Saturday, August 18, 2012

Night Time Buddies

Okay really how cute are they in their twin jammies? While I was bathing them the other night I was so excited to get them dressed in the same jammies and get them all ready for when Larry got home late from class. Max thought it was the funniest thing, and he did a good job a trying to sit on the bed while I snapped some pictures. Sadly the football did make an appearance but having balls around even in cribs at night is how we roll with two boys! 

I can't get enough of these two! Seriously when they are both happy, and laughing I feel utter mommy bliss and could go on and on about how wonderful it is to be their mom. Now catch me on a day with little sleep, and grump kids and the story changes but for the most part things are good. The boys are happy and healthy and seeing their smiles and hearing Max yell Noahs name and trying to make him laugh is the best part of my day. I love when Noah wakes up from his morning nap and Max runs in to say hi to Noah and give him a kiss to make him stop crying. I hope that they have the best brother relationship as the years go by. 

Time goes by way to fast look how big they both have gotten! Sometimes I just want them to stay forever in their tiny little chubby bodys. I love their cubby feet and the rolls on their legs and the way the BOTH giggle when I eat their tummies and they both have the same ticklish spots under their arms and their thighs. Noah gives the best open mouth slobbery kisses, while Max is currently perfecting his fishy kiss. They BOTH adore their dad but want to be comforted from their mom when they are upset. After putting them in twinner outfits although it might be cheesy its dang cute and I'm pretty sure we will have a repeat on our hands. 

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