Friday, September 6, 2013

6th Anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary to Larry and Me! 
At times it feels like yesterday we were married living in out tiny college apartment going to school and working our random jobs. Such carefree days in comparison to now. We have such a bigger burden now with 2 kids and the responsibility it brings. We haven't had the easiest 6 years, there has been ups and downs, which I had not expected. But we have persevered and gotten through a lot! 

Here is a run down of the last 6 years... 
  • Got married 
  • moved back to utah 
  • Attended and graduated from WSU
  • 2 degrees nursing & poli sci 
  • worked at the bookstore, sears, and a cell phone place and various Hospitals 
  • Owned 3 cars 
  • Moved to DC, San Diego, and EDH 
  • Finished 2 years of law school...2 to go
  • 2 babies born
  • Lots of fights 
  • Plenty of make ups 
  • 1000 kisses  
  • Lots of tears 
  • Stresses of money
  • Fun adventures 
  • Date nights 
  • Long drives from California to Utah 
We have so much still to look forward to although at times I think our best days are behind us..that is the gloomy AnnMarie speaking. I do miss our simple college days of hanging out with our friends in the dorms, sharing meals, meeting larry between classes or work. BUT I know things will always em and flow, it might be a lower year for me but there is always the up after the low! We will continue on committed to the love we have and the goals we have made and are trying to achieve. This is real life and a real marriage. I am grateful Larry has stuck it out through the thick and the thin, I am sure there will be more bad things to happen and to work through but I know that I am loved, and that we both are committed to making it work to remembering the covenants we made. Thanks for the 6 years babe, lets do something fun next year okay!!

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