Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do I still have a blog?? & Happy 26th to me!

Wow, I haven't been on this dusty blog in over 2 months....that is a long time for me. I don't know what happened, I got busy. I also felt like if I had a free moment that last thing I wanted to do was blog. Because really who is reading this. Lets just say these last 2 months I personally have been busy reevaluating my life, losing all faith in humanity, having a small criss of faith,deciding if I should have another baby, contemplating taking a job as a home health nurse, and giving my poor husband a run for  his money.

Here is small update of our lives

LARRY- Still works a billion hours a week and goes to school just as much. He took a weekend health law class that he liked a lot, and I think might be really nudging his career post law school as a health law lawyer. OH he also BROKE HIS ARM. Sweet right? My almost 30 year old husband broke his arm about 2 weeks ago while skate boarding. Yes, you did read that right. His friends and him go to the skate park every saturday morning and hang with a bunch of teenagers trying to relive their youth (my words not his) His Dr. said this is a common break for 30-40 year olds and he better feel lucky he didn't need surgery  He is getting better and just got the okay to be able to just wear a sling, hurray for me because I was he wasn't able to carry kids.

MAX- oh my sweet Max. I could go on forever about this boy. He is 2 1/2 years old and is finally talking a ton. His vocabulary has really expanded and he speaks in clear long sentences. He does the funniest stuff. He loves cars, dump trucks, balls, and Dora. If he could live at the park he would. He is becoming a good little helper with Noah, and we have been working on cleaning skills and getting himself dressed. We are contemplating potty training but not yet because he still loves his bottle :) He makes me laugh everyday with his references to cow boys, and rocket ships. He has a good memory and picks things up fast. He also has a vivid imagination and talks about wolfs and bears often while we play in his teepee. He loves the nights when Larry is home and can read him his favorite story Where The Wild Things Are...he knows most of the lines, and only lets Dad read it to him.  This stage is really great albiet sometimes very trying with my patines because he thinks he can do everything by himself. I love his imagination and his complete love and trust in me.

NOAH- this baby has really changed in these last 2 months. He is now 11 months old and while currently sick and grumpy is typically so smiley and wild. He is a tank, and can crawl and climb over everything. He is a determined little guy. He is not walking yet, but is starting to really one hand everything when he walks beside the couch, and chairs. He has 8 teeth and loves to use them! He is a biter, and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever to bite. His favorite victim is sadly Max. We are working on it :) He eats everything in sight, and then some. He takes a binkie which is amazing and sleeps with that. He is a good napper and has finally started sleeping 12 hours straight a night. He is not cuddly at all but loves to get ticked and get kisses. He loves his brother and follows him everywhere. He loves taking baths and would sit in them forever. He also really loves climbing the stairs he goes up them a million times a day and I have to go up and get him because he doesn't know how to get down and just sits and yells at the top until I get him.

ME-I've been in a small funk lately just doing the same old routine, but I really can't complain. Being a mom is the best thing and taking care of these sweet boys is usually always great. Really there are days that make me want to cry but MOST of them are really great. I am looking forward to some consistent warm weather and many days at the park and pool. I have been regularly working out which is really good, and have finally decied to go to bed early! It helps my moods and my patients if I just sleep, instead of trying to clean more or get some me time in.

So that is the update on us. I really do love blogging and will get back at it. I need to really document Noah's 9,10,11 months. Poor second child I am already slacking. So dear readers, if you are out there...keep checking back. I think I am back :)

PS. It is my 26th Birthday today! on the 26th!! I am taking care of a sick baby and Larry has work and law school...with things ever change??