Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Motherhood Means To Me...

Motherhood is playing basketball all day with your toddler even when its 90 degrees outside. It is kissing skinned knees,chasing him around the house to comb his hair in the morning and putting shoes on his chubby feet so they don't get burned when he runs outside.

Motherhood is praising him when he eats his food well, cleaning the high chair tray multiple times a day, saying I love you as much as possible, and knowing he is up to something when the house gets very quiet.  It is constantly trying to teach him to be nice, soft, and say please.

Motherhood is knowing what snacks he likes, when its time for naps, and where his favorite blanket is. It is knowing that you might change 16 diapers in one day, and coming to the conclusion that you might never get your kids to nap together at the same time.

Motherhood is nursing a baby 10 times a day, then letting said baby sleep on your very sore chest because you know it makes him feel safe and comfortable. It is learning and knowing what his little cries mean, and taking the time to hold him because you know the first few weeks go by so quickly.

Motherhood is letting go of the small things like messes, and the endless laundry having 2 boys brings. It is jumping for joy when you finally get the baby to sleep after a particularly fussy time and feeling totally crushed when he wakes up minutes later from a loud noise.

Motherhood is waking up multiple times in the night, changing diapers anywhere, and singing primary songs in the car to keep everyone calm. It is always having an extra snack, outfit, and plenty of diapers on hand. It is rolling with the punches and moods of your children throughout the day.

Motherhood is learning to laugh when you have change, fed, diapered both kids and then you look over and one is completely covered in spit up or that mornings breakfast. It is learning to have 5 hands even though you were only given 2.

Motherhood is taking a deep breath when bedtime has come, and knowing that you might not have been the best mom that day, but knowing tomorrow is a fresh day. It is physically demanding as your body constantly changes with each new child you get to bring into the world. It is having the patients and courage to know you might never fit back into those skinny jeans.

To me motherhood is an endless amount of things. Words can't describe the life changing event it has been in my life. It has given me to opportunity to forget about myself and to truly serve, sacrifice, and love someone more then life itself and with the birth of my second child I feel it even more so now. It is hard, physically demanding work that never ends but the rewards of a smile, a kiss, or when they learning something new is priceless. It is something I hope that I get to continue to do for a very long time.

Noah 6 weeks & Max 22 months. 

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  1. That is so sweet! I am not quit at 2 kids under the age of 2 but I will have a 2 year old and a new born as of October. I read your comments on how hard it is and I keep thinking.... What did I get myself into but then I think of all the sweet things Zoe does and it makes me feel so Mich better! I totally love this post!