Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Well here I am again, another year has flown by and it has not been documented on this sad neglected blog. I really wish I could get back to this daily writing or anything but it is SO HARD to find 10 minutes of my day to sit BUT I am going to try SO SO hard this new year 2015!! This last year was really really busy and I did take lots of pictures so there is that but I wish I could have written down more. My boys are growing up so fast it hurts to see really how fast this who motherhood gig is flying by.

Anyway here are some highlights from 2014

  • Max graduated form nursery and became a Sunbeam!! 
  • In February we found out we were having a little GIRL!! 
  • Noah turned 2 and we have the cutest minnie and Mickey mouse party with his BFF Cambria woods who was born 2 days after him. It rained all day which was a damper on the party but the decor was so cute and we had a lot of fun. Later that night we threw a Retirement party for my moms friend. 
  • Did MAJOR renovations on the Castle Craigs House including new paint, carpet, and a kitchen redo. It was crazy town for awhile and I thought I'd die with all the renovations, being pregnant, and taking care of 2 very very active boys. 
  • In May we MOVED!! My parents bought a huge house and we moved with them and my grandpa moved in with us as well! It is a 4 generation house hold and it is so amazing. 
  • Larry and I spent many late nights at the new house painting the kids rooms getting them ready for the big move.
  • The move nearly killed us all!! 
  • Max turned 4 in June. We had a fun Dinosaur themed b-day party at a local splash pad. We had a huge blow up dinosaur and awesome decorations everywhere and a dino piƱata (max request) His cousins came and a few friends from church. 
  • Max learned how to swim without his floaties and can jump, dive, and even flip into the pool. He went from not wanting to put his head under water to full on swimming all over the pool. This was the highlight of the summer to see how quickly he learned something and conquered his fear. We would hit the pool for hours and hours and he just loved to swim. It was really nice being pregnant and hot. I'd sit in the middle of the pool and the kids would just swim all around me. 
  • Noah learned to swim around with his floaties and enjoyed playing in the water with Max. I loved it because they would crash at night!! 
  • Noah learned to talk really well this year and is almost the same size as Max! He is into EVERYTHING!! We call him the devil child. He has broken out of nursery at church, made it across and down the street from out house, learned to climb out of his crib, and gotten lost more times then I can count. He is a handful of a child, but is so cute it is hard to stay mad at him very long! 
  • We welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Scout into our family on July 7th. She came quickly and was and is a sweet little girl! (will document more on her soon) 
  • Max and Noah began sharing a bedroom, Max can finally sleep through Noah who will wake up in the middle of the night a lot and talk and sing in his crib then go back to sleep. 
  • Larry started his FINAL year of law school. After working full time and going to school at night we are all ready for him to be done! 
  • We celebrated 7 years of marriage by forgetting and letting the date pass us by until 2 days later we both realized what had happened! Sleep depravation at its best. 
  • Halloween was rainy and Noah went to bed and Max tick or treated at one house and was pretty happy with that!! 
  • Thanksgiving was busy day hanging out with the Martin and Harris cousins, and Larry and I did our annual shop till we drop all night long!
  • I continue to serve in the YW presidency at church and it keeps me pretty busy. 
  • Max started Preschool in September and has learned SO much and really enjoys going 3 days a week. He has learned to write his name and we are working on getting him reading and writing better! We decided to really force the writing in his right hand and it seems to be working well for him which was a relief because he really wasn't having a dominate hand in writing. 
  • Both boys had their first dental appointments and they were great and their teeth were even better, much to my relief! 
  • Max is really into ninjas, star wars, swords, and legos. He plays all day long and has a very vivid imagination. He can turn anything into a sword and lots to stick them down the back of his shirt. He came down stairs in christmas jammies and said "Look mom, I'm a christmas ninja" He loves lego guys and has a big collection he plays with. 
  • Noah says so many funny things. His latest thing is when he has to poop he goes into a corner and says "Don't look at me" He called Max...Maxie and Scout...Scoutie. He copies everything Max says and loves to take apart any toy that Max has built. He also has a deep rooted love for all things swords and always wants "THE CLAW" (my dad) to come chase them around the house. 
  • Max has really been talking about Jesus a lot (all those FHE & church house are paying off) He prays very well and loves to sing primary songs. 
  • Noah loves to read books and will sit for a good 30 minutes being read to. He loves grandma and when she will sit and read to him.
  • Larry and I enjoyed our date nights when we can get away we hit a movie and dinner a lot. Its nice to get breather away from kids. 
  • AnnMarie continues to spend too much money at Target! 
  • Larry took on a large project in our new garage making cabinets all around, he is almost done!! Him and my dad also redid our pantry to make it even more efficient.
  • I continue to try to do my monthly meal plans cooking for all these people! 
  • Scout is almost 6 months old and after a very very fussy first few months she has now become a chubby happy little baby! She can almost sit up, rolls around, and loves her jumper. She has only slept through the night once or twice and has NO teeth but is drooling tons and comps on everything. She has beautiful blue eyes and rolls that are so deep it's hard to keep them clean ;) She hates baths and her car seat. If she could nurse all day she would :) 
  • I survived a bad case of mastitis, but thought I'd die in the process. 
  • We continue to go to parks almost daily, and have really gotten into hiking around our new neighborhood. My mom takes the boys out each Sunday on hikes where the go and do fun adventurous things while I get my lessons prepared, get ready, or take nap. It's a great deal! Max and Noah are so blessed to have her to do those special things with.
  • December was a busy month full of lots of rain! It was fun to get a new house decorated and to put 2 trees up in the house. The boys really caught the spirit of it all. We didn't get to go as many places this year due to the rain but did get to spend lots of time with the Foell family and made candy houses with the Martin-Harris cousins. 
  • Max got a new green lightsaber for christmas and a Razor scooter he is getting good at! Noah got a wiggle wagon which he has been asking for, for awhile. 
  • 2014 was a busy and VERY blessed year!! 
I am exhausted by the demands of taking care of 3 little children, but have found my groove and feel like I can handle things a lot better then a few months ago. I couldn't do half the things I do without my moms help and feel SO blessed to have my parents with us. I also feel so blessed to have my grandpa living with us. It is unconventional but it really works well for our family and I wouldn't have it any other way. The new house has allowed us more space to spread out and has a neat backyard that the boys love to climb and play in. I look forward to 2015 being better at documenting it and see what happens to our little family. As the kids get bigger I feel anxiety about remembering it all. I don't want my time to just speed on a head leaving me forgetting so many funny, cute things they did. I want to remember how their little bodies felt when I hugged them or carried them around. I want to remember those slobbery kisses or the crazy things they said or asked or did! I want to remember finding them doing naughty things together or the image of them playing the the bath for so long their tiny feet get pruney. I want to always remember Noahs wild blonde hair or how fast he was at running away from me whenever he was doing something naughty or his deep laugh. Or Max screaming about his ears every time he got his hair cut or the particular way he likes to eat his food.I already forget so many things over the past few years like 2013 it's a blur :( I think its all the lost sleep which has caused me to loose brain cells...I'm sure it's that! Anyways I have many O' goals to set and to try to achieve this upcoming year. 

2015! I'm excited to see what happens, I'm nostalgic that another year has passed by. I'm beginning to feel old but maybe in a good I'm at Costco with my 3 kids filling up the cart full of food I'm buying to feed my kids, in my house, with money my husband made from his real grown up job?! Crazy real life stuff here people! 

Happy New Years Eve!

I decided to start a new tradition this year that on the 30th I would take all the christmas stuff on the tree then decorate it with balloons, and crate paper to celebrate new years eve. It works out perfectly actually because my dads birthday and Tom's birthday is on the 31st so it makes the house look birthday festive as well. The boys thought it was an awesome idea and loved all the balloons they could bat around. And then I added this awesome picture of Scout girl who is loving her jumper. she is getting so big and smiley. There is something special about having a baby during the holidays am I right? I don't know what it is but it's just a nice feeling. We have nothing going on tonight because we are lame and getting old plus with a nursing baby theres not a lot of parties to bring her along to. We will probably watch a movie and fall asleep before midnight! 2014 what a year! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Our First Christmas In The New House! 2014

Once again I should have taken more pictures of our christmas adventure in the new hours BUT it was a nice christmas a fun to decorate the house a different way. The only bummer is that our fireplace doesn't have mantels yet so we had to make do. Also it was fun to figure out some lights outside. Larry had to finagle different way to walk around the tile roof and it was a little nerve racking seeing him so high up but the end result was nice! 

I loved the tree we got this year, it was spacey enough to not cram all the decorations...but notice only the top half is decorated which will be the style for years to come. And the awful goose. One day I'll have my own house with my own tree but for now I did get to have the white lights this year. I loved watching scout lay by the tree when the house was clean with the fire on and music playing! Nothing better then a quite clean christmas house! Love that little baby girl! 

I know there is lots of photos from actual christmas day on an actual camera somewhere but this one I grabbed of Max when he got his light saber he has been wanting forever and his blue razor scooter he was so excited to get! I love christmas with these kids. We try hard to focus on the real picture of christ and we try even harder to make sure they only get a few presents so it is not all about that, plus they are extra grateful for the ones they have! It can be hard, I'd love to spoil them rotten but I don' want to set a president each year. It is fun to watch them open toys and love playing with them. Anyways I will try to find some more pictures of Noah because I know he enjoyed Christmas in the new house just as much!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family pictures 2014

My main goal in life...well one of my many goals is to get really great family pictures at least once a year. I think its really important to document your family and fill your walls with pictures of those you love! I also have this thing where I really didn't have great wedding pictures for various reasons and I get envious of those who I make up for it with pictures of my sweet albeit crazy family.

It is pretty hard to get everyone to smile, look at the camera and get that perfect shot. I always just want one for christmas cards but I am trying to loosen up and be happy with the candid and real life because let's face it my our life is no where near perfect. Also I am trying to soak up all these memories of these little guys because I know how quickly they grow!

The ones of the 3 of them together just melt my heart. It is so sweet to see them treat each other with love, it doesn't happen all the time but I would say for the most part Max and Noah play really well together, they are so close in age they really have never known life without each other. I love that Max is holding Scout, and Noah that smile...if that doesn't make you happy then nothing will! Their personalities come right out...our Shy reserved Max and our crazy playful Noah. Then sweet baby Scout only 3 months old it feels like she has always been with us.

There are a few more I can add but I love the one of Larry and the 2 boys. It is so amazing to see what a great dad he has developed into. The boys love him and love being around him...the second he gets in the door at night they all scream "DAD" and run for him. I was so happy with how the pictures turned out I was a perfect evening and it only cost me a lego and a car to bribe the boys with! I'm exhausted just thinking about next time but at least I have another year to plan it all out! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Mothers Lounge...

 I'm not one to post a selfie but I sat in the mothers lounge the other day with a sweet sleeping baby and I thought man this is maybe the first quiet moment in awhile I have had. Sure I get those moments in the middle of the night while I am nursing her but I'm usually not awake or I did try to read my scriptures during those night feeds to make use of my time ha that didn't last long! I tried though! Anyways I sat rocking her looking at all her delicate tiny features and felt such peace. There is a magical feeling that is given off when you hold a sleeping baby. It renews and refuels me as a mother to sit and soak it in. Then when the crazies run in screaming, laughing, wanting something I can say "you got this AnnMarie" The mothers lounge the other day was my happy place. Scout has not been the easiest baby. She nurses lots and cries even more..sometimes I am at a loss as what to do..I've even thrown around the word colic around. Larry thinks it is my milk supply but I am determined to not giver her a bottle...and so I nurse around the clock. It is a wonderful and soul sucking thing to give so much to a baby but I love that I can comfort her in a way no one can. All my babies have loved to nurse I just can't keep my milk supply up as much as they seem to need it. Scout has gone the longest without being supplemented and I am digging my heals in waiting till she is 6 months to supplement. We will see if I last but I hope I can but I also know that either way as long as she is healthy and growing we call it a win! This motherhood gig is pretty good and these babies of mine are even better!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Rainy Halloween!!

SO this year halloween was a is currently raining! Noah didn't take a nap so he went to be at 6:30 and Max went trick or treating to one house! Our neighbors across the street go all out for halloween! In fact almost all month I had to run after Noah as he kept going over to look at all their spooky decorations. It was really fun for the kids.

We did do our ward trunk-or-treat and I almost died from going to the thrift store 2 times in one day with all 3 kids trying go find something just right for Max. The problem was that I hadn't planned ahead and was pretty consumed with taking care of Scout who is such a fussy baby that costumes did not get made this year. Max really wanted to be a golden ninja from Ninjago but there was nothing in his little 4t size anywhere. I kept putting it off then wham it was the day of trunk-or-treat. I sometimes bring it on myself and as I was driving across town for the second time with a screaming newborn and Noah who I can barley keep  2 feet from me I wanted to cry.

We finally figured out a ninja costume that worked for the night and Noah being the tired grumpy guy that he was being wore something that I can't even remember I think he wore a shark costume! It was a night let me tell you. Larry was busy with school so I braved the party with all 3 by myself. Everyone was willing to help and I know the kids did have a blast. I lost Noah countless times and Max ran around with all the other kids!

Since we didn't have formal costumes I did get the kids all matching pj's because I am a sucker for anything matching and holiday. I really do love halloween it makes it feel that even though sometimes it's hot that fall is on it's way! So to document Halloween 2014 we snapped some of these pictures after a fresh bath. Love these spooky skeletons. 


Also how cute is this baby??? She is a screamer but oh she is a cutie!! I just love all the pink we get to put her in! It is so fun and cheery to see her with her brothers. I am obsessed, I can't get enough of stop taking pictures of them. I might need an intervention. 
Also I never got any shots of trunk or treat because that's how I roll BUT Larry did come meet us at the end at we took our starving non chili eating children to dinner after. This is the only picture I got of Noah the shark eating the table. I love Larry in the background looking over at us probably thinking why are my kids so crazy and loud...and probably shoeless. Not our finest parenting moment but not one to be forgot as well! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Super Man Noah!!

This boy is giving me a run for my money. He is wild to say the least. He is sweet and loving but oh man he has a switch and then he just becomes wild. Every Wednesday we go to music makers it's a class for toddlers designed to sing songs and do different things, his favorite is the parachute. The week of Halloween everyone comes and we have a spooky music makers day. Noah decided to wear one of the many costumes from our box his superman one. He loves the cape and running and flying around. He also picked up these vampire teeth and thought they were the coolest thing.  Oh man little boy never grow out of this sweetness and imagination you have! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfecting The Family Selfie..or Groupie?

Some times we have way to much fun trying to take pictures as a family. This night in particular everyone was getting a little nutty. The transition to having 3 kids has been a rough one for me, the hardest yet. Scout has been a particularly hard baby but nights like this, looking back at these pictures makes me laugh. I can see everyones personality and I love it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scout the Model

Our friend has a sister that makes all sorts of bows and sells them online. She needed some cute new models and scout was willing and a perfect little baby to show off the bows. It was a nice morning just sitting on the couch while they took the baby and did everything. She didn't cry which was nice because she usually does especially in the car. My poor ears just ring all the time. She did good though and I loved the pictures! She is the most precisous little thing, and I feel so blessed that she has joined our family. I love her little nose and those bright beautiful eyes, they remind me of Max. Oh we just love her so much!! 



Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scout's Blessing.

For Scout's Blessing we traveled up to Oregon to bless her at the baptism of her Cousin Riley Morrison. It worked out well and was a run weekend away. We left Friday afternoon and got to the hotel and the boys swam and then slept well. Scout was her usual fussing self. She cried most of the drive unless I was holding her or feeding her  (6 hours) and slept okay at the hotel. The blessing was before the baptism and was short and sweet. Dave our brother in law had some family in town and we had his brothers join the circle as well. I always feel like the more priesthood holders to circle my baby in that love and power are welcome! It was special in their home and sweet. She cried the entire time. We tried to take a few pictures in her beautiful dress that was made by her grandma Harris but you can see she hated it all. 

I love this girl with all my heart but she is a trying baby. I know she will grow out of it but man alive my ears are ringing. The boys always tell people how much she cries! Well my Scout Elizabeth even though you cry every time you get a chance and will only calm down if being held we still love you SO much and are SO grateful you have joined our family. You add a sweet spirit to our family and we could not imagine our lives without you. We hope you grow up to be an amazing person fill with love for others and a desire to learn, serve, create, be happy, be a mother, and marry someone just as amazing as you! We love you darling girl, screaming and all. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Scout's First Bath!

This bathing beauty had her first bath. She did not like it at first but finally calmed down. She is so sweet and perfect. She has the most perfect skin and the most beautiful bright eyes. She cries a lot and nurses a lot and we are trying to get her to sleep for longer stretches during the day. She loves to be swaddled and held. Oh man we all love her so much!!