Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Crazy New Years Eve

We are spending New Years Eve with these little goof balls. The Martins are throughout a big party at there house with food, candy, and a hot tub. Happy New Years Eve everyone! Hope your night is fun and you have someone to kiss at midnight!

{Carmen & Howie Martin my sweet niece & nephew}

Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Call Him Lumber Jack Larry.

Larry is crazy. Oh and my brothers are crazy. Before everyone leaves to go back to school my dad wanted to cut down the front trees in our house. These trees are as old as I am and are starting to get a little dangerous when the weather is bad. So Larry being a boy, and the best son-in-law said he thought they could chop them all down. It was a crazy morning of chopping down trees and pulling them with cars. It was nuts and dangerous and I thought Larry would die because he was up in the trees with a stinking chain saw. They successfully cut down 4 huge trees and cleaned it all up and we headed over to Debbie Wong this Chinese place my family loves. It was a messy day. Its been pretty fun being back in California these last 2 weeks and I am not looking forward to going back to cold snowy Utah. It looks like John is going to come stay for a week or so though so that will be fun and prolong my sadness a little bit.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Pictures

I think these are the first pictures we have had of all of us in a long time. Tom was not in the country when Larry and I got married and went straight back to Hawaii after him mission and then we moved to Utah so really this is the newest in a long time! Emma Foell was baptized over the Christmas break and here is the proof! Did you know I love being with my family {most of the time} no really its pretty good some fights but not as many as we get older. Its fun watching the families grow as people get married and eventually babies will come along the way making it even larger and funner.

Recently things seem to change fast what with applying to nursing school, tutoring, marriage, jobs and everything its hard to keep up. It has been nice to take these 2 weeks off of work and school and just relax. After studying all semester and working its nice to just get a small break and have some sunny weather!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mac Love

I got a mac book computer for Christmas. It is fancy and I am in love with it. Here is our first official photo booth picture. Aren't we lovely?
Welcome to my life mac book!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Season 2008

Merry Christmas!!
We have had a really great time here in El Dorado Hills. I know its not technically Christmas yet but today we had the Foells up to make candy houses with the Martin Family. It was really fun making candy houses and hanging out with everyone. It was a bit wild at times with lots of little kids and cousins but we ate a lot of candy and are enjoying this time together. Its so nice to be away from the snow and be back home! Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We Took A Road Trip...

And went to STANFORD! Larry and I took a day and drove down to Stanford University. It is such a long shot that Larry would go to law school here and its still 1 year away but its fun to dream and think about. It was such a fun sunny day and we got lunch, walked around the nearly deserted campus and just enjoyed being together. After a long semester of cramming and me working 2 jobs we had not really spent much time together. Its fun to imagine us being here someday close to family and maybe with babies of our own? We still have lots of work to do but just starting to plan makes it feel like its coming sooner then later. Isn't it fun to be in love and married? Its been 1 year and 3 months and it sometimes feels like forever but other times its still exciting and new like when we were dating, I love those days the best.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The First Year Comes To An End...

We made it! Happy one year anniversary my love. Its been an exciting year!
Got Married
Lived in California for fall semester working & going to school
Moved to Utah in December
I stared at a new school WSU!! whoot whoot
We lived in Hooper for 4 months with Larry's parents
I hated Utah and cried almost every day
I took a full load & Larry too and I got my CNA license
I got a job on campus at the bookstore
We moved to on campus married housing!
Went to school all summer & worked
I got As in Anatomy & physiology
Larry made mock trial team & moot court
I got offered a supplemental instructor job for A&P {I teach A&P for 2 hours a week}

We have had a great year...a move that was terribly hard on me. Let me tell you if you want to test a marriage move to somewhere cold where your wife knows no one. {haha} Really its been a huge blessing to be here at Weber its a great fit for us and school and life has been great. I have met some really great friends and love living on campus. Larry is so patient and kind and loving towards me. He was everything to work out perfectly and just wants the best for us. He is a great companion and I am grateful for is to ONE YEAR MY LOVE!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Hike

So this blogging thing is a bit harder then I thought. You need to have an exciting life to blog. We are doing the same thing day after day. School & work consume 100% of our time. I am still working tons and studying more then my brain thought possible. The campus is still pretty busy during the summer and there are lots of camps going on so the dorms are filled with high school students each week. Last week there was band camp, that was fun having load tuba noises coming from the distance at off hours of the day. Sunday we took a hike up to a tall waterfall, I almost died :) It was pretty though to see the valley and the sunset.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh To Fall In Love...

We got to get away from Utah for the week in between spring and summer semester. The main reason we came out was for Halie Foells wedding! It was a beautiful breezy day at the end of May. It was nice to get away from the bookstore and school and relax. It was nice being in the temple with Larry {even though the poor guy was sick} and just not think about anything except for love! Halies reception was in her backyard the following day and a lot of my cousins came up. Its funny when we all get together its one big party and I love it. I have 35 first cousins and then lots of new babies around, I love that my mom comes from a big family of 9 children it makes for really great family events. My other cousin was getting married the following week but sadly we had to get back to school and work. I am taking a full load and so is larry. I am really loving working in the bookstore and all the perks that comes with that and our new apartment on campus. Thats the update with us for the most part.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Larry!

To the husband who is willing to let me cry, listen to my complaints, scratch my head, shovel the car, and heat the car before we go to school Happy Birthday! You are one of a kind. Last year we had been engaged one week on your birthday and now we have been married 7 months. Hope you have a great birthday eating lots of cake and maybe some cafe rio?? Hint Hint!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I have these best friends that I have had forever. We were lucky enough to be in the same ward, go to seminary & high school together and now all be in the same (2) states going to college together. I seriously LOVE my friends. They know me so well and we have done so many things together. My high school experience was amazing because of them. We hung out everyday, went to church dances together, had all the same friends and then lots of others to, it was a great mix and I seriously loved being with them. When college started and we all went different ways we were still able to get together and now even being married I have been able to see them. Larry recognizes that I need to see them regularly and when they get married (hopefully soon for Cortney) we all plan that we will hang out as married couples! On Saturday I was able to go down to Provo and hang out with them all because Cortney was visiting from BYUI. We talked, talked, shopped, and even grabbed a bite to eat. I was sad when I had to leave and go back to my husband while they had fun singe activities to go to. Larry reminds me constantly that they are looking for what I have so I need to be happy for the stage I am in, and that they will join it eventually as well. Sometimes its lonely but I know they will find the right guys soon and then it won't be as weird. Love you friends!
{Me, Jill, Cortney, & Lauren}

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Really this is what we do pretty much whenever we aren't working. Gets old right? One random evening I lost it and pulled the camera out to document the fact that we are actually getting a college education :) and that we are going crazy because of it! One day when I am a nurse and Larry is a lawyer we will look back on these days with happiness right...yeah right!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 21st!

I thought when I turned 21 it would be the coolest day ever because you could officially funny is that? Even though I don't drink and will never drink it was that I could now at 21 and that made me an adult right? Anyways I find myself at the old age of 21 a wife...ya know a baby wife because I am so young practically a baby still. For my birthday we hit up the Bountiful temple and went to eat it was pretty low key but still great. I have been really homesick and depressed so it was good to get out and do something fun. Thanks Larry for making me feel special and not forgotten.

{Its hard to take a couple picture right? Good try Larry}

Friday, February 1, 2008

Its like 10 Degrees Outside

Yeah Its Freezing. Did you know that Utah has not seen this much snowfall in like 10 years? Just so happens the winter I move to Utah it decides to be a freakishly snowy winter. Oh joy for me!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Short Biography Of Us.

1. Larry and I were married in September in the Oakland Ca, Temple.
2. I am 20 years old and Larry is 24 years old.
3. We live in Ogden Utah.
4. We are currently attending Weber State University where I am pursing a nursing degree and Larry a political science degree and then law school!
5. We are living in my in-laws basement until our apartment in student housing is ready in a few short months!
6. It is freaking cold in Utah and I miss California and cry a lot.
7. Sometimes being married is hard but for the most part its pretty great.
8. I have a job working on campus at the bookstore lifting books and helping students.
9. Larry works at a cell phone store in Layton, we only have one car so sometimes I am car less but that is okay.
10. I have a new found love for Cafe Rio...its heavenly and only in Utah.
11. None of my close friends are married so I get pretty lonely when I am not studying or working.
12. My parents send me packages like I am away on a mission or at camp, it pretty much is the best thing ever when one arrives.
13. I hate the snow.
14. Larry grew up in Utah and served an LDS mission in Leeds England.
15. I graduated from High School almost 2 years ago yahoo!
16. This is the first time I have ever lived in another state.
17. I moved from my parents house into an apartment with my husband, weird.

I think that puts us up to date with what is going on with us. Its SO cold here, I have never felt so cold in my life. Its like to the bone. Sometimes I take a bath just to warm up and I have been feeling pretty homesick lately. Moving away to a new school, new job, new life is pretty hard for me especially because change is a hard thing for me to handle. Poor Larry is doing the best he can to keep me from being so miserable. He's such a great guy, and wants me to love Utah as much as he does....we shall see!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Harris Family Blog!

Welcome to our blog! After being married for about 4 months I think that this might be the easiest way for our families to see what is up in our lives even when we live far away. I think it is proper to start this as its the new year. Welcome to 2008! I hope that I can document the funny, random, important events in our lives. I am not much for journaling and I always feel guilty when I hear about how we need to document our lives for our future posterity. So this is my chance! Hopefully its entertaining to some, but mostly me. If I can blog twice a month it will be a miracle but it seems fun and easy so we will see. It could turn into a freak show of all my emotions and thoughts! Enjoy the blog and here is to the first official post!