Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Time Festivities.

We were able to do some really fun things even during the cold month. One night the Foells came up and we had pizza then we went down to Dove Wood Court to see the lights. A girl in Ladies office has parents that live on the court so it was fun to see her house and take the boys out. It was cold but still fun and we went to Dairy Queen later and Max just thought it was the best night ever. Anytime we do something fun with the whole family he thinks it's the best.



We also hit up the annual fire truck santa run. It is so fun being able to do it with my kids and makes me feel old. Every year growing up on a night in December we would run up to the top of the hill to see the fire truck with Santa on it, and all the elves handing out candy was so fun and something we looked forward to every year. Now we do it with our kids and it's fun to see the light in their eyes when they see Santa. Noah was there but he was strapped into the stroller because there was so many people there and Larry wasn't with us so I was nervous he would get lost in the crowd.


The holiday season is always so much fun and it is even better with kids. They are so excited for the lights, the food, the music, no school, and Santa. I love my house at christmas. It always smells good, is clean and very festive. There is the sweetest spirit with kids and christmas. Max is getting the true meaning and knows the story all about the birth of our savior. We look forward to all the great traditions over the years during the holiday season.

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