I love my family. 



Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feeling Overwhelmed...

This week has been a DOOZY! I don't know, well I am sure actually that is had something to do with my short temper and pregnancy hormones, but if I could not relive another week like this for awhile that would be great!

Noah has been on rampage...I am feeling defeated. After all the months of working with him, time outs, spanking, talking, lessons of behaving and obeying I thought and could see that he had made some progress. He was listening better, obeying quicker, and less wild...wasn't breaking out of the house or bolting at any chance that came his way. Well these last few weeks he has really digressed. He has been found 2 times in my dads car playing after me franticly searching the house for him, unlatched the backyard gate numerous times and found across the street...and the cherry on top is unlocking the front door and letting himself and scout out and me finding them 5 houses down the street. He has woken her up from naps and dumped more things out in the kitchen then I can count. He has made me cry a lot

The other day at the park he decided to ride his trike to the other park even after I told him no. I was loading kids into the car and he drove away I kept yelling for him and I could see his little head nodding back and forth saying "No" as he drove away. I ran after him and got pretty mad. He later in the car through screaming tears told me that "the bad jesus told him to do it, and that the good jesus told him not to in his heart, but he wanted to listen to the bad jesus, and he wasn't going to be in our family anymore." Max promptly told him there was only good jesus not bad and that he didn't know what he was talking about. I almost died. What do you say to that?!

He has been sleeping awful, bed hoping for the last month or so, I thought it was a phase but now I am not sure. His naps are spastic but if not taken he looses all common sense (whatever he has) at 5pm and wants to go to sleep. If he can get into it he will and if he knows it was naughty he says he will never do it again, even though he will.

Every night when I lay by him to go to sleep I watch his big brown eyes grow heavy and his sweet little snores I say a prayer that we can make it through another day, and that he was kept alive for another day and that I hope he knows how much he is loved even though we are experiencing some growing pains in our relationship right now.

He is so funny and loving and playful and he obviously says the most precocious things and I am sure that he is made that way to balance out the naughty and the impulsive side of him that I am so desperate to tame. Today I couldn't find him after cleaning the kitchen, I went upstairs and he was asleep on his bed...peaceful and I have to remind myself what a baby his still is, and that I am so glad he is in our family...even though he threatens to leave it often.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's A GIRL!!

We found out today that our sweet newest addition is a baby girl! Now this entire pregnancy I have been torn with the fact that I so badly wanted another girl. First I wanted Scout to have a sister something I have never had, and Second I don't know if I could at this point in my motherhood do another boy...maybe down the line but Noah is still a terror and I just wasn't sure I was up for more dirtiness everywhere and sword fighting.

Going into the ultrasound I was nervous, I have had this feeling every pregnancy but especially this one that maybe the baby wasn't healthy...maybe it is the nurse in me or my miscarriage experience that has made me extra sensitive but lets just say my heart was racing. I brought Scout girl along and drop the boys off at their cousins to play. Larry met me and we went in. I didn't even look at the screen the entire time, I was that nervous. The tech who we have seen numerous times over the last 2 years said everything looked amazing and beautiful. Baby was measuring small (which is right on with my other 3 pregnancies) and that she knew it was normal for me. Then I saw the sweetest little profile face and declared it looked like a boy! haha she laughed and said NOPE it is a girl!!

I could have cried! I felt like a pray had been answered and I was so happy for Scout to be getting a sister. Larry seemed pretty happy too and was glad like me that the baby got a clean bill of health. Really is is SUCH a miracle to have healthy children, so many awful sad things can go wrong I mean I know every detail down to the DNA, that was part of my major in college so I know what a miracle it is. And each time it becomes more apparently and we are always so grateful. I love this baby so much all ready. Max was really excited because he said he knew it was a girl, and Noah and Scout really don't have a clue. I thought that Noah might get it but he doesn't remember me pregnant with scout and he will be still 3 when this little girl comes almost 4 so he'll get it when she arrives!

We are really excited and can't wait to meet her. The name game begins because we didn't have any ideas in mind. With the other 3 we kinda knew right away so she will have to be thought about for awhile. Can't wait to meet you baby girl!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby #4!!

I've been busy with normal life and forgot to mention we are having another sweet baby!! We got pregnant shortly after my d&c that happened in April. I was all sorts of worried for a few months but the morning sickness came on and stayed and after 2 ultrasounds we were so excited to feel out of the danger zone! Today I had an appointment and my dr. couldn't find a heartbeat for awhile...she said she could hear the baby moving around but couldn't pinpoint a heartbeat. After she could tell I was getting nervous she pulled out the ultrasound machine and found that the baby is super high up and that she was down too low. She figured since this is technically my 5th pregnancy this baby has a lot of room to move around so we might be searching until I get bigger. I had felt the baby kick the other night so I knew things were probably okay but after what we experienced in April I am a bit more nervous about things. I am 17 weeks along and we will find out in a few weeks what this baby is! I am excited and feel SO SO blessed that we get to welcome another baby into our lives and our family. I am sure it is the hormones but I have been extra grateful for my beautiful children. Most days I am doing great we have are bad cranky days both the kids and I but mostly I am so grateful for my family and my healthy smart and loving children! I can't wait to welcome another one into our family and to see the kids smother this one with love as well. So sweet baby #4 we are thrilled to meet you and hope that you are growing nice and healthy in there! Can't wait for early March!! 

There is the little peanut back in August! Such a miracle, we are calling it our rainbow baby! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween at Target!

Well I caved and put up our halloween decorations this week. I couldn't take it anymore with the 90 degree heat still blazing I just wanting something to feel cooler! We are really getting into halloween this year Max and Noah want to make the house all spooky and we have been talking about costumes for a good 2 weeks already! After a few trips to Target I got the house in order. After soccer on Saturday we took a long trip to Target and let the boys let loose in the halloween section. Star Wars is huge this season with the 7th movie coming out in December so Max who has gotten into it the last year and has now seen all 6 movies is loving all the different costumes. Currently he wants to be Luke and Noah wants to be the hulk. We will see what happens we halloween gets closer but really there is parties starting in about 2 weeks so I better get on top of it!

 So scary right?! These 2 most of the time are really great buddies. Honestly there is very little times that they fight and as Noah has gotten better at sharing and Max has gotten better at communicating the fighting is rare. We are really trying to make treating our siblings kind a priority in our home and it is paying off. I love that they have each other to play in target with and I love that we can spend a saturday afternoon together laughing and pretending to me scared! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pizza and the park

The last 2 wednesdays we have picked up costco pizza and taken it to the park we like to call the bunny park. Max gets out early on this day so it worked out perfectly. Today Larry joined us for lunch. The weather has been so hot and summer is just hanging on so we spent a few hours at the park trying to get energy out. Scout is all over the place and has been fussy as she is breaking some one year old molars in so a park and pizza is the perfect distraction. Max has gotten so big he eats 3 slices sometimes! I decided until the weather turns cold we will continue our wednesdays pizza and park days soaking up the sun.  This really is such a typical day for us park and food! Also we are so lucky at the moment that Larry works close to home because we can meet him for a quick lunch at least once a week! 
This picture is horrible but it describes this stage of life perfectly with Scout crawling up onto the table every chance she gets, I pull her off and not more then 2 minutes later she has climbed back up trying to get into everything and pouring all the drinks out! Bless my heart the next 2 years of toddlerhood with her are going to be hard!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bubbles make everything better!

I've been trying hard to decrease screen time in our house and the kids are good at playing together but sometimes when I want to get the house clean or cook dinner it is easier to just stick them in front of a screen but I am getting more creative and cutting down the time to less then an hour a day so in the late afternoon with kids and mom were getting grumpy I pulled out the magic bubble machine! It was a tiny bit windy and the bubbles went all over the yard. The kids had a great time going around trying to chop the balloons are eat them. My favorite thing is watching Scout run behind the boys screaming with joy! That girl has a high pitched scream of pure joy and it always cracks me up hearing her so happy playing with her brothers. She thinks she is just as old as them! It was a perfect afternoon watching them chase bubbles before dad came home and the back up coach came to get us to bed time! 

Love this crazy Noah of mine! Think he needs a hair cut! Love Love him!! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Scout at 14 months.

This beautiful little thing is 14 months old! She has gone from a baby to a feisty, sweet, busy toddler over night! Honestly I look at her and I think where did my baby go? I see so much of Max in her and a tiny bit of Noah, her and Max make the same facial expressions though! She has my heart. I love her so much and she has made our family so special. I am sad to see her become less of a baby but I can't wait for her to get bigger, talk to me, and get some more hair!!
At 14 months scout is...
  • Walking and running everywhere!
  • Can go up and down the stairs like a champ
  • pulling herself on to chairs and pulling things down on her (danger!) 
  • Eatings Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches everyday
  • Loves blueberries and grapes with the skin off 
  • Has 9 teeth and loves getting them brushed! 
  • Drags her monkey blanket everywhere 
  • Sleeps with her boppy pillow every night and throws everything out of her crib when she doesn't want to sleep. 
  • Takes 2 good naps and sleeps all night long. She is my best sleeper! 
  • Loves being outside playing in the playhouse and sandbox and loves the park! 
  • Thinks her brothers are the best thing ever and loves when they come home from school. 
  • Is "talking" up a storm says "Ma" and "Da" and "baba" and then lots of gibberish 
  • Loves taking a bath and drinking from the spout..I'll turn it on low while she is bathing and goes back and forth in the tub getting sips from it. 
  • Has her baby doll she kisses and pushes around in her stroller she is kinda rough with it. 
  •  Doesn't scream as much in the car! Is getting better at car rides which is helpful. 
  • Loves to cuddle with her blanket but on her terms and her length of time. 
  • Loves to be in the thick of it surrounded by whatever is going in the moment. 
  • Has found how fun the kitchen can be, opening all the cupboards and drawers.  
  • Has the best high pitched squeal/scream when she gets excited about things! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

8 Years!

 8 years ago Larry and I drove to the Oakland temple to get married. Looking back I hated almost everything about my wedding there was a lot of tension between my parents and I, and it sadly will always be associated with that time. But here we are 8 years later still married and still working towards goals we set so many years ago. We have earned 3 college degrees between the 2 of us and have had 3 kids. We have had a lot of great times and a lot of not so great times. Single life was so easy compared to married life, and married life without kids was SO much easier then life with kids but it is my life and I love the good of it all and I hate the challenges and trials that have come are way because we've had a doozy of them, BUT also certain things have made me a stronger person and I am sure Larry could say the same. If I could give my 20 year old self some advice it would be to remember that everyone changes it is inevitable the key is to not change so much that you don't recognize who you are or who your spouse is. Also your love with change. I am not that super excited 20 year old dying to get married fact I am a very tired 28 year old who would much rather take a nap then go on a date at times but I am also 100% comfortable with who I am when I am with my husband. He loves me no matter what I do or say or look like. He has seen me have 3 children which can not be so pretty sometimes, he has seen me hit rock bottom as a mom and wife, he has seen me cry a lot or be scared or stressed and he takes it all in stride and in a loving way. It is sometimes hard to explain that level of commitment to people as well as the easy that comes with sitting in a room together and not feeling the need to talk..does that make sense? Before we got married he probably hadn't seen me in many other circumstances except for being happy and wearing makeup but that is the great thing about being married it all evolves and you accept each other for who you are because you made a commitment and you know that new love isn't the same as mature love. We still have a lot of things ahead of us but getting out of the college phase was a big check off our list. In some ways I hope our life looks a lot different in 8 years and in some ways I hope it stays the same! 
Happy 8th anniversary Larry! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Joy School & Cows

Today was the official start of Joy school. This year Noah will be doing joy school with 6 of his friends and then next year when he turns 4 will go to LMNO preschool! I am teaching the first 2 weeks then have 10 weeks off while he goes to the other houses. He did great and I am so excited to see him learn to take directions from other people and hopefully learn a thing or two! After school we picked up Max and went to lunch to celebrate. We hit chickfila because it is our favorite spot really and everyone eats and plays it's perfect. Larry joined us and Noah told him all about his first day of preschool. Big moments in our lives! I love hearing him speak he is very articulate and can express himself really well. It is neat to hear things from his point of view, he might be crazy and wiggly but he is getting SO much better at taking direction and obeying and is in time out less and less. 

These 2 are just the best buddies! I love their little budding relationship. They are both protective of each other and think of each other when one isn't at a at the dentist if one is there they want to get an extra price from the box to bring to their brother. I love getting pictures of them when they are cute together. And this baby below is just the cutest little sweet thing ever. I could eat her up with that tiny pony tail. She is becoming a good little eater and loves all the blueberries that come in the fruit cups that the boys think are awful! Ha! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creating Habits

Since school started and we are officially back into a routine, I am working hard on getting us all into good habits and routines that can hopefully become normal to us. I go in spurts where I am great for a month or I am great at a few of these things and slack on others. The goal is to be awesome on all of them all the time!  I've always been one to make beds, but later in the afternoon or get my kids dressed but maybe not till 10 am but now with 2 kids in school we are up and at them and have to leave the house by 7:45! Nice and early! Here are some things I'm trying hard to make habits in our lives...

*Making beds right in the morning
*Having playroom picked up before we leave house
*Teeth brushed, vitamins, and hair done before heading downstairs for breakfast
*Backpack and lunch done the night before
*A daily cleaning schedule...vacuum mondays, bathrooms tuesdays ect.
* Nightly scripture study with all 3 kids
*Homework and reading time 1 hour after school, get lunch, watch a show then homework no whinny, no complaining, hop to it or no one gets to play in the afternoon!

I am hoping as my mornings get even busier these next few years when all of the kids are going to school, or preschool, that this is all normal and there is no dragging of the feet or whining. My kids do great with routine and knowing the plan and I am trying to be the best mom for them and instead of putting out fires all day we can be productive and have smooth days! I don't believe that your day or morning for that fact has to be the crazy hectic mornings that sometimes having a bunch of kids can be portrayed as!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Locking Noah In The Car...

I don't really want to remember this, but it is also one of those memories that I hope I can look back on in 10 years and laugh, or cry either way it needs to be documented. The other day I took Noah to a birthday party in the morning while scout napped at home and Max was at school. I was feeling out of it, and kinda hazy, so when I pulled up to the house I wasn't probably really thinking about anything. I parked the car, opened the door, locked the door and slammed it shut. 2 seconds later I realized I had left my bag in there, with the keys next to it and poor Noah buckled into his car seat in the back seat. Now Noah has no clue how to unbuckle is 5 point harness carseat (thank goodness most of the time) I quickly realized what had happened as he started to cry asking me to get him out. OH my goodness I was so out of it anyways I called my mom and luckily she found the spair key (which is missing a lot of the time) I had to wait about 10 minutes for her to get over to the house and in the mean time I was trying to calm poor Noah down who had been crying and screaming and kicking and getting nice and sweaty in there. I kept trying to get him to try to unbuckle his seat, because I know from there he would have been able to unlock the door. It was so sad and I felt SO SO bad and also SO grateful it wasn't 110 degrees yet and that Scout wasn't with us. My mom arrived and saved the day. I got Noah out and the poor guy was so worked up it took him awhile to calm down and take some breaths. It is moments like that, that make me realize just what a little guy he really is, that he was so scared and helpless. I kept saying sorry and explaining what had happened he finally took his binki out and said "its okay mom" oh poor boy. Anyways I hope that it never happens again, and in some ways I am surprised it took this long to happen but boy am I glad I didn't have to break a window or anything!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Max First Day Of School!

Max set off on his first day of school this week! He is doing transitional Kindergarden at Brooks school, the same elementary school I attended when I was little. He was super excited to go to his new big kid school and meet all his new friends. We went back and forth on sending him to regular kindergarden or doing a 2 year program that our school now offers. We decided to give him that extra year to really learn and transition and I think it will be great fit for him. He is learning to read slowly and is excellent at numbers and there are a million reasons why we chose to do TK but one is that we hope instead of being in the middle of the pack he will be at the top academically as well as have more leadership opportunities as he grows. We were concerned with him being a boy and one of the youngest, and now after he has been there a few days I think it was  a perfect choice. There are some other boys who are newly 5 as well and he has made some great friends. As you can tell it has been a choice that has weighed heavily on our minds, Larry and I both know how important school is and what a difference a year can make in a young kids life.

Anyways enough of that...Max was amazing his first day. He gave me a hug and walked right into his room. He is a pro now after preschool really and I felt happy and proud of him. I wasn't sad or worried for him, I know he is in a safe school and that his teacher is wonderful. Plus it is only half way so he wasn't gone to long. Noah did miss him a lot though and acted up like crazy. He gets to start preschool in a few weeks so I am hoping he will be excited to have his own thing. One thing I am excited about is joining the PTA and getting involved at the school. I loved going to Brooks as a Kid and I am so excited to have my kids experience it now. I also am super lucky that my mom offered to watch the other kids every Friday so I can volunteer in Max's class. Sometimes I miss working but I wouldn't be able to do half of these things If I worked so I am really excited to embrace the stay at home, PTA mom, it was what I wanted for so long and what I longed for as I studied my life away in college so it's here this new phase of motherhood and I'm happy to enter into it!

Let's check this cute little guy out! OH I love him so much and am loving the little kid he is turning into! I don't feel like time is flying by, but I do feel like these next few years will fly by because of how fast he is learning, developing, and growing. He is so smart and thinks way out of the box but yet he still cries when he gets hurt, or nervous and he still wants you to lay by him and hold him. I love that little kindergarden face and am so excited to see what he becomes! Get ready for 20 something years of school buddy, buckle in it is a long and wild ride! 

Friday, July 31, 2015


Larry finished taking the California State BAR today! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
 4 years of law school
12 weeks non stop studying 
1 massive test
3 days
27 hours of testing

Now we have to wait...4 long months 
 I met up with him just as he finished and summited his work for the day and we celebrated at our favorite place. He felt good, he worked and studied hard and he hopes he never has to take the test again. We prayed hard and we hope that those prayers were heard. I sent about 50 emails out to all our family and friends asking them to keep Larry in their thoughts and prayers as he took the test. 

I kept reading him the responses we got back all from people who support and love our family. It made my heart swell thinking of what a great support system we have. I know he felt those prayers as he was able to stay calm and recall all he had studied. This test is nasty and the pass rate is low, even if he felt super confident he could not pass so we are being cautiously optimistic. I am practicing the principle of faith probably more then I ever have in my life. But for now we wait, and move on with our lives. He started back to work and is busy as ever putting countless hours in, almost no different then school :) We hope we get to recreate this picture come November! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scout Turns ONE!!!

My perfect baby girl turned one year old today. My heart aches for the fact that this has been the fasted year of my life. I mean seriously I blinked and she turned one. I love her so much, my heart can't handle it sometimes, if feels like it will burst with pride when she smiles or does something cute. We had a rough start those first 4 months with the colic and the constant crying but then suddenly she changed and this sweet beautiful calm baby appeared. She is so sweet and loving, she has the best little spirit and she is loved and adored by all. I am sad to see her grow out of babyhood and into toddlerhood but the days pass by and I have to embrace it!

She is now walking everywhere with a funny little buddha stance with wide legs it's the best. She claps her hands and cheers for everything. She can say mama, dada, hi, bye, baby, and uh-oh! She waves her little hand when she says hi, makes me want to die it's so cute. She loves babies, and to poke their eyes...why do they always do that? She climbs up stairs but now down and she climbs everything!! The other day I put her on the couch turned my back and she climbed up onto the table behind the couch, she thought it was the best thing ever. She sleeps like a champ taking 2 naps a day and sleeps all night long still with her beloved boppy pillow! She gets super excited in the morning when you come to grab her, screaming, kicking and laughing. She loves playing with her brothers, or being in the room with them and she loves to eat legos. She loves to put things in something then pull them out again, over and over again.

Her favorite thing to do is be held :) She loves to cuddle and put her head on my shoulder. Every time she gets a blanket she pulls it closer to her face and sighs, I love it. She eats vanilla yogurt everyday and loves yogurt bites. She also loves licking peanut butter off a spoon and when she is done eating she throws all her food off her tray.

We threw a sweet ice cream party for her to celebrate her mile stone. It was a fun party to plan and I love having people come over who love her just as much. It takes a village to raise a family and I have such a good village!

Loved all the little ice cream things around the table, made it feel just like summer and her pink cake! It was tiny but I love getting to decorate with pink now! 
We did ice cream sundaes with lots of toppings and cones for those like Max who like nice plain things! It was simple but very festive! 

My favorite part of the whole thing was putting her gold S on this wall and then decorating it with pictures from the last year. It brought back lots of memories and made my heart swell seeing her grow over the year. She was the most beautiful newborn baby ever! Those cheeks of hers have been kissed a million times. 

Her classic and new tradition of taking their picture with the Birthday sign! Love her outfit with ice cream cones all over it and that little profile of hers is just the best thing ever!! 
We had lots of friends over and at the end sang to her and let her go at her cake. She was timid but slowly she started to eat the frosting and got to the cake. Max was concerned she would get burned with the flame but he protected her...good brother. 

She really started to go at it, love that fat little fist stuffed into her mouth. Oh I just lover her so much!So much sugar! 
Happy Birthday dear girl. You are so special and so loved! You have made our family so much better and have brought a lot of love too. You make everyday better with your bright smile and I feel so blessed and privileged to be your mom. I hope you have the best life and I want so much for you! My baby Scout I love you so!