Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I am trying to not post any negative things anymore because Im feeling pretty negative in my life at the moment (If you couldn't tell, its been a hard couple months) Anyways I will try to not put anything unhappy on here for a while...I hope its just a nice ranting spot.

Onward and upward!

One thing that is making me happy at the moment is watching Bones. I got on the banwagon late and am now watching it on netflix its perfect I can watch episode after episode. It makes me happy whenever thing else is crapy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MJ Harris 15 weeks old

I love Max more than diet coke...and that is saying something! There is a special bond between mom and baby, one that no one can understand unless they have experienced it I think. Its amazing and beautiful and can make me all gooey, gushy, and mushy. He is perfect to me in every way even when he is screaming for food or pooping or spitting up on my on an outfit I like.

I love him, we are buds forever.

He is so funny and smiles when he sees us. He sticks his tongue out and copies you if you raise your eye brows or smile. He loves getting kisses in his neck creases and giggles and has loud high pitch squeals of delight when Larry is tickling him or playing with me. He loves baths and to stand on his legs and makes lots of grunting noises all day and babels loudly a lot. He knows when he is being ignored and loves to suck on his thumbs, burp cloths and blankets anything goes in his mouth. He loves to be in his swing and has found that if he looks up he sees himself in the mirror and he kicks his legs like crazy all the time {its his restless leg syndrome..haha}

He is the one thing that is keeping me going and even though life is ROUGH right now, he was the perfect choice for us and I am sad to see him get bigger and grow but also excited to see him become a rambunctious little boy. I can't wait for more to come and more babies hopefully.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a GOOD pediatrician that I am comfortable with. I don't think I'm that picky but I guess after loving my one in Utah and working in the health care industry, I know good and bad doctors and I will only have good ones for Max haha! Especially when it comes to immunizations and growth and development. I hate the techs that come in and give him his shots.

I wish I could just do it because I can and it would make me less nervous {I know that sounds weird but after giving shots you see people who suck at them and Its frustrating that I can't just steal the needle and do it myself} Larry says I need to chill and let them do their job...I guess I hated it when patients told me what to do too.

Anyways Im on the look out for a pediatrictian here in San Diego its been frusterating but I think I found one I like that is close to us, Oh the joys of parenthood. I can't wait till Larry has a Job that {hopefully} has insurance so we can stop purchasing our own because man I swear we could finance a small country with the amount we pay :) Haha

Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 month Old!

Fat Max is a 3 monther! He is a happy baby and is surrounded by people that love him. I took these pictures when we were at my parents house last week. He recently is loving putting his fingers in his mouth and noticed his little fists, his hands are always like that. He is sleeping okay and sometimes we can get him to go about 6 hours stretches. He is a trooper travler and has been down to Santa Barbra, Fresno and on a plane to San Diego. He slept the entire plane ride so that was a relief. He hates tummy time and its hard to get a smile out of him but when you do it melts your heart. I love his tiny little body and his big bald head. He loves being held and makes funny noises with his mouth and has found his tongue. He is such a sweet little guy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Traveling time...

This is how me and Max look in the morning sometimes. Especially after he gets up at 3:00 am. He is doing so good though sleeping 6 hours straight then up for a quick bite to eat and down for about 4 more hours so I am starting to feel slightly better when 8 am calls. We are leaving to go back to San Diego today and we are flying for the first time together...I'm crossing my fingers all goes well and my bag doesn't weight too much. We will be coming back in about 4 weeks! I decided a trip once a month will help me not be so depressed about being a law students wife. This is me coping while Larry is in law school. I decided whatever helps us survive and this is it!

Wish us well on our first flight together just me and him..I feel brave.

We had so much fun visiting up here for 2 weeks. We babysat lots and lots and saw friends and worked on some blankets and crocheting ( I think that is spelled right :/ ) and played with cousins, It was blissful. So fun!

Have a great weekend everyone. I get to kiss my sweet husband tonight after 2 long weeks...
Oh boy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photobooth Max!

My favorite pass time is taking pictures of me and Max in photobooth on my computer. He is funny because he sees himself on the screen and tries to lunge for it and grab the screen. He is so cute I could kiss his little fat cheeks all day long.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall colors

Its FALL almost! But sadly I'm stuck in San Diego and will miss all the beautiful fall colors in Utah on the Mountains...this makes me sad! I will miss the rain afternoon and the smell of rain and the beautiful sad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cheers for 3 years!

3 years ago we were sealed for Time & All Eternity

6 different addresses
3 States
3 Cars
College Graduation
Nursing School
Law School
1 amazing baby boy
a zillion memories


Glad you're the one I'm doing this with..because lets face it...who else could put up with me?

Thanks for dragging me all over the country, putting me in my place when I'm freaking out, letting me cry it out, taking me to the temple, taking care of me and Max and only rolling your eyes at me when you really mean it.

Sign me up for another year.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Max's Baby Blessing

After going back to San Diego for the first 2 weeks of school we are once again back up at my parents house for Max's blessing. We decided to have the blessing be with Johnny Martins baptism because we knew everyone would be there for that including Larry's parents from Utah so it all worked out just great. I am planning to stay with my parents for another 2 weeks and then go back down to San Diego in the middle of September. Its just been so hard for me with the move and a new baby and a husband that need to concentrate on studying the law.

The blessing Larry gave Max was short, sweet, and simple just like us. I am so happy it worked out and it pleased everyone which is what I am all about! Truthfully I could have cared less if we did one, I felt it was not worth the stress with the move and our whole life changing but Larry's parents were shocked when I had mentioned that so onward we went, the things I do for other people sometimes :) Its okay though I am sure looking back we will be glad we did it.

Dear Utah:

Dear Utah: I MISS YOU, Please convince Larry We should move back.

Larry made it through 2 weeks of law school! I haven't adjusted as well either has Max. We are heading to EDH tomorrow for Johnny Martins Baptism and to bless Max. I am then staying 2 extra weeks to get some help from my mom and get away from Larry...Haha that sounds bad. He needs us to leave so he won't feel so guilty leaving us in a hot apartment all day long so he can stay at the school and study 10 plus hours so this way he can get ahead and hopefully once me and Max get back some fall weather will be starting so we can be more happy..Plus my parents are officially empty nesters well for at least a year till John gets back from his mission but they are lonely so we will entertain them. I'm very excited about this arrangement.

We are watching the Utah football game right now and I was about in tears when I saw the mountains...I miss my life there and want to go back very bad, I feel like my entire life is still there.. my friends, my job, and my school. I know I cried about the snow but really it was a perfect place for us to live these last years. We made lifelong friends and I felt safe and normal there especially when your baby is screaming bloody murder in the grocery store, no one gives you evil looks they just smile because most likely its happened to them. Also you know your never the only LDS person in the room...its a nice feeling.

At the moment the one word to describe my life is Sacrifice... I'm praying it all pays off in the end :)

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!