Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noah turns 2!! A Mickey and Minnie Celebration!!

Cortney and I decided a few months ago to throw a joint party for Noah and Cambria. We would be inviting the same people anyways and they are only 3 days apart and we thought it would be so fun and cute to do a Mickey and Minnie party for them. We sent out the cutest mickey invites we made them to look like his head and then decorated our house so fun and cute.

We had tables inside for everyone to eat, we served hot dogs (like the song from the show) and lots of different yummy foods. The plan was for the kids to just play outside. Sadly after months of California not raining we got RAIN and a lot of it the day before and the day of the party. I was a bit panicked because we did have a ton of people coming and the rain was not letting up. We decided just to put lots of toys in the front room, move all the furniture out of the back den room and set up the tables there. It was still a lot of fun and we are thinking maybe we will do in every other year or something. It was fun celebrating Noah and Cambria with all our friends and family. We love these 2 and feel like they are close as siblings even though Noah says he is going to marry Cambria. We shall see!! Happy Birthday to these two. You guys are our favorite two year olds!!



Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lorell turns 100

Larry's grandma turned 100 and we took a super quick trip to utah. I didn't even document the trip because it was just Larry and I and it was blissful! We stayed in a hotel and slept all night and ate at all our favorite spots we miss in Utah and we shopped a lot for new baby girl!! We flew in Friday and flew out Monday morning so it was super quick but worth it. We have never left the boys for that long so I left them each a gift to open each day when my mom thought they needed it and we didn't contact them it would make them upset. Really it is easy to leave them in some ways because its their house and their use to my mom anyways but It takes a lot for me to leave them. I also didn't want to drag them to a boring party for their great grandma who they never met and who they will never remember. It might be cold hearted of me but I hate placing my children in positions like an adult party and then get mad at them for acting like it was perfect to leave them and it was SO nice to get away! I did get this shot of us with Lorell. Our baby will be her 106th great grandchild. She still has a great memory but sits. It was nice to see some of Larry's siblings and all our friends in provo. We haven't been back to utah in 3 years so it was nice to see our old stomping grounds! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some time at the Library

We have the best library around! We go once a week sometimes two times if we need some extra play time or have an hour to kill. Today the boys played with dinos and made them a nest and fed them. The bottom picture is blury :( but it captures Noah perfectly snuggling up to a dino that boy needs an animal! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A bloody mess...

My mom and I dropped Larry and the boys off at the park then went for a walk. I am trying to really walk everyday to keep baby weight off and keep in shape. It has been trickier this time around with 2 kids. Noah doesn't like to sit in the stroller as long as Max does so it is easier and we can go longer without the kids. Anyways when we got back Max had no shirt on and was sitting in the car crying. Larry proceeded to show me these pictures of the bloody mess that was made form the poor guy tripping. He is clumsy and does fall a lot, luckily no stitches were needed just lots of blood. Poor guy, I was glad Larry has to deal with the drama and not me for a change! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meeting the Tooth Fairy.

We were at busy kids today with friends when in walks the tooth fairy! Max and Noah thought she was princess (cracks me up) They are fully aware of cavity bugs and brushing their teeth and big shorts in their mouth if they don't brush so they know very well who the tooth fairy it. They got to use the brush and brush teeth and then went on to play a few more hours with lots of fun things. We love coming to busy kids and spending a good half day there. Max loves toys and Noah is getting better at playing along side him as well.

These guys discovered the dress ups today. That little smirk on Max's face just makes me want to kiss his cheeks all over. Love these guys of mine! Perfect day playing away the hours!