Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Folsom Pond.

Happy new years eve day! 
Today we went do to the lake to see how low it has gotten because to the long drought. It was beautiful and slightly warm out. We got the boots on a hiked down to the water, I should have taken pictures of the actual water but instead just got Larry and Max, very typical of me! We did try to get down by the water but it is so low that it's very muddy down there. John even got his shoe stuck in the mud so we decided to not try any harder. We probably had to walk 1/2 mile from where are car was parked down to the water. Hopefully we get some water and the lake rises enough so we can use it this summer! Love these boys of mine. We are lucky to have Larry around for awhile. I think we might try to hit a party tonight to ring in the new year...we will see!! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Time Festivities.

We were able to do some really fun things even during the cold month. One night the Foells came up and we had pizza then we went down to Dove Wood Court to see the lights. A girl in Ladies office has parents that live on the court so it was fun to see her house and take the boys out. It was cold but still fun and we went to Dairy Queen later and Max just thought it was the best night ever. Anytime we do something fun with the whole family he thinks it's the best.



We also hit up the annual fire truck santa run. It is so fun being able to do it with my kids and makes me feel old. Every year growing up on a night in December we would run up to the top of the hill to see the fire truck with Santa on it, and all the elves handing out candy canes...it was so fun and something we looked forward to every year. Now we do it with our kids and it's fun to see the light in their eyes when they see Santa. Noah was there but he was strapped into the stroller because there was so many people there and Larry wasn't with us so I was nervous he would get lost in the crowd.


The holiday season is always so much fun and it is even better with kids. They are so excited for the lights, the food, the music, no school, and Santa. I love my house at christmas. It always smells good, is clean and very festive. There is the sweetest spirit with kids and christmas. Max is getting the true meaning and knows the story all about the birth of our savior. We look forward to all the great traditions over the years during the holiday season.

Monday, December 2, 2013

An early Christmas present.

Harris Baby #3 is on it's way, due early July! 
We are so thrilled to be having another baby, its the best present anyone could get. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family Photos 2013

This year we did family pictures down by the American River in the dry grass. It is such a classic look for where we live. I loved the pictures and actually was pretty relaxed during the whole time. Such sweet memories for us. I love these two boys of mine!! We also found out we are expecting another baby in early July so it was fun to think about the next time we do family pictures our family will have grown again!!



Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Night At The Park

We did a quick trip to the park tonight down the street from our house. Max played in the sand pit and the Woods joined us for the evening. It is cool enough to wear long sleeves and really feels like winter might be here or Fall I guess. I love watching Larry be a dad. It makes me feel so much appreciation and love for him. I know his days are long filled with a stressful job then he faithfully goes off to school and studies the law which can be tedious as well. I love watching him around the boys. The boys love their dad. Anytime they can be around him they soak it up. He walks for the door and they drop whatever they were doing and yell "daddy" and run to him. He is loved by them. It is always a special treat to get him at the park as well. Noah loves the swings, could make you push him for hours if you were nice (which I'm not) but Larry let him swing high and do under doggies over and over. There is nothing more attractive then seeing your spouse love on his children. He loves being a dad and is trying his hardest to be the best he can be. It isn't always easy. I know there is times when he would love to sleep in, gets frustrated with the constant interruptions but he deals with in in strides and helps me be calm and gives me breaks when he can.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I documented some pictures on my phone but can't get them right now so they will probably be on my chatbooks later BUT I did snag some from my moms computer. We had a busy halloween season like usual with lots of different parties and we even hit up the Brooks School carnival which was fun. These pictures are from actual halloween night. Noah is so photogenic and cute. I couldn't stop laughing at his little chubby toddler body ran around with that dragon tail on! Max liked the dog costume which was easy and warm which worked well for him. Love these wild animal boys of mine! 

This one is dark but it is of the 2 of them. Our dog and dragon. Noah is so happy, I love seeing that big toothy grin. We trick or treated around the Stone Briar neighborhood, a lot of people in our ward live there so we went by 2 families houses who were having parties. We always go to the Collettes for dinner and then go around for about 30 minutes that is perfect timing. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Halloween

Took the boys to the Brooks School carnival on Friday night. They are such little busy bodies this is my documentation of the night. They thought the pumpkin patch was fun, all the different games they could play and then the prizes. I use to go to this carnival when I was young to it makes me feel old and also full circle bring them to this. I also will never forget Max climbing up the jungle gym in his dog costume with his bushy little bum with his dog tail up in the air. It is an image that was so sweet and cute I hope it is ingrained in my mind forever. Also the pure innocents of playing on the playground in your dog costume completely unabashed. Love what these little people teach me daily. Hope your Halloween is nice and spooky! 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Noah and Cambria

These two have been buddies since birth. Noah met cambria the day she was born, in fact they day I was leaving the hospital after Noah was born her mom, my dearest friend Cortney came to have her! They have a special bond and love each other and play together so well, most of the time!  I hope that we always stay close and that I can document their lives together as they grow up!  Such a sweet thing to know someone for so long. Love this second generation friendship.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Castle Park

Today we ventured down to Folsom and play in the castle park. This park opened when I was young and my mom would bring us and we would play hide and seek for hours. It was so neat and big to us and now the boys get to enjoy it too! We played in the sand and I looked at the big trees surrounding the park. The are so golden and filled with leaves just about to fall off. Fall is almost here I can taste smell it in the hair. These boys keep me busy park hopping from day to day. 

These boys love trucks, dirt, and sand so much. Noah has inherited a love for it like Max. Give them sand and some things to play with and they will play for hours. It can be almost relaxing to me to sit and watch them play unless I have to interfere with fighting. It has been hard for Max to share which can be frustrating because I know it is typical for a 3 year old, but then he gets mad when people don't want to share with him. How do you teach this? Do you make your kids share or let them play with their own stuff? I always think if Max's is playing with other kids things then he can share his. We are still learning and figuring out how to teach this, I hope he gets better and is more inclined just to share and be kind. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A morning at the Temple.

My group of friends all got together and decided this fall we were going to make a calendar of scheduled play dates. Someone host everyone at their house for lunch and playing one week then later in the week we do an outing like the park, zoo, river ect. Today we all met at the temple and had the kids walk around the temple for awhile and then we took them to lunch and played in the play place, super classy but also relaxing and fun for the moms to talk while the kids were safe inside a play place. The temple was beautiful in the morning and we brought AJ along as well. Max keeps calling the temple a castle and wants to go inside. We almost have one kid jump or fall into the fountain in front but overall it was a success. It is nice to walk around it and let the kids know what a special place it is, I think they know or can feel it. Even though they were a little loud, they all were super excited to be around it. Kids are still so close to the vail I feel like, thats why they are so easy to teach the gospel to, it's like they really know it they only left heaven recently. I really believe it.