Monday, July 14, 2014

Scout's First Bath!

This bathing beauty had her first bath. She did not like it at first but finally calmed down. She is so sweet and perfect. She has the most perfect skin and the most beautiful bright eyes. She cries a lot and nurses a lot and we are trying to get her to sleep for longer stretches during the day. She loves to be swaddled and held. Oh man we all love her so much!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Boys meet Scout!!

The boy's came up to see Scout and what a meeting it was. They came around lunch time and it was like a tornado blew through. Noah was everywhere touching everything and Max was wanting the ice cream they had brought me. It was a bit overwhelming and once they left I felt happy that I still had another day to relax and sleep  and relish in this sweet baby girl. She is nursing really well, but a lot which I forgot about it. She also is pretty fussy...the boys would basically just sleep and sleep she doesn't seem to know how to get comfortable and just sleep so I just nurse her and let her sleep on me. The first night was rough and I eventually kicked her out of the room! She is the only baby on the unit right now so all the nurses love just holding her all night while I slept! I was nervous that having a girl would mean a fussy baby and I think I am right. Larry just says that it's because she just was born and is figuring out how to be a human. We will see. For now every time she starts to wail I get a little anxiety in me. But this is my 3rd time around and while I am confident in my ability to take care of her it is still scary to figure out a new baby and their needs. Also take a look at these pictures. Could you just die with the boys holding her? They were excited for like 1 second then moved on, which is great actually. Not totally caring a lot but not jealous either, that is ONE benefit of having them all close in age! Love these 3 babies of mine! 


Scouts first few days at home...

Well we are home safe and sound. Little Miss Scout has a very loud and sad cry when she is upset. She is pretty content for about 15 minutes after she she eats, then she either goes to sleep or cries some more to bed fed some more. I am hoping we get the hang of it all. The boys love her and so do we. She hangs in her bassinet a lot but I will be honest she is held almost all day, I know bad but she is so sweet and cries so much if she is being held she doesn't so for my ears sake, and the boys who don't really like her crying I hold her or the other people in the house. I do love looking at her perfect little features, she has the clearest skin and I think right now she looks a lot like Noah. The boys always give her kisses and want to see baby scout. This is the first night home when everyone was freshly bathed, in pjs and ready to go to bed. It is very exhausting getting all three ready. I'm ready to drop dead and sleep...until she starts to cry and needs to eat!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Introducing Baby #3...

Scout Elizabeth Harris 
Born July 7th, 2014
6 pounds 6 ounces 

I was dying to get her out of me, I was super uncomfortable and had hoped my dr. would induce me before July 4th, but she was out of town and so I had an appointed schedule for the following Tuesday hoping though she would come sooner. I was dilated to a 4 but once again no consistent contractions, so we went about our weekend celebrating the 4th, going boating and just waiting for her to arrive. Monday around 3 am or so I woke up to go to the bathroom and thought maybe I was leaking some fluid but nothing to big I went back to bed and in the morning took the kids to the park with my mom. I was walking around the park while the boys played trying to get my contractions going. I still thought maybe I was leaking fluid and decided maybe I'd go up to the hospital to get checked knowing if I was they'd let me stay. Before that though we took the boys to get lunch at Mcdonalds and as I was getting out of the car and unbuckling Noah from his carseat I had one hard contraction and the water broke right here in the Mcdonalds parking lot. SO classy. Well I called Larry knowing I wanted to get up to the hospital ASAP incase she came quick. He came over and mom my took the boys in to play. We went right up to the hospital and got all checked in. I walked the halls for awhile until my dr. came in the talk to me. We decided to get some pitocin going and get me my epidural. Not more the 10 minutes after the pitocin was in I was reading to push, my epidural had been placed and as I lay back down I knew it was time to push, the pressure with her was crazy and I couldn't wait for the dr. I sat up and said sorry I gotta push. Everyone knew I would be fast but it was still so funny how quick it goes. I pushed her out in 3 contractions and man it felt good to get her out! She was screaming from the get go! She was beautiful all pink and tiny. Giving birth is the highlight for me, I love to do it, I'd do it over and over if I could. It's so special and it's always so amazing to me what my body can do! Larry and I ordered pizza and settled in for the night holding that sweet little bundle. Words can't express how in love I am with her. 

Scout is a beautiful baby, she is very fussy and has a hard time settling down. She LOVES to nurse and latched on quickly and would do it 24/7 if possible. Her brothers love her and love to come check on her and hold her. Noah calls her baby scout, like its her full name. I love that they are all so close in age, its nuts but seeing the family we have creating is pretty amazing. 
Welcome to the family baby girl!!