Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pizza and the park

The last 2 wednesdays we have picked up costco pizza and taken it to the park we like to call the bunny park. Max gets out early on this day so it worked out perfectly. Today Larry joined us for lunch. The weather has been so hot and summer is just hanging on so we spent a few hours at the park trying to get energy out. Scout is all over the place and has been fussy as she is breaking some one year old molars in so a park and pizza is the perfect distraction. Max has gotten so big he eats 3 slices sometimes! I decided until the weather turns cold we will continue our wednesdays pizza and park days soaking up the sun.  This really is such a typical day for us park and food! Also we are so lucky at the moment that Larry works close to home because we can meet him for a quick lunch at least once a week! 
This picture is horrible but it describes this stage of life perfectly with Scout crawling up onto the table every chance she gets, I pull her off and not more then 2 minutes later she has climbed back up trying to get into everything and pouring all the drinks out! Bless my heart the next 2 years of toddlerhood with her are going to be hard!! 

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