Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Happenings.

It has been still so hot here in September. My boys will be wearing shorts until October probably. I always forget just because school is back in session doesn't mean fall is on its way around here. Max loves jumping on the trampoline and we have found that adding the hoes makes it even more fun. He jumps around like a ninja kicking and high AHing the water. haha get that? He will do this for as long as the hoes will stay there.  Love how he gets his energy out and love that he makes the best of everything. Love him so much. 


Our tomato plants that we planted in late May are really producing. We have 2 tomato plants and one cherry tomato that is crazy growing. We go out and pick which they love doing, we have to remind them to only pick the red ones. We get bowls full everyday and have given them to friends and enjoyed them in salads and BLTS take into the summer and now probably till october! Sometimes I think it would be nice to raise a family on a farm to show them all the different things you could grown and be self sufficient but that is a lot of added work to my list then and so I can appreciate my awesome plants and buy everything else at the store :) 


Took the boys shopping at the outlets and had to bring my stack of quarters. They can last about 2 stores then they get to go on the rides. They love all the little quarter rides and we go all around the outlets finding the ones they like. It is a good time waster and they love it. Look at the joy on Max's face! 


Noah enjoying a popsicle on a hot september evening. He is getting so cute and big I can't believe he is almost 18 months! Great age he can go to nursery at church! Love his little outfit and that big toothy grin. We've gone through a few dozen bags of popsicles these last few months. Great bribes!


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