Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fun little story...

Every day I pack Max up and take Larry to and from school, the same route everyday so I really know the streets and everything around us right? Well almost every Friday I see the exact same guy dressed in some sort of black suit carrying a pink pastry box, every Friday afternoon the exact same corner at the exact same time.

The weird thing about this man is that he is never going anywhere, he just paces around the corner smiling carrying that pink pastry box. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then week after week it was really starting to get suspicious.

I brought this to the attention of Larry who thought I was being crazy and maybe the guy just liked hanging around the corner. Come on really, in this neighborhood, yeah right! I contemplated him being a drug dealer, pimp...I dunno?? but something is definitely up and weird right?

Every Friday I kind of look forward to seeing him and what he is up to, one day I imagine that the cops will be surrounding him and opening up that pink pastry box...but who knows. I told Larry last night when we were going to bed I would have made a good cop, he just laughed and rolled his eyes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Put a bird on it...

That is Larry's response to everything I say lately.

It always makes me laugh. Sometimes I could kill my husband but then he says something ridiculous and the moment passes and I remember I love him 99% of the time. I have decided though that is part of being a guy, driving your lady mad then getting to kiss and make up.

Also we are having this for dinner:Super easy Alfredo Crockpot chicken

2-3 cubed chicken breast
1 pkg cream cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup
3/4 cub butter (I know thats a lot of butter you can do less it just makes it fatty and yummy)
1/4 cup of water
1 pkg Italian dressing

add all in crock pot cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 then serve over fettuccine noodles.

side note: I have been using a lot of cream of whatnot soup and yes I have gained like 10 pounds it feels like, or maybe even appears like.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is 400sqft too small??

We have been looking for some new digs these last couple of weeks for when we get back after our exciting summer. There is some bummer things about living in the sunshine city of San Diego and real estate is one of them...a big fat bummer.

1. everything is pricey...even the ghetto.
2. a/c not standard and it gets h-o-t here.
3. parking is crazy and they love giving out tickets.
4. there is a nice place next to a dump...hate that.
5. getting them to pay your utilities...they laugh at you when you ask.

so we have had dilemmas on where to move. Move towards downtown out of our amazing ward, into a one bedroom not to save money but to get a/c? It is a conundrum really. I can a squeeze Max into a tiny walk in closet next fall right? until he is almost 2? right? And then have a new baby sleep in the front room...right?

Well in all this apartment hunting it has made me grumpy because I am sick of living in one frankly. Where is my house? First come love then comes marriage...then a house not a stinky tiny apartment right! Gosh dang it I want one!! Heck I deserve one...well not really I just think so.

Here is my lovely dream house...isn't she pretty.

Larry and I love going to model homes and watching HGTV...shh don't tell the other guys he might not like them knowing. I love me a craftsman home. I also love colonials but you don't find to many of those out here in California.

So we will continue on our hunt for a new "home". One day I will get a big beautiful house...right after 7 years of schooling...we most defienetly deserve one. Heck we are paying a mortgage right now basically. Seriously the day we buy a house I will cry my eyes out with excitement, hopefully it is only a few years off.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Family

Sundays are awesome. We get to go to church, we get to eat, we get to take long naps.

Love it!

Happy Sunday Everyone. Looking for some inspiration? I read this talk about Young Mothers and it made me cry. Somedays being a stay at home mom to a small child is discouraging because no one sees you actually doing it and sometimes I feel like I could die and no one would know until Larry came home hours later because its not like you see many people during the day. And lets face it if you don't show up for work, no one is going to call home looking for you...right?

Well this talk made me feel so great...really being a mom is so much better then any nursing job I could have. {even though many tears were let out during school to actually get the degree}

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Best?

Well we try at least.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

9 Months ago...

I pushed this little guy out and now he is my fat Max. 9 months looks like this:

Lots of crawling, standing, balancing, crawling some more. Won't stay still unless he is asleep, seriously he is non-stop all day long and gives me a run for my money. He loves to pull things down, eat paper, crawl into the kitchen, tries to scale the walls and "talks" to me all day long. He fights his naps constantly but conks out when its bed time! He has 4 teeth and loves to eat anything we are eating especially jello jigglers I make him...random right? He doesn't really like fruit but loves his vegetables weird boy. He is a danger in the bath because he splashes like crazy and makes huge waves in the tub. He loves being around other kids and pulling hair and sticking his finger up anyone's nose, its how he says hi.

He has the best smile and makes crazy faces, his eyebrows make his expressions hilarious. He is bald in back and has a party on top. 9 months ago we took you home and you are still alive! It is amazing, you make me want lots of more babies and those blue eyes are a the best! Hurray to 9 months ago when they put you on my chest and you peed on me....tender memories.We made it this long here is the count down till you are one year old!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

I HATE nap time

So we have been having some sleeping woes in our house these past few weeks. Fat Max is sleeping perfectly through the night no problem doesn't make a peep when its bed time. Nap times on the other hand have been HORRIFIC seriously I cringe when its time to put Max down because I know it is going to be a sometimes up to an hour crying spell before the kids finally maybe gives up and passes out to sleep.

He needs these naps he is so grumpy and gets that annoying crying sound...ya know that signals its time for me to sleep but man the second he is put in his crib he starts screaming and flailing his arms he knows what is coming.


Im dying he is crying right now!!! AHHH just sleep baby!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cookies anyone?

Yesterday after my smarty pants husband finished up his law classes we went to the San Diego zoo for a while. The best thing about having a pass is we can come and go and never have to spend too many hours carrying a 20 plus pound baby around the zoo while the never ending sunshine fries you.

We went saw the reptile house {very Harry Pottery with all those snakes around} Hit up the elephants said hello to the meerkats and went to lunch. Later after strolling around the mall for now reason, which is never good because it wants me to spend monies I stumbled upon this...

I am in love. I saw it from across the store and ran for it, well sorta I was holding fat max but hurriedly walked towards it so no one else would take it... you know I didn't want to cause a ruckus because then everyone would notice how awesome it was.

I could never spend a whopping $128.00 bucks on a cookie jar, not even if we were rich, because that is just ridiculous with a capital R.

But really could I?? Maybe just maybe?

But probably maybe, most definitely not with a capital N.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working out

So after having this baby almost over 9 months ago I have finally found the motivation to work out again. Lets be honest did I work out tons befoe I had Max...Nope. But I would like to think I led a really active lifestyle went on lots of hikes, walk to and from school. Walked and stood alot in hospitals and at my bookstore job and lifed books day and night so really I was doing okay.

I mean I only gained an entire 14 pounds with the baby so really it was all gone in like a week but my body just doesn't feel or look the same. {for those who have been pregnant I think u get it?}

Larry thinks I look great..but he had seen me pregnant forever so who knows. Anyways we have a gym where we live, but how do I go with the baby? and I hate when Larry gets home and I dash off for a workout dumping him with Max when he needs a break from life as well.

So I found a boot camp workout on Netflix. I feel so embarrassed doing it in my house in sometimes just my garments but dang its kicking my butt!! Haha I hope that I can just feel good and do it about 4 times a week. I do get a workout carrying that 20 pound baby around daily as well.

Check it out on netflixs its great and I can do it when the baby takes naps.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Hood

I wanted to introduce you to our lovely neighbors in San Diego. I really really hate our apartment. I mean there are times when I curse it to burn down and we just walk away. We live in what I would say is ghett-O {you gotta pronounce the O long and hard to really make it work} Anyways needless to say its a drastic change to anywhere we have lived. I mean its not shack in Mexico, but really it is because we live like some 10 miles from the border. Nuts. I know.

Yes yes its all sunny skies here but if you knew what we paid to live here you would roll over and die, and to top it off we have bare necessities in this box with the crappiest of crap.

Okay move on from the rant. Our neighbors are a variety of folk. Really some are nice and just trying to get by with what life gave them, others though you wonder like what the heck our your life choices?! There is some college kids that party hard day and night and the cops come regularly and not to mention our drunk black friend that tried to break into our apartment the other night.

The funniest thing is as I am writing this LITERALLY a crazy black couple is screaming at each other and we can hear every word...and now the cops are pulling up...sweet times here.

only a couple more weeks then we are MOVING

did i mention we are moving yet and employed?
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big news:

Oh Happy Day!!!

We are employed!!!!

For the summer that is...But HURRAY. Larry landed an internship at a small firm in Folsom for the summer and I am THRILLED. {and its PAID} double bonus!

We are moving up in 6 weeks to live with my parents all summer long. How fun right?? And all my brothers will be living with us....I am actually excited because we haven't stayed/lived together in like 6 years. My brother John will be getting home from his mission and my older brother is in transition moving from Hawaii to Virgina to start an MBA program in the fall and is going to be home and my little bro David is home until he leaves for BYU in the fall.

So fun!! I am so grateful, this is a huge blessing for us. It worked out and I am so glad.

We will be coming back to San Diego for the fall semester and are looking for a better apartment with AC! I am not fan of our apartment at the moment but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our ward and will be moving right back into the boundaries.

This will be like our 9th move...we really move like every 9 months so its no big deal for us, its normal but I am excited to be with my family and Larry's sisters family that live up there too...hopefully we can get through these next few weeks, Larry can kick butt on finals and we can put this school year in the bag!

Again HUGE blessing, I am beaming right now. We went to the yummiest desert place in San Diego {thanks Natalie for introducing us} to celebrate such a great thing!

The Other Man

Don't you all just love him?

I do...

Come back on TV Booth, my Thursday nights have never been so lonely.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who really cares about the law....Right??

I hate law I allowed to say that?

Because I DO.

The Mr. law student I married has been gone 12-13 hours a day, leaving me in the tiny apartment with a mobile, grumpy, teething, refuse to nap, cranky 8 month old.

I'm dying and really just feeling like I'm wasting my life away...yes mommy-hood wonderful/beatuiful blablabla not this week folks...nope not at all.

and so I leave you with this...

We have only 6 weeks left of the semester then freedom!!