Friday, August 31, 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram...

Can you tell I can't get enough of these kids? I probably should stop documenting our lives via a cell phone, but man its super handy, and so very true life! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Noah Dean 5 Months Strong!

Let me tell you how much I love this baby. He has really started to become the happiest little babes in the world. He is all smiles, coos, and laughs most of the day. This is a drastic change to the first couple of fussy months. He is the happiest when he has just woken up from a long nap, when he is jumping away in his jumper, and when he has someone constantly talking to him. His face lights up when he gets attention and he has the best toothless grin around.

Who knew a fat short bolding baby could make my life so complete. He has the best thunder thighs around and loves to get his cubby fists full of my hair...boy he has a tight little grip! He loves to put everything in his mouth, and will bend as far as his body will let him to suck on his toes. He loves to be in his jumper it has been the best thing. He will just jump, sit, stand, and twirl for literally hours in it while we all walk and run around him. He loves to watch everyone in our house, and he especially loves when someone picks him up and gives lots of kisses. He can roll all around the room and is really trying to push himself everywhere with his legs. He can kinda sit up but his belly is pretty big and his topples over a lot still.

He is taking 3 great naps, but is yet to sleep more then 6-7 hours for us at night. 5 am is sometimes a stretch for him and we still have multiple nights where I am up twice. I'm kinda dying but I haven't got the nerve to let him cry it out just yet. He is still swaddled but will break out his little hands throughout the night. He is still sleeping on the landing of our stairs at night and I do look forward to putting him in an actual crib in an actual room when my brothers for back to school this week. He loves to eat pears and bananas and sometimes I swear the kid wants whatever I am eating but not just yet!

Oh sweet Noah, keep it up boy because you are making me want lots more delicious babes. Thanks for your slobbery kisses and your screams of happiness. I hope we can get some more hair on that head of yours, and figure out what color your eyes are! Please stop growing because it's going by WAY to fast!

{So as you can tell I really love to document each month of my little growing boys life. I did the same thing for Max until he turned 2. It truly is such a great gift to be able to look back and see each month how they developed and have one little post dedicated just towards their development. Let me tell you with #2 it has been fun to compare and contrast with all of Max's stats}

Monday, August 27, 2012

ChOO ChOO Trains & Other Ramblings.

Saturday morning arrived and I was itching to do something other then go play at the park! Larry always gets up at the crack of dawn and does an obscene amount of biking before the day has even started, so the second he arrived home I announced we were going to the rail road museum all before nap time, so he better eat and shower fast because this mama was going to pack in a family fun adventure all before 1:00 in the afternoon.

Now this was the first time we've attempted to take our crazy overly active 2 year old to any sort of museum setting, well he went with us a lot when he was a baby, but now he's a big boy so it is a bit harder. Noah baby on the other hand cooed away in his stroller occasionally sucking on his fat feet. Man alive that child is easy to travel with, I love this stage where they are content to sit and are so cute doing it!

SO we arrived and the second we got there Max was all about the trains. He was running around saying train, and choo choo, and dinosaur {because of the show on PBS kids} and who knows what else he was rambling on about. He liked to see the trains and really wanted to climb up and touch everything. The second we actually took him inside one he clung tight to our bodies afraid for his life.

He played in the kids zone, watched all the different train tracks go, and then lost it when he had to leave his play train behind :) After a quick stop for some diet coke and salt water taffy, 2 diaper changes later, and one ever so slightly melt down from me we made it home just in time for naps! It always feels so dang good to do something new and to have happy kids after it. I loved watched Max look around excited to see the big trains, you could just see the excitement as he ran and talked so fast we couldn't understand him. He didn't mention balls the entire time so thats saying something!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mothering Moments..My body is no longer my own.

Every time I pick up Noah I think how much I love his little body. All the rolls, the soft skin, and his lips that curve into a smile whenever he sees me. I feel the same way when I watch Max run around kicking, throwing, and jumping. I love when he comes and flings his body at me and with his little arms wraps then around my neck and hugs me. I always think how amazing it is that my body...MINE, created these little bodies, that they grew inside of me and I gave birth to them.

I remember when I was taking an anatomy & physiology class in college and just being amazed by the human body and the reproductive process. It was such a detailed class on prenatal development, and I learned so much. Seriously conceiving a baby its crazy business...really the window to actually have one is so small its truly a miracle it happens. I felt such appreciation for my body and for the gift of being a women and one day being able to experience that. I thought anyone who doesn't believe in god is crazy because this is beyond complicated and

Another moment in my life that made me appreciate my body and truly seeing the divinity in being a women when I was in nursing school. I remember seeing my first birth, it was amazing. I remember just holding my breath as the mother labored, and pushed her baby out. I let out a big sign of relief, and though if people do not believe in a higher power, they are nuts because that was a miracle. I remember how excited I was for this women, how connected I felt with her being able to help her have this baby and that is one things I truly love about being a mom and women, the sisterhood you have and share with other women.

It really boggles my mind sometimes that I was able to grow a human. I feel incredible blessed to have been able to do it twice, and I admit I feel selfish sometimes when I want to do it again, and again. I love when you get to hear the heart beat...two heart beats in your body is amazing. I love the kicks, and the way your tummy moves as the baby moves. And yes it is crazy uncomfortable but man alive it is so worth it. I have to admit I am a bit bias when it comes to giving birth. I have been blessed with quick labors where my body just does it all and out comes this screaming baby, but that really makes me appreciate the experience so much more.

I think the reason I've been thinking lately about how amazing all this is, is because of how much my little babies have been changing. I keep thinking wow Noah you are huge, I just gave birth to you and look how big you already are. Its amazing that they grow inside of me, but outside of me they develop so much and in such a rapid pace. I feel overwhelming blessings when I watch my boys do the things they do. I am so grateful that I am a mother, I am grateful that I am a women and I've experience the pains of pregnancy, of labor, and the after effects it does to your body. The human body never seises to amaze me.

I thank my lucky stars that through my body I have been able to develop and become a mother. Not a day goes by that I don't feel so grateful that I am able to physically hold by babies, kiss them, pick them up, tickle their backs, and do all the things that a mother does. I love knowing that I have this special connection with my kids that no one else has. They started their physical life in me, and we are connected in such a special way. I remember thinking wow my body is not my own anymore and it will never be the same! Its such a physically demanding job from day one, but boy am I glad for the opportunity. I cross my fingers I get to keep on doing that I am doing because I feel so lucky to be a mom.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We took a field trip...

Yesterday we made an impromptu visit to the fire station. My sweet friend called and asked if we could come so we took our little boys and babies and got a tour. Max has recently learned the word fireman and associates the siren sounds and trucks with that word. He also has a great love for his Curious George book where George goes to the station, so as we walked there, because we live across the street he was so excited. When we arrived though he tensed right up and wanted to be near my side. Once he warmed up though he was pretty excited to see the trucks! They were so nice letting the kids run around and get into the trucks. He kept saying fireman over and over and making the siren sounds.

It's pretty neat as a mom to see him learning daily and to watch him soak in the world around him. It was a fun little short field trip seeing the fire house, and all the different trucks. Right on cue as we were leaving a call came in so Max got to see the get in the trucks and drive away with the sirens blaring he was pretty excited about that, it was the cherry on top! Of course Max refused to pose for me for any shots but here are a few from the afternoon! I felt pretty proud of my self taking him out on a little field trip, and then hearing him explain to his grandpa about where he had gone to see the trucks, priceless! Also priceless him trying to put his new fireman hat on Noah and me having to tell him a billion times to stop.

I am really beginning to love this stage that he is in, and I am feeling pretty confident in my abilities to juggle 2 kids out in public by myself! I love that we have been able to do fun things like take mini field trips and we have had lots of fun play dates lately. Max is really learning to share and to take turns and it makes me so proud when he is kind to other kids. I am so grateful I haven't had to deal with any hitting yet from him or biting, I am hoping he grazed over those stages :) Can't wait till I can take them back when Noah is learning all about trucks. Love my boys. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NO really Don't Worry...

I would love to get up with the fussy baby at 5:00 am...then 5:30...then 6:00...then at 6:30 just decied to start my day. Oh what is that you say?? Oh I can take a nap during their nap times..right. Oh you love me..right husband just keep telling yourself that as you lay comfy in your warm bed...alone!

oh man that was my morning. Did i mention I am not a morning person? My children are not either which makes for painful mornings with sometimes a lot of crying and yelling not just coming from the babes. I am SO tired of feeling like a zombie, and I can only consume so much diet coke, which is an unhealthy amount as it is. But have no fear It's 7:00am and I've been up for 2 hours without any diet coke yet! Go ME.

why did I decied to stat blogging this early? Oh yes to make a mental note that even though sometimes I am dying to have yet again another baby I need to remember to mother the ones I have right now, especially the little one that loves to get up still in the night. And to remind myself how much I hate hate hate getting out of bed to get that baby in the middle of the night. Keep reminding me okay...because right now my womb is feeling pretty empty. Goodness gracious what is wrong with me?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Max @ Play

 Have I mentioned I really love this boy? Despite the terrible twos, tantrums, saying NO in a loud screechy voice, and the obsession with balls I am head over heals in love with my Max. The other night we went to the park for the second time that day and Larry was able to get some great pictures of Max {its a miracle} and I couldn't help but share. This boy is active, feisty, loving, drama,driven, and smart. He truly is the apple of my eye {along with Noah}and the more he develops, is able to communicate with me he is becoming my little buddy. He is a good helper with Noah, and is getting pretty good at following behind me when my arms are full. He loves to talk to me all day and it really is such a sweet time in his life. Boy oh boy does he wear me out with his abundant energy! I think though, if I am going to be a mom of boys I better get use to that right? Oh man I can't get enough! 

One of my favorite things about Max is that he gets pretty excited about everything. He loves to go on lunch dates with me to McDonalds and will eat an entire hamburger but first just the patty and then the bun. He also thinks my diet coke is "moms juice" and is fully aware of the concept of an ice cream cone. He knows his way around EDH pretty well, like if we pass by the street to go to his cousins he screams dramatically that he wants to go to their house. He is SMART! He knows all his alphabet and most of the letters sounds and his colors. We are working on numbers. He can tell you what ball is what and is trying to learn the difference between hoop & net. He can go get me his shoes, and is learning to put his own clothes on. I love that he can repeat every word I say like "no way" or "yes please" and my least favorite "so what" he also likes to scream "Larry" when he comes home. He is soaking it all up and knows SO many words now it is so amazing. He has the best laugh and loves to run all day long...don't you want a cute little boy like Max? Yep he's pretty awesome. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family...It's spelled T-I-M-E!

Nice title post right? Its from on of Elder Uchtdorf General Conference talks, so sadly I can't take the snappy title credit. I think I had mentioned that I had to speak in church last week. I really HATE speaking, I am do not think I am very good and most of the time I come across unarticulate because I am so dang nervous. This also was the first time in my entire married life I did not speak with Larry so that was a little odd, he typically picks up the slack on my part in the time department making sure we strech it all through sacrament meeting. In the end I think the talk went pretty well, I got the message out without minimal mess ups and spoke the perfect amount of time!

I was able to speak on the Proclamation To The World On The Family. {Read Here} It was such a blessing to be able to read and study the proclamation and to think of a new interesting way to present the information. I really wanted to get the message across that the proclamation is meant to strengthen families, and define our roles as men and women, the purpose and definition of a true family. The proclamation is such a true document that gives me a purpose here on earth as a women, wife, and mother. Its simple truths help me strengthen my own family and gives me the desire to serve my children and husband better.

My talk centered around key ways to strength your own family and create strong family bonds that will bind our families here on earth and also in the eternities. One key thing I spoke on was creating traditions in your family. The idea being that if you give your children something to look forward to, be involved in, and feel an sense of love and need they will most likely seek your home for entertainment, and refuge from the world. A loving family teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ can give your children something to hold on too while they wade through the harsh realities of the world!

Traditions are something that I heavenly want to establish and maintain in our family. As the mom in the family it is part of my role to really nurture and bring about these different ideas. Larry is all for a happy family but he doesn't have the time to plan all the different things, its really up to me to do it and then hopefully the boys and Larry will reap the benefits, and I am happy to do it! One book that really helped me see the big pictures of the concept of traditions was 3 Steps To A Strong Family by Richard & Linda Eyre. This book gives some great ideas on birthday, holidays, and trips and the background on why a strong family needs traditions to bring together and tie together the family.

As a mother I am extremely grateful that I get to head the family in these important things. I love being the nurturer of the home and being a wife to my husband. I love staying home {most days} and being crafty, cooking, and even doing laundry. I am so grateful that the proclamation is a banner I can look to, and it is all centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for a sweet husband who believes the best place for a mom is at home with her kids, and is trying hard to be the provider that allows us to continue on with that blessing.

Life is SO hard and cruel sometimes, and while our family is SO not picture perfect {you can see countless examples on this blog!} I grateful for the opportunity I've been given to give birth to sweet chubby babies, take care of them, kiss my husband when he comes home from work, pray with my family, and fight and make up with each other! Moms out there be proud of what you get to do in this life! It might not be as glamourous as some cooperate job, or bring you any sort of freedom, but it's meaningful, it's a divine calling that if you embrace I promise you will feel an overwhelming amount of love you can't find anywhere else!

Max mugging up on Larry after playing in the water @ the park, and me holding that slobbery baby Noah. We love our limited family time with dad! Friday lunch dates at the park!