Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm afraid I'm going to get fat because all I do is sit in my apartment all day with Max and attend to his every need..this mothering thing is hard. I love him but I do not enjoy being alone with him all day long by myself. I think if I had a bunch of kids to run after it would be much better but as of now its just sweet max who is content to swing in his swing and take naps all day long. I'm feeling a little useless and am wondering if I should go find a job at the hospital. Larry is studying 8-10 hours a day and I'm feeling pretty lonely and lazy and fat.

There is only so many walks I can take and errands to do and cleaning one person can take until there is nothing to do but twittle my fingers and change poopy diapers :) How do you stay at home mom's do it? Im just glad I will be starting school again in January but then I will be wishing I was home more..its a loosing battle I guess.


  1. don't get a job! Just enjoy relaxing and read some books!!!

  2. Just wait till he is older... there will be NO sitting down twiddling your fingers. It will be swimming, puzzles, soccer, or just chasing him through the grocery store! Enjoy it! You look great and I wouldn't be worried about getting fat love!

  3. haha Annmarie I know exactly what you mean... you are not alone!! It is a hard balance because I would never, ever want to be anywhere else, but that doesn't mean its not extremely hard... everyday. I'm glad to hear someone else say it! At least when Emmett slept all the time I had the time to shower, watch shows, read, etc. Now he's awake all the time, and gets bored so easily! Swing lasts like 5 mins tops, mobile lasts another 5, exersaucer another 5... i run out of options so quickly! And he doesnt even let me shower or eat lately!

  4. Hi AnnMarie ... I've thought about all the things I would be able to do if I didn't work and was able to just stay at home. Here is part of my huge list - maybe it will give you some ideas.

    * Family History (this will last a lifetime,and there is so much to do)
    * Family Reunion Planning
    * Cleaning - I know you mentioned that, but when you are at work all day, the house never cleans itself. Our house needs lots of work.
    * Decorating - same thing here - we still have lots of bare walls that need help.
    * Sewing - I have lots of projects that need to be started and some that just need finishing touches.
    * Quilting - Scott bought me quilting frames over 6 years ago and they have never see the light of day. I even have the fabric, the batting, the thread, everything I need but the time to do anything with it.
    * Cross-stitching - projects to finish and lots to do someday.
    * Card making and scrapbooking - Need to do our wedding scrapbook that I started nearly 10 years ago. Need to do Emma's, then start Matthew's and then go back and finish my own from my pre-married life and then since we've been married and then do one for Scott from all the stuff he has collected his entire life.
    * I have a Cricut machine that I got for Christmas last year - it also hasn't seen the light of day - which makes me sad. But I want to be able to open it up when I'm not deathly tired from being gone all day.
    * Reading - oh, I've been gifted books and bought books that I so desire to read, but don't know when that will happen
    * Scripture study - real indepth study of the scriptures - I would like to spend hours a day doing this.
    * Temple work - I feel guilty getting a babysitter for Emma when she's already been in daycare all day and I haven't seen her much at all.
    * Walks - parks, zoos, etc. - I'd love to be able to do all these things with my children as well. Sometimes we get to play on the swingset in our back yard if it isn't dark by the time we are finished with dinner.
    *** Oh, I am sure there are more things. Like having time to make goodies to take to neighbors so I can get to know the people who live around me, etc. And I'm sure there are tons of other things that will come to me....oh yeah, I have tons of unfinished crafts to paint and sell someday....and I want to create a website to help sell some pillows that my brother manufactures.....
    * I hope that my ramblings have given you some ideas. I would love to be able to stay home with my children and not have to work. I know that come December/January when I have to put Matthew into daycare at 2 months, it will literally break my hear.

    Be so grateful that you have this opportunity to stay home with Max. Make the most of it. Relax, enjoy, and do something fun for AnnMarie too.

    I miss you and wish you the best in Cali.