Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being A Nursing Student:

I am making this quick because that is how my life is right now...eating quick, kissing quick, showering quick...nonstop. I am studying, working, doing things at a fast pace and then when the day ends 16 hours later I sit down and just melt from tiredness. Larry thinks is so funny how I am at school all day with my nursing friends and then I get home and am on the phone with them studying...talking about professors, tests, answers, how our clinical went...who died, threw up, gave shots...its probably hilarious to those who only hear the one sided conversation. I am currently working in Bountiful and Layton and two different hospitals and long term facilities. I love what I am learning but am on the fence about actually doing the work...I don't know if I have the patients, stomach, or compassion to do this fulltime, time will tell I guess. Thats whats new with, school, and some more of that :)

Larry is pretty much the same filling out applications, doing mock trial and moot court and studying. its been a hard semester full of long papers, and the stress of figuring out law school. We are tired and when we get time to spend together its usually walking around the lame mall in Ogden or eating cafe rio :) Overall things are good...we can't complain too much. We are saving for a new car and preparing for some big changes maybe! Gotta go I have a billion things on my to do list!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still Kickin'

Don't worry the Harris Family is still alive! Its been an eventful couple of week. We have a new nephew! Baby Oliver arrived in style Congrats to Heather and Rob. Also I started giving out Shots, its kinda a power high sticking people with needles. I finished mid-terms and made it out alive. Larry got sick and has been filling out endless law school applications (He gets his score tomorrow) Also David came to visit for the weekend, we went to a corn maze and saw movies and ate lots of food, it was fun.

On a Sad Note, our Audi died a couple of weeks ago, it has been sad and it weirdly feels like a death in the family. Me and Larry bought that car together before we got married and its sad but don't worry we got a new car, well not new VERY old but it runs great and is a great little car and we are grateful it came our way and welcome it into the family! It is a stick though so I have to deal with that and it will be scary in the snow as I drive to Bountiful for clinicals in the snow at 4:00 am haha good times, its always something right?

Here are some pictures of our corn maze fun...

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Smell of Winter

In Utah there is a smell of fall..its crisp air and hay and I dunno what else but its wonderful and its great to step outside, take a deep breath and breath in the fall Utah air...ahh I love it. There is also a smell of Winter...a year ago I would say its the smell of death as the threat of endless snow is on its though not so much. While I don't love the snow its great for about a month and then I am done but its a nice cold smell filled with the anticipation of the coming first snow fall.

Until that day comes look at the tree outside my house. This is in the backyard facing the school on the other side. it hasn't hit me fully that we will be moving and that this could be our last year in Utah...its mixed emotions of excitement and sadness, its hard to explain I guess if you haven't experienced the anticipation and constant change in your life. Anyways look at those colors...its amazing and so wonderful about Utah. I figured I better get a snap shot before winter comes and destroys the colors of fall.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conferance 2009

Oh how I love October! I love that the month starts with general conference and ends with Halloween! How did everyone like the 179th semi-annual general conference? I for one loved conference and felt spiritually uplifted from the messages that were given and felt the spirit of the gospel come into my house this weekend. Conference strengthen my testimony that Thomas S. Monson is a modern day prophet and that he loves us and this gospel.
Just look how cute he is...Let the message of love, service, family, and eternal progression warm our hearts not only for the up coming season but always, and let us recommit ourselves to be better in whatever we are doing right now, and to remember that family and the gospel needs to be the center of our lives no matter how crazy things get in your life! I am going to try to be better and I am grateful conference always kicks me in the butt and makes me want to do better!