Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An August Wedding.

Natalie Foell was married in the Sacramento temple and we were able to go. It was fun to introduce everyone to Max and to see family. Max was so good during the sealing and was watched in the waiting room by some of his cousins. As the sealing ceremony was over and we were walking up to get him I could hear him crying but he was quiet the entire time we were gone and slept, so that was nice, I was a little stressed I have never left him with anyone even though I was close if something happened. It was a beautiful day and it was fun to be back. We had a lunchen at our house and then her reception will be in a few days. Its always fun when someone gets married and always makes me remember of the day when we got married. Weird how our family looks so small with John & David on missions. We got a few good photos its so hard with Max and by the end of the event he has soaked through a diaper onto larry's suit...oh life with a baby is really different!

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