Saturday, September 28, 2013

Age of the Dinosaurs!

Cal Expo had a fun exhibit called Age of The Dinosaurs that we took the boys to on Saturday. It was super cool and perfect for their age. All the dinosaurs were very life like and moved, made sounds and we life size. The place was dark so the pictures are kinda bad but it was a fun morning. There was bounce houses and also different dinosaurs you could ride. Noah was a little young to do some things but he sure did enjoy jumping on the 10 or so dinosaur bounce houses and digging for fossils in the sand. 

Max really did think that this was the coolest thing he had ever seen in his life. He kept pointing out all the different types of Dinosaurs he knew and what they ate. I was surprised by the amount he actually did know. I shouldn't be though, that guy is smart as can be and has the best memory. 

Love these two guys so much. Noah is the cutest baby around. 
Max riding a dinosaur, he was a little unsure at first but he said at the end he was a little scared but did like it..haha so him. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fairy Tail town with Friends!

We met up with all our friends at our favorite spot downtown for a morning of fun. It was almost cool enough to wear a sweater for awhile at least. It is like we are forcing fall upon us even though it is still so warm. The boy enjoyed running around and being with their friends. We fit 5 carseats in the van and met others there. We have such an awesome group of friends and they are some of my best friends and ones I've had for so long. Cortney and Cari came along and then Markie Turner (who married our great friend Tristan) stuffed into my van with her 2 kids and I had AJ with me as well. I can feel fall is coming and this was a totally great way to break in the up coming season.

Anytime there is a chance to have someone snap a picture of me and the boys I try to jump at it. I know that I will look bad and miss this stage and also wish I had more pictures of me loving on them. It is such an awesome and hard job being a mom I want more in action shots which Is totally what these are, It is hard to get a perfect shot of all 3 of us. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In theTeepee...

Random evenings hanging in the Teepee. Can you find Max? This cracks me up. We have a ton of stuffed animals, too many actually and I didn't buy a single one. Some are from when I was little and others my parents who really aren't that type of people, because yes there is a type for some reason lots their sense and bought a bunch. They are mostly housed in the teepee and the boys will crawl in and cover themselves with them. Most days I lay in their and tell them stories. Larry started telling them stories long ago of Magic Max, and Ninja Noah. He is a much better story teller then I am and knows all the boy terms to use but when he is not around I have to do. I'll lay there and tell about Magic Max saving his brother Noah from a bear in the forest, or them both being Ninjas and saving someone from something by using their swords..Max interrupts a lot and sometimes takes over on the story telling. It drives me nuts sometimes how accurate he wants it to be. Anyways these pictures make me think of all those nights laying there with these wild boys amiss the animals who are listening as well.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Folsom Train days.

The Folsom rail road will put on train days in certain Saturdays during the year where you can come check out small trains, ride some, and also they will have horse rides and bounce houses. My mom and I decided to take the boys and check it out one Saturday. It was even cool enough to wear pants! Max enjoyed the train ride, and I was nervous Noah would just fall out or jump right out because there was no doors or side on the train. The ride was about 10 min which was perfect then the boys ran around and played the rest of the morning. It was a simple and fun morning.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let the rain pour down!


Poor California has been in a drought for a few years now and it finally rained enough for Max to break out his new boots and jacket. The little kids haven't seen too much rain, or really bad weather in their short lives. He thought it was fun to splash all around for awhile. He then proceeded to get cold and came in and took a warm bath! Love this little guy and that he finds so much joy an excitement in his little life. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wild Animals...

I live amongst wild animals. Somedays they run around screaming in our house out of pure joy and fun. Noah is in a big phase of moving the chairs to where he wants and then climbs up to get what he wants. Today I was fed up and put the chairs up on the table, thinking I was so clever that they would just go out side and play or something. Oh no they figured out a way to climb up and get right on those chairs. It is exhausting sometimes being the mom and I get tried just watching how much energy they have. They do make life fun, and interesting and they make me laugh with their clever little ideas in their mind. These two are going to cause a lot of trouble I think together. My favorite also is that Max is naked. So classic a naked boy who has learned to potty train successfully but also feels the need to take off all this clothes when he goes to the bathroom so lots of times he bottoms never make it back on. Hence the nudity. Notice instead of yelling at them I just took a picture and let them play up there until the moved on! Some things are not worth the fight or crushing their playful spirits. I am trying to find a balance in teaching them to tame the wildness and also to foster the fun. 


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chopped My Hair!! AHHH

I went in to get my super long neglected hair done and like usual made a rash decision to cut it off. At first I loved it, then I cried a little then I decided I like it, and my hair grows fast so it's okay. I'm trying to really like it. Cortney came over and styled it for me to show me really how easy it is to do. So grateful for friends to help me out and feel pretty again. Also love this little chubby face guy with all my heart. Noah is constantly by my side, or really I just have to always have him within my eye sight or else trouble happens! 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Happenings.

It has been still so hot here in September. My boys will be wearing shorts until October probably. I always forget just because school is back in session doesn't mean fall is on its way around here. Max loves jumping on the trampoline and we have found that adding the hoes makes it even more fun. He jumps around like a ninja kicking and high AHing the water. haha get that? He will do this for as long as the hoes will stay there.  Love how he gets his energy out and love that he makes the best of everything. Love him so much. 


Our tomato plants that we planted in late May are really producing. We have 2 tomato plants and one cherry tomato that is crazy growing. We go out and pick which they love doing, we have to remind them to only pick the red ones. We get bowls full everyday and have given them to friends and enjoyed them in salads and BLTS take into the summer and now probably till october! Sometimes I think it would be nice to raise a family on a farm to show them all the different things you could grown and be self sufficient but that is a lot of added work to my list then and so I can appreciate my awesome plants and buy everything else at the store :) 


Took the boys shopping at the outlets and had to bring my stack of quarters. They can last about 2 stores then they get to go on the rides. They love all the little quarter rides and we go all around the outlets finding the ones they like. It is a good time waster and they love it. Look at the joy on Max's face! 


Noah enjoying a popsicle on a hot september evening. He is getting so cute and big I can't believe he is almost 18 months! Great age he can go to nursery at church! Love his little outfit and that big toothy grin. We've gone through a few dozen bags of popsicles these last few months. Great bribes!