Monday, September 14, 2015

Bubbles make everything better!

I've been trying hard to decrease screen time in our house and the kids are good at playing together but sometimes when I want to get the house clean or cook dinner it is easier to just stick them in front of a screen but I am getting more creative and cutting down the time to less then an hour a day so in the late afternoon with kids and mom were getting grumpy I pulled out the magic bubble machine! It was a tiny bit windy and the bubbles went all over the yard. The kids had a great time going around trying to chop the balloons are eat them. My favorite thing is watching Scout run behind the boys screaming with joy! That girl has a high pitched scream of pure joy and it always cracks me up hearing her so happy playing with her brothers. She thinks she is just as old as them! It was a perfect afternoon watching them chase bubbles before dad came home and the back up coach came to get us to bed time! 

Love this crazy Noah of mine! Think he needs a hair cut! Love Love him!! 

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