Saturday, September 28, 2013

Age of the Dinosaurs!

Cal Expo had a fun exhibit called Age of The Dinosaurs that we took the boys to on Saturday. It was super cool and perfect for their age. All the dinosaurs were very life like and moved, made sounds and we life size. The place was dark so the pictures are kinda bad but it was a fun morning. There was bounce houses and also different dinosaurs you could ride. Noah was a little young to do some things but he sure did enjoy jumping on the 10 or so dinosaur bounce houses and digging for fossils in the sand. 

Max really did think that this was the coolest thing he had ever seen in his life. He kept pointing out all the different types of Dinosaurs he knew and what they ate. I was surprised by the amount he actually did know. I shouldn't be though, that guy is smart as can be and has the best memory. 

Love these two guys so much. Noah is the cutest baby around. 
Max riding a dinosaur, he was a little unsure at first but he said at the end he was a little scared but did like it..haha so him. 

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