Monday, September 7, 2015

Scout at 14 months.

This beautiful little thing is 14 months old! She has gone from a baby to a feisty, sweet, busy toddler over night! Honestly I look at her and I think where did my baby go? I see so much of Max in her and a tiny bit of Noah, her and Max make the same facial expressions though! She has my heart. I love her so much and she has made our family so special. I am sad to see her become less of a baby but I can't wait for her to get bigger, talk to me, and get some more hair!!
At 14 months scout is...
  • Walking and running everywhere!
  • Can go up and down the stairs like a champ
  • pulling herself on to chairs and pulling things down on her (danger!) 
  • Eatings Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches everyday
  • Loves blueberries and grapes with the skin off 
  • Has 9 teeth and loves getting them brushed! 
  • Drags her monkey blanket everywhere 
  • Sleeps with her boppy pillow every night and throws everything out of her crib when she doesn't want to sleep. 
  • Takes 2 good naps and sleeps all night long. She is my best sleeper! 
  • Loves being outside playing in the playhouse and sandbox and loves the park! 
  • Thinks her brothers are the best thing ever and loves when they come home from school. 
  • Is "talking" up a storm says "Ma" and "Da" and "baba" and then lots of gibberish 
  • Loves taking a bath and drinking from the spout..I'll turn it on low while she is bathing and goes back and forth in the tub getting sips from it. 
  • Has her baby doll she kisses and pushes around in her stroller she is kinda rough with it. 
  •  Doesn't scream as much in the car! Is getting better at car rides which is helpful. 
  • Loves to cuddle with her blanket but on her terms and her length of time. 
  • Loves to be in the thick of it surrounded by whatever is going in the moment. 
  • Has found how fun the kitchen can be, opening all the cupboards and drawers.  
  • Has the best high pitched squeal/scream when she gets excited about things! 

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