Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving with a mixture of Larry's family and mine. It was fun to see cousins from Utah and Oregon and hang out all weekend. It was amazing to have Larry around for 2 days straight. We played at the park, ate, and then the moms went out and shopped all night long. Yes I am rounding on what 23 or 24 weeks pregnant and hit the stores like a pro, it was pretty nuts especially because we keep Christmas small but I scored some fun things all in my budget! It was fun to chat and eat a lot of bad body thanked me later for the lack of sleep maybe 3 hours and eating copious amounts of junk food and diet coke to keep me going (sorry baby)

We are getting excited for christmas and I have a goal to get everything up this coming weekend. The challenge will be the tree with Max. We will see how it all works out because I can just see him attacking it all day long. Larry has a 2 week haul of finals and then the semester is done yahoo how many more? haha I love law school right?? We are also looking forward to celebrating Max turning 18 months and ushering him into nursery at church it will be grand especially because his grandma is the nursery leader.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving season, I am so thankful for a long long list of things including Larry's job that allows me to stay home, our education,our faithful car, family, healthy bodies, a house to live in and save money, and this new sweet baby boy coming to our family soon, and of course our wild Max! We are very blessed and I need to remember that when I get into pity party moods. Compared to the rest of the world we are doing pretty great and I need reminders maybe thats why we get so many trials :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At The Park.

We took the little man to the park today to try to get him feeling better. Its been a long couple days of constant crying and I was getting pretty frazzled. We hit up the zoo and the park and he was happy the entire time. We should just live outside 24 hours a day because I think he would be perfectly happy all the time. He found this ball and had a blast. Sadly the happiness at the park didn't last long as he screamed the rest of the afternoon and I can hear him downstairs right now. I can't wait till he feels better this thanksgiving vacation isn't feeling very vacation-ish. Oh well he is one cute little boy, sick in all, I would take him any day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My life is truly insane.

I need to document my day because it was a bad one and its always good to remember these really bad days. Max has been sick since Sunday. I don't get a lot of help from Larry because he is always gone and can't get sick. So its up to me to give him round the clock care on top of oh yeah growing another child. {deep breaths} Its been a hard day with a 6:00 am wakeup call and constant fussiness, throw up, and fevers. The sad thing is when Max is sick he isn't cuddly he wants up then down, then up and thats pretty hard on my body. I am a little worried that this baby inside me is going to get injured from me bending up and down with a 24 pound child on my hip. Anyways I know things will get better, heres to hoping tomorrow is better. I love being a mom but these are the hard days people talk about!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Falling In Love Again.

Thursday night I set out with my sister-in-law to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. Seriously we are nuts. It was really fun though. The theater was packed with tons of my friends and moms with their daughters. We chatted for about 2 hours before the movie started which is always good for a girls soul. The movie was so so, but its okay because I am not a fanatic its just fun to watch a love story. It makes me remember when I read the books and how much fun falling in love is. I love being married to Larry but it was so much funner to fall in love when everything was fresh and new. It also cracks me up that the couple saves themselves for marriage and how awkward it can all be between you two at first. It made me totally remember when Larry and I were finally alone after we were married in the car on the way to dinner...I was like wow we are married and alone and this is allowed now. I think if your married you know that feeling.

Needless to say it was a fun night. I stayed up way to late and drank way to much soda. Once I got home and crawled into bed Max started crying 2 hours later. Trying to be fun and young has its price when your a mom. It was a long groggy day but totally worth it. I kept telling Larry all about how I think we should fall in love again, he kept laughing at me and saying I can never go to a midnight showing of a movie again. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reality Of Being A Parent.

It have finally accepted I am pregnant. After doctors visits, and now a gender its real and it became even more real while I was running around all day after Max and had a little guy inside me kicking all the live long day. Its real. Also my clothes aren't fitting which is very depressing so that has made me more aware of it then ever.

In other news we are trying a new thing called time outs. Max is a sweet little boy. But he knows what the word "no" means and he has become a little too defiant, especially when it comes to throwing things. Now we kinda set him astray when we gave him a million balls to play with but he has go to start learning that not everything is a ball.

The routine is pretty simple. If i say no and he still throws whatever it is...its usually his sippy cup he gets put on time out. There is a designated spot in the kitchen that he sits on a chair and stairs at the timer. When the timer goes off he can get down. Its worked out pretty well. I am sure he has no clue why I am doing this but it calms him down from his tantrum and gets him back on track. Amazingly he won't get off the chair (for the time being) and he knows when the timer goes off hes done. Its kinda cute.

Anyways hopefully I have more eventful and fun things to say next time I post. This is the life of a mom, its fun, crafty, never ending, tiring, rewarding, boring, frustrating, and messy all in one sometimes very long day :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's a....

Max will have a little brother coming April 1st. We are pretty excited to have double the trouble and messes. I saw his little boy part right away and it was pretty clear we are doing blue clothes again! I am excited for Max, I think every little mischievous boy needs a brother to teach him the ropes. So heres to another sweet boy coming to our family! Baby looked healthy and great. The dr. are watching my fluid levels carefully and hopefully everything goes smoothly only 20 weeks left!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Staying Positive While Getting Fat.

I am having a hard time staying positive and feeling good about my body. I am now officially 20 weeks and half way through this pregnancy. I have relatively gained the same weight so far as the last one but somehow this time around I feel much wider then before. I feel like I am this chubby person and I am frankly getting depressed about it. I worked hard with Max not to gain weight and worked very hard about getting rid of it. I am self-conscious and feel super bad already and I am only half way there. I don't seem to remember having this problem but I am in a mood and Its been hard to snap out of it. Any ideas?

Yes Yes I know I am pregnant...and you get fat when that happens but I am small and looking fat doesn't suit my already baby fat face. I eat right, and exercises and chase around a toddler I don't know what else to do. Larry says I should put in a disclaimer that he thinks I look great and I have not busted out the maternity clothes yet. {yahoo} small victory I guess.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing this as I sit on my bed and have just eating dinner...because that just makes things worse after you eat you never feel skinny. Anyways I must stay positive! I must I must. Oh hey we find out what we are having Wednesday fun right? Maybe I will feel better then:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November hit and so did the colds!

I have been sick and so has little Max. Its kinda a nightmare. I've been so desperate for a few moments of peace that I have taken to giving him suckers when he is extremely fussy. Bad parenting? Nope just survival. Especially when you have a husband who is gone so much and can't afford to get sick so he doesn't want to breath the same air as you. I also have taken on way to much. My plate is full watching my sister-in-laws 6 kids, plus max and the baby permanently attached inside me. Wish me luck! And Carlene while she runs her half marathon! We are hoping we feel better in the next few days and get to relax soon.