Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Utah:

Dear Utah: I MISS YOU, Please convince Larry We should move back.

Larry made it through 2 weeks of law school! I haven't adjusted as well either has Max. We are heading to EDH tomorrow for Johnny Martins Baptism and to bless Max. I am then staying 2 extra weeks to get some help from my mom and get away from Larry...Haha that sounds bad. He needs us to leave so he won't feel so guilty leaving us in a hot apartment all day long so he can stay at the school and study 10 plus hours so this way he can get ahead and hopefully once me and Max get back some fall weather will be starting so we can be more happy..Plus my parents are officially empty nesters well for at least a year till John gets back from his mission but they are lonely so we will entertain them. I'm very excited about this arrangement.

We are watching the Utah football game right now and I was about in tears when I saw the mountains...I miss my life there and want to go back very bad, I feel like my entire life is still there.. my friends, my job, and my school. I know I cried about the snow but really it was a perfect place for us to live these last years. We made lifelong friends and I felt safe and normal there especially when your baby is screaming bloody murder in the grocery store, no one gives you evil looks they just smile because most likely its happened to them. Also you know your never the only LDS person in the room...its a nice feeling.

At the moment the one word to describe my life is Sacrifice... I'm praying it all pays off in the end :)

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Hang in there girl! Yeah I wish my hubby would take me back to UT too! Its just home :) Have fun at your parents.

  2. Hopefully you'll get to come back to visit soon...good luck with the blessing- mine screamed through the entire thing!