Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Alright this Halloween was alot of fun because Max being almost 2 and a half totally go it! We had our ward trunk or treat like 2 weeks ago so it kinda felt like Halloween was totally over but then surprise it was the 31st and we were ready to party! We hit up Larry's anual party at the office, and let me tell you those lawyers know how to party! We also went trick or treating later that night with his Martin cousins and ate way to much pizza, home made root beer {by larry!} and copious amounts of candy!

Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter then seeing your toddler hopped up on candy running through the streets on a cloudy spooky night in his little bear costume. His little bear butt with his little tail was the cuttest thing. His high pitched voice saying "tricker treat"and "thank you" just makes me smile ear to ear. That wild and crazy boy has be wrapped around those tiny chunky sticky fingers!

Noah was a champ chillin in the stroller...such a sweet baby didn't even cry for candy or get scared of the dark. He made such a cute honey pot and I better stop talking because man alive I could keep talking about how much I adore that baby of mine!

Overall we had a great night...not to many great pictures BUT I tried. No judging on my costume took me along time to configure that bear costume which took even longer for Max to finally agree to wearing it. He might look all innocent and cute but it's a lie...he screamed bloody murder getting the makeup on his face and getting him into the outfit! :) Motherhood is great right?! I loved making their costumes...I figure its the job of every stay at home mom to make them right? Whats a childhood Halloween without the home-madeness of it all!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy and dry halloween! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by. Wasn't it just last year?? Man alive time really needs to slow down...{except for law school that can speed up}...but boys stop getting so big! Can't wait to see what next years Halloween looks like!

Don't you LOVE how our boys do NOT sit still? Minus the bribes of bottles, candy, and spoons :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

7 Quickest Months Of My Life...

I blinked my eyes and this sweet baby is turning into a big baby faster then I would like. Seriously Noah, I just felt like I found out I was pregnant with you and then WHAM you are now 7 months old! I think that time is speeding up more with this baby more then with Max.  He is doing things quicker and sooner then Max did, and Im pretty sure its because he has such a great big brother to show him the way! I could not ask for a more happy and content baby. He is so chubby and kissable. I love to hold his huge body and give him kisses. He gets so excited when he gets attention he screams and laughs and gets a good grip on my hair. How is it that babies are stronger then me?

At 7 months my sweet Noah is...
So Smiley
Even tempered exempt when hungry 
has 2 bottom teeth 
takes 3 naps and sleeps mostly all night
loves to eat! 
loves to put anything into his mouth
screeches for joy
loves to get his tummy blown on 
is SO wiggly and never stops moving
loves taking baths and making tons of splashes with Max
loves to roll over while I change his diaper, or put clothes on
never cries to get out of his crib unless he wants food
loves his dad and brother 
still can hang in the jumper for a good hour
will lay on his back and kick his feet forever 
has the strongest little grip...those cubby fingers hold on tight! 
loves to take walks in the stroller 
coos and is starting to babble 

I love this little Noah of mine! He is mine! I am so over joyed that he has come to our family. Even last night while doing a 5 am feeding (he slept 8 hours hurray!) I went back to bed and said a small prayer of gratitude not only for Noah but for both my boys. Some days I want to pull my hair out when I am tired or everyone is fussy, but most days I hang with them both, play with them, read stories, and be their mom. It is amazing to see how they are growing strong and healthy! I'm sad to see Noah turn into more of a big baby and then toddler. As I watch his babyness go away as he becomes mobile it makes my heart break a little but I am excited for the relationship that him and Max will develop as he is able to play more with Max and they grow up together. He is such a sweet baby and I cannot believe how fast these 7 months have flown by! Happy 7 months old Noah Dean.

Check him out 7 months old!! 21 pounds of pure awesomeness! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Lately Captured by Instagram

Being a mom to these two boys is exhausting, but oh so sweet. Love them more then I could ever have imagined. Please stop growing! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To Blog Or Not To Blog??

I've been busy with not so exciting things so it is hard to blog about not so exciting things like:

...working on a Relief Society Lesson
...sewing Halloween costumes
...continually picking up after 2 kids 
... laundry
...waiting for actual fall weather to come
...stressing about car issues
...staying up way to late
... continually trying to reason/bargin with a 2 year old 
...throwing a baby shower
...being alone night after night while husband is gone

pretty much things are TOO exciting around here. We are looking forward to Halloween, and going to a pumpkin patch hopefully this weekend. I will blog on the boys soon. Especially that chubby baby Noah who is looking so grown up these last couple days. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference Weekend.

When the first weekend of October rolls around millions of LDS members gather to watch Conference over a 2 day period. This might be my favorite thing our church does twice a year. I love General Conference! It renews my faith and makes me feel like I have the capability to continue on and be a better person! It always makes me feel like I am doing things right but I can always aspire and reach to be a better wife, mother, and sister within the church.

I feel so united with other members of the church, and always am flooded with emotions about how grateful I am to me a member and to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel am overwhelming love for the the Prophet, and the general authorities, and I love how organized and set up our church is. I am just one member of the church, but when I watch and listen to conference talks I feel special, and loved. I know that I am a daughter of God and that I have a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who know me, and want me to have a happy life, as well as serve others and bring them into the faith.

I hope that everyone that watched General Conference this weekend felt the love and the spirit in your home. I know for me, it always helps me to hear that I can do better. I know even with my little kids running around,and, through the loudness and busyness of our home the spirt was stronger this weekend and will reside in our home for a long time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lists Lists Lists!

Did you know I am a list person? I write lists for almost everything from groceries to budgets to crafts and cleaning. For me seeing everything about my life in simple column I can cross out as I go makes me feel like I am getting things done! I was the same way in school I would sit and write lits of nursing info and meds for hours its how I studied, so naturally I do it in everyday life :) Here is one of my recent lists...

Things I am looking forward to or loving right now:
  • the weather has FINALLY cooled down 
  • playing at the park and not dying of heat
  • Noah is so close to full out crawling 
  • Max's bear costume is all cut out now on to sewing! 
  • date night with friends
  • General Conference 
  • getting some new fall clothes
  • burning candle pumpkins for days 
  • Max might be turning the corner on his eating issues
  • I'm getting my hair done on Monday{whoot whoot, haven't since the baby was born}
  • family pictures at the end of the month
  • Halloween crafting
  • Going to a pumpkin patch with the boys
  • Me new calling in Relief Society {I get to teach, yikes}
  • Being half way done with Christmas shopping
  • New books in series I've been reading are finally out! 
  • Baking bread and the way it makes my house smell 
  • Soups season! easy dinners that make your house warm. 

Overall this month is looking up! The over 90 degree days of September are gone bringing a new season and a much needed mood change in our house. On a side note I've been incredibly tired. I feel like no amount of sleep takes away my fatigue...I know I have 2 kids and they take most of my energy but Im pretty sure somethings up...I'll let you know. Suggestions besides a constant IV of diet coke? 

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend! Enjoy Conference!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day In The Life With MAX...

We've had some construction going on in the court above us and it has created quite the excitement at our house. Everyday Max wakes up asking to go see the dump trucks. He will beg and whine until I give in and we will walk up the hill and sit on someones front lawn and watch as all the big trucks work. Max is in heaven, he will sit for a good 30 minutes talking to me all about the dirt, tractors, and of course his favorite the dump truck. One afternoon a dump truck came and dumped tons of dirt, he was screaming and laughing as the dirt slid out of the bed of the truck. Honestly sitting there in the cool air watching him watch all the work just melted my heart. He is so excited about the world around him and he loves such simple things like this. 

 He is SUCH a boy! 

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay at home and be with these boys. I wouldn't have half the opportunities I do if I worked. When I am able to do things like this with Max it makes me especially grateful for Larry, and all the hard work he does to keep me at home! Max is so sweet and innocent and I know one day little things like this won't excite him, but for now I want him to be able to have experiences like this, and I love that it makes him so happy. Everyday we have gone up at least twice a day, and he will drag anyone up who will take him. When we leave he always says bye bye to the workers and to the dump trucks. 

Oh he is so sweet, sometimes I want him to stay this size forever!! I love love being his mom! 
{And my sweet Noah who napped during all these adventures} 

{Look at these pictures...doesn't be look like a big boy? I think he is no longer a toddler :( and Is really officially a little boy. Time flies}

Monday, October 1, 2012

I need to remember this...

Last night after a long lazy sunday of church and a glorious long nap we had dinner and did our normal night time routine. Story time came and all 4 of us laid in bed while Larry read us all stories. Max was loving cuddling with us, and Noah rolled around on the bed chewing on books and cooing. I was soaking it all in.

My heart was full as my sweet husband read story after story that Max requested, while I laid there squeezed between the people I love most. For like 15 minutes everyone was happy, and content. I am pretty sure this is was heaven feels like. These moments are short but I want to remember every second of our family time together.

I am so grateful for these moments to make me remember what my life is really all about, and how lucky I am that I have a husband who despite all my flaws loves me and is trying to accept and love me for eternity. I have 2 beautiful boys who frustrate me and exhaust me, but the love I have for them is out of this world!

These are the moments I need to remember. These are the things that are really important and the memories that will last for eternity.

I am SO lucky to have an eternal family. It takes a lot of WORK and sometimes if you come by our house on certain days or hours it looks like our lives are falling apart but when things are good, they are really good and thats one of the best things about life, right??

I love being a mother, I love being a wife, and I love serving these people more then words can express. While I laid in bed I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for my life and was so excited for the future and to see how things unfold for us. I hope that things turn out good, that we continue to be happy and years from now I can continue to lay in bed listening to my husband read to our children {hopefully more!!} and I can be filled with the same overpowering love for them all!