Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Year Wiser?

Hope you have a great day filled with school work and studying for the LSAT :)
You are a stud!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moab: The land of red rocks.

Larry has been studying hard for the LSAT coming up at the end of the year...yup he is already studying! He is taking a class 2 times a week at BYU. Its been pretty fun to go eat dinner and stay with my grandpa while Larry is on campus. My mom came up with 2 of my brothers for their spring break and after Larry was done with class we headed to Moab for just a short weekend trip. It was a lot of fun. My brothers friends tagged along and like usual I was the only girl besides my mom.

We had a lot of fun climbing rocks all day. The boys got pretty adventures and I was surprised no one died or even broke a bone. Seriously my husband is just a daredevil making trails where they really was none and daring he other guys to try it out.

Funny thing is this was the farthest east I had ever been in my life...lame right? But not anymore because Larry got the call that he got the internship in Virgina this summer as we were driving around the canyon....Crazy!! We are moving to Arlington Virgina in one month and will be living there all summer!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I got into the Nursing Program!!!

I got home from work around 1 am and there was a bunch of couples in our apartment parking lot. We live on campus so its usually busy at random hours but not this random. My neibor and one of my best friend Jade is the RA over all the buildings was hanging around...a water pipe had broke so everyone was busy cleaning it up. Larry decided to got get the mail and he then handed me this tiny envelope.

I was tiny like the tiny letter I got when I was rejected from BYU...dread flooded over me. I didn't want to open it so Larry did it for me.

I got in!!! 1000 applicants and 90 acceptances and I am one of them!