Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby #4!!

I've been busy with normal life and forgot to mention we are having another sweet baby!! We got pregnant shortly after my d&c that happened in April. I was all sorts of worried for a few months but the morning sickness came on and stayed and after 2 ultrasounds we were so excited to feel out of the danger zone! Today I had an appointment and my dr. couldn't find a heartbeat for awhile...she said she could hear the baby moving around but couldn't pinpoint a heartbeat. After she could tell I was getting nervous she pulled out the ultrasound machine and found that the baby is super high up and that she was down too low. She figured since this is technically my 5th pregnancy this baby has a lot of room to move around so we might be searching until I get bigger. I had felt the baby kick the other night so I knew things were probably okay but after what we experienced in April I am a bit more nervous about things. I am 17 weeks along and we will find out in a few weeks what this baby is! I am excited and feel SO SO blessed that we get to welcome another baby into our lives and our family. I am sure it is the hormones but I have been extra grateful for my beautiful children. Most days I am doing great we have are bad cranky days both the kids and I but mostly I am so grateful for my family and my healthy smart and loving children! I can't wait to welcome another one into our family and to see the kids smother this one with love as well. So sweet baby #4 we are thrilled to meet you and hope that you are growing nice and healthy in there! Can't wait for early March!! 

There is the little peanut back in August! Such a miracle, we are calling it our rainbow baby! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween at Target!

Well I caved and put up our halloween decorations this week. I couldn't take it anymore with the 90 degree heat still blazing I just wanting something to feel cooler! We are really getting into halloween this year Max and Noah want to make the house all spooky and we have been talking about costumes for a good 2 weeks already! After a few trips to Target I got the house in order. After soccer on Saturday we took a long trip to Target and let the boys let loose in the halloween section. Star Wars is huge this season with the 7th movie coming out in December so Max who has gotten into it the last year and has now seen all 6 movies is loving all the different costumes. Currently he wants to be Luke and Noah wants to be the hulk. We will see what happens we halloween gets closer but really there is parties starting in about 2 weeks so I better get on top of it!

 So scary right?! These 2 most of the time are really great buddies. Honestly there is very little times that they fight and as Noah has gotten better at sharing and Max has gotten better at communicating the fighting is rare. We are really trying to make treating our siblings kind a priority in our home and it is paying off. I love that they have each other to play in target with and I love that we can spend a saturday afternoon together laughing and pretending to me scared! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pizza and the park

The last 2 wednesdays we have picked up costco pizza and taken it to the park we like to call the bunny park. Max gets out early on this day so it worked out perfectly. Today Larry joined us for lunch. The weather has been so hot and summer is just hanging on so we spent a few hours at the park trying to get energy out. Scout is all over the place and has been fussy as she is breaking some one year old molars in so a park and pizza is the perfect distraction. Max has gotten so big he eats 3 slices sometimes! I decided until the weather turns cold we will continue our wednesdays pizza and park days soaking up the sun.  This really is such a typical day for us park and food! Also we are so lucky at the moment that Larry works close to home because we can meet him for a quick lunch at least once a week! 
This picture is horrible but it describes this stage of life perfectly with Scout crawling up onto the table every chance she gets, I pull her off and not more then 2 minutes later she has climbed back up trying to get into everything and pouring all the drinks out! Bless my heart the next 2 years of toddlerhood with her are going to be hard!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bubbles make everything better!

I've been trying hard to decrease screen time in our house and the kids are good at playing together but sometimes when I want to get the house clean or cook dinner it is easier to just stick them in front of a screen but I am getting more creative and cutting down the time to less then an hour a day so in the late afternoon with kids and mom were getting grumpy I pulled out the magic bubble machine! It was a tiny bit windy and the bubbles went all over the yard. The kids had a great time going around trying to chop the balloons are eat them. My favorite thing is watching Scout run behind the boys screaming with joy! That girl has a high pitched scream of pure joy and it always cracks me up hearing her so happy playing with her brothers. She thinks she is just as old as them! It was a perfect afternoon watching them chase bubbles before dad came home and the back up coach came to get us to bed time! 

Love this crazy Noah of mine! Think he needs a hair cut! Love Love him!! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Scout at 14 months.

This beautiful little thing is 14 months old! She has gone from a baby to a feisty, sweet, busy toddler over night! Honestly I look at her and I think where did my baby go? I see so much of Max in her and a tiny bit of Noah, her and Max make the same facial expressions though! She has my heart. I love her so much and she has made our family so special. I am sad to see her become less of a baby but I can't wait for her to get bigger, talk to me, and get some more hair!!
At 14 months scout is...
  • Walking and running everywhere!
  • Can go up and down the stairs like a champ
  • pulling herself on to chairs and pulling things down on her (danger!) 
  • Eatings Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches everyday
  • Loves blueberries and grapes with the skin off 
  • Has 9 teeth and loves getting them brushed! 
  • Drags her monkey blanket everywhere 
  • Sleeps with her boppy pillow every night and throws everything out of her crib when she doesn't want to sleep. 
  • Takes 2 good naps and sleeps all night long. She is my best sleeper! 
  • Loves being outside playing in the playhouse and sandbox and loves the park! 
  • Thinks her brothers are the best thing ever and loves when they come home from school. 
  • Is "talking" up a storm says "Ma" and "Da" and "baba" and then lots of gibberish 
  • Loves taking a bath and drinking from the spout..I'll turn it on low while she is bathing and goes back and forth in the tub getting sips from it. 
  • Has her baby doll she kisses and pushes around in her stroller she is kinda rough with it. 
  •  Doesn't scream as much in the car! Is getting better at car rides which is helpful. 
  • Loves to cuddle with her blanket but on her terms and her length of time. 
  • Loves to be in the thick of it surrounded by whatever is going in the moment. 
  • Has found how fun the kitchen can be, opening all the cupboards and drawers.  
  • Has the best high pitched squeal/scream when she gets excited about things! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

8 Years!

 8 years ago Larry and I drove to the Oakland temple to get married. Looking back I hated almost everything about my wedding there was a lot of tension between my parents and I, and it sadly will always be associated with that time. But here we are 8 years later still married and still working towards goals we set so many years ago. We have earned 3 college degrees between the 2 of us and have had 3 kids. We have had a lot of great times and a lot of not so great times. Single life was so easy compared to married life, and married life without kids was SO much easier then life with kids but it is my life and I love the good of it all and I hate the challenges and trials that have come are way because we've had a doozy of them, BUT also certain things have made me a stronger person and I am sure Larry could say the same. If I could give my 20 year old self some advice it would be to remember that everyone changes it is inevitable the key is to not change so much that you don't recognize who you are or who your spouse is. Also your love with change. I am not that super excited 20 year old dying to get married fact I am a very tired 28 year old who would much rather take a nap then go on a date at times but I am also 100% comfortable with who I am when I am with my husband. He loves me no matter what I do or say or look like. He has seen me have 3 children which can not be so pretty sometimes, he has seen me hit rock bottom as a mom and wife, he has seen me cry a lot or be scared or stressed and he takes it all in stride and in a loving way. It is sometimes hard to explain that level of commitment to people as well as the easy that comes with sitting in a room together and not feeling the need to talk..does that make sense? Before we got married he probably hadn't seen me in many other circumstances except for being happy and wearing makeup but that is the great thing about being married it all evolves and you accept each other for who you are because you made a commitment and you know that new love isn't the same as mature love. We still have a lot of things ahead of us but getting out of the college phase was a big check off our list. In some ways I hope our life looks a lot different in 8 years and in some ways I hope it stays the same! 
Happy 8th anniversary Larry! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Joy School & Cows

Today was the official start of Joy school. This year Noah will be doing joy school with 6 of his friends and then next year when he turns 4 will go to LMNO preschool! I am teaching the first 2 weeks then have 10 weeks off while he goes to the other houses. He did great and I am so excited to see him learn to take directions from other people and hopefully learn a thing or two! After school we picked up Max and went to lunch to celebrate. We hit chickfila because it is our favorite spot really and everyone eats and plays it's perfect. Larry joined us and Noah told him all about his first day of preschool. Big moments in our lives! I love hearing him speak he is very articulate and can express himself really well. It is neat to hear things from his point of view, he might be crazy and wiggly but he is getting SO much better at taking direction and obeying and is in time out less and less. 

These 2 are just the best buddies! I love their little budding relationship. They are both protective of each other and think of each other when one isn't at a at the dentist if one is there they want to get an extra price from the box to bring to their brother. I love getting pictures of them when they are cute together. And this baby below is just the cutest little sweet thing ever. I could eat her up with that tiny pony tail. She is becoming a good little eater and loves all the blueberries that come in the fruit cups that the boys think are awful! Ha!