Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Phone Dump From April-May 2012

I found these on my phone and I had to share. I love snapping photos and probably should be better at getting them on a better quality camera but my phone is always with me. Its fun to look back and see how fast and how much these boys change.

2 Month Old Noah.

Today sweet boy turned 2 months old. Oh I just want him to stay a little baby forever he is so squishy and lovely and adorable. I am in love with his little double chins and his legs and arms that are starting to fill out. He has a strong head that he can lift very well and loves to stand on his long feet. He has soft clear skin, and cubby cheeks I could kiss all day.

He is starting to respond to my voice and can track me when I love around the room. He is full of smiles, those toothless little smiles are the best. He is starting to coo and gurgle and occasionally you can tickle him and get a laugh. He is eating constantly and is still nursing good which is nice for me. He has really chunked up and I sadly packed away his little premie and newborn clothes the other day. He resembles Max a lot I think and his head is looking pretty big.

I think he favors Larry because those dads just have the right touch when it comes to cranky tired babies. Every time he is held, or wrapped by Larry he is out for a good nap shortly after. He loves getting baths from his dad and would sleep on his chest all night long if I allowed it.

My favorite thing to do is hold him after he is nice and full and he is so content. I love to stroke his soft head and to rub his torso because he gets all squirmy and seems to like it. I love to unwrap him from his tight swaddle and watch him stretch his arms and legs out one limb at a time. He is still up in the night 1-2 times and still grunts a ton but I know as he grows all these little things will change, but I am still pretty tired all day.  I want to capture all the great things about him and his babyness because before I know it he will be big. Oh I could just kiss him and hold him forever.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note to self....

Don't have 2 kids in less than 2 years because bathing suit season is upon us and I want to die...or move to a cold place where swimming is not the activity of choice for 4 long months.

Also when you are expecting to take a nap when both your kids are...you just jinxed yourself for thinking that because then they conspire against you...one (Noah) taking a nap while the other (Max) is throwing a tantrum in the crib for a good hour then falling asleep in your bed right when the other (Noah) is waking up to eat.

Also drinking diet coke all day long to get through the day is OKAY, don't beat yourself up about it because most days your surviving trying to make your kids have good memories.

Oh one more thing...taking both kids to Target to find some summer clothes for yourself is never ever a good idea...you leave the store buying a ball, diet coke, and a treat for your toddler to keep him from climbing out of the cart. Plus you spent more time loading and unloading the kids then you actually did in the store.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look Who Is Ready For Summer:

Mr. Noah is looking pretty good in his summer red hat. He is ready for the swim party to begin. Oh and go you see his sweet little grin? The boy is starting to smile and coo. This one has stole my heart. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Max at 23 Months.

Well next month is the big 24 month mark for our Max, but this last month he has really changed in big ways. All of a sudden he is talking non stop. He says lots of real words that not only can mom understand but other people! He has learned to identify and say the letters IOEDPB which is pretty awesome and has recently learned to say "Its Mine" which is a mixed bag :) He is still active as can be running, jumping, throwing, kicking this guy is all boy. In the last few weeks he has declared his love for trash cans. Anywhere we go he identifies all the trashes and wants to throw things away like food, pieces of paper or anything he can get his hands on. The other day in the car he was fussy and to get him to stay happy my mom kept telling him she saw trash cans ahead and that made the fussing stop, its pretty funny and annoying at the same time.

He still loves balls and being outside, especially now because its almost summer and he can play in the water all day. He loves the hose and has learned to turn it on and off and he loves to still take baths. He takes a 3 hour nap everyday from 1-4 and sleeps great at night which is a big blessing for me because I need at least on baby to sleep good! He has learned to fold his arms for prayer time and can say amen which just melts my heart. He loves his Noah and every time he kisses him he says  "Nice". He still doesn't like loud sounds like the vacuum or when Noah is screaming bloody murder in the car Max typically joins right in with him. He loves going on our daily walks especially now with his buddy in the double stroller.  He loves his bottles still and drags his baby blanket everywhere even outside throw all the dirt. We love our Max and are so excited to celebrate his birthday next month!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Motherhood Means To Me...

Motherhood is playing basketball all day with your toddler even when its 90 degrees outside. It is kissing skinned knees,chasing him around the house to comb his hair in the morning and putting shoes on his chubby feet so they don't get burned when he runs outside.

Motherhood is praising him when he eats his food well, cleaning the high chair tray multiple times a day, saying I love you as much as possible, and knowing he is up to something when the house gets very quiet.  It is constantly trying to teach him to be nice, soft, and say please.

Motherhood is knowing what snacks he likes, when its time for naps, and where his favorite blanket is. It is knowing that you might change 16 diapers in one day, and coming to the conclusion that you might never get your kids to nap together at the same time.

Motherhood is nursing a baby 10 times a day, then letting said baby sleep on your very sore chest because you know it makes him feel safe and comfortable. It is learning and knowing what his little cries mean, and taking the time to hold him because you know the first few weeks go by so quickly.

Motherhood is letting go of the small things like messes, and the endless laundry having 2 boys brings. It is jumping for joy when you finally get the baby to sleep after a particularly fussy time and feeling totally crushed when he wakes up minutes later from a loud noise.

Motherhood is waking up multiple times in the night, changing diapers anywhere, and singing primary songs in the car to keep everyone calm. It is always having an extra snack, outfit, and plenty of diapers on hand. It is rolling with the punches and moods of your children throughout the day.

Motherhood is learning to laugh when you have change, fed, diapered both kids and then you look over and one is completely covered in spit up or that mornings breakfast. It is learning to have 5 hands even though you were only given 2.

Motherhood is taking a deep breath when bedtime has come, and knowing that you might not have been the best mom that day, but knowing tomorrow is a fresh day. It is physically demanding as your body constantly changes with each new child you get to bring into the world. It is having the patients and courage to know you might never fit back into those skinny jeans.

To me motherhood is an endless amount of things. Words can't describe the life changing event it has been in my life. It has given me to opportunity to forget about myself and to truly serve, sacrifice, and love someone more then life itself and with the birth of my second child I feel it even more so now. It is hard, physically demanding work that never ends but the rewards of a smile, a kiss, or when they learning something new is priceless. It is something I hope that I get to continue to do for a very long time.

Noah 6 weeks & Max 22 months. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Typical Spring Day For Us...

Max demonstrating water play at his finest. He loves splashing, pouring, and dumping water. He recently has learned how to turn the hose on which drives me nuts because he wants it on for hours. We compromise with a small constant stream. Side note: compromising with a toddler is a joke :) 

This is Max about no less than 4 hours later after he had taken his blissful afternoon nap. How awesome does he look. With a bottle in toe he likes to sit on the porch until he is less groggy then back to the water play. Did i mention I love nap time? 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Six Sweet Weeks.

My sweet little Noah is officially six weeks old. We have had our ups and downs these last 6 weeks but I finally feel like I am in my mommy groove. I can go out and run very short errands with both of them, take them to the park, successfully nurse Noah while walking to the fridge to get Max a drink, and it takes me about 10 minutes to unload them from the car into the double stroller. When I change one diaper I usually check the other boy and change him so they are on the same schedule :) And my day is amazing when the starts align and they are naping at the same time!

I have yet to master nursing Noah in public with Max running around, usually we head to the car so Max can play to his hearts content with all the buttons while Noah eats and then back out we go. And I am not proud but I have bribed Max and given him treats more then I would like to admit to keep him happy, quite, and still. I have yet to stay calm and not feel stress when they are both freaking out but I am working on it. Last night Max was crying during his whole bath while Noah lay in his bassinet in the bathroom no less screaming unless I rocked the bed...it was not a pretty sight and it would have been funny to video tape the madness.

Despite the freakout moments Noah is truly a little bundle of joy. He is so cute and soft and if I could hold him all day I would. I love his little grunts and noises he makes when he sleeps and the soft sign of satisfaction when he is full of milk. I love how he already is able to lift his head and will constantly be grabbing at something. He has strong little legs that like to push up on things when he is being held. He smiles randomly and it melts my heart. I love to see the development and the major changes in just a few short weeks, but it makes me sad as well. For a long 9 months you await this sweet little newborn and then in a matter of weeks they get big and start to develop their personalities.

Noahs 6 Week Stats:
Weight: 9 pounds 5 ounces
Length: 21 inches

Oh my goodness I want him to stay a baby forever! How sweet is he!! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Noahs Blessing.

I didn't get too many pictures of Noah's blessing but it was a nice evening. We had some friends and whatever family was around come over on Sunday night and had root beer floats after. I like blessing my babies in our home, or with family around not in church. I am not a fan of blessing babies in sacrament meeting I want a more intimate place. Larry gave Noah a sweet blessing of being a good brother, serving others, and being an example in others lives. I also didn't do the traditional all white outfit because I didn't have Max's (it was in storage) and really I am low key about these things I'd probably not do it at all if Larry didn't insist. Here are some pictures of the day and a few cousins that were in town! I should have snagged a family picture but once again I forgot...next time! 

Oh sweet noah, you might not be the most photogenic baby but we love you! 
Later that night the boys hanging out once everyone left. Sometimes it is crazy that we already have 2 kids before Max is even 2! Time flies! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Images Of A Sleeping Baby...Enjoy.

Noah Sleeps on our bed on his boppy pillow a lot. He sleeps in his bed pretty well too, but after I have fed him in the middle of the night he likes to sleep on his tummy so it is easiest to plop him on the pillow at the end of the bed for the rest of the night. He is so innocent and lovely when he sleeps, I think there is nothing better then watching your child sleep so peacefully. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogging Slump.

I really want to blog more but I have bit a bit frustrated with the new blogger, anyone else out there want to throw your computer out the window when trying to upload and display pictures...just me?  We can blame my range on my post partum hormones...I think I can get away with that excuse for a good year right?

Things are good around here. Busy in the sense of taking care of 2 little boys is very demanding both physically and mentally. Everyday I go to bed exhausted in a blur of memories of the day. Nursing Noah, feeding Max, changing both their diapers, chasing Max, telling him to be soft to Noah, drinking a diet coke and then repeating probably 20 times a day. I changed 17 diapers the other day! Good golly! But the great thing is whenever I see their smiling little faces or when I catch Max doing something cute and Noah is content watching his big brother run wild my heart is full. I may be totally disheveled looking and self conscience about my weight but its all good when they are happy.

Larry is busy with work and school. He takes his first final tonight and wraps up his second year next week yahoo!! He is looking forward to a couple weeks of and then a short summer semester. I use to always be looking forward to when he was done with school, thats when I thought our lives would begin. Oh how wrong I was. With 2 kids, a job, friends, church callings, family our lives are continually going and changing and we are taking it in strides. Hopefully I can figure out the picture thing and get more up of my really cute kids because lets face it the blog is all about them!