Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Boys meet Scout!!

The boy's came up to see Scout and what a meeting it was. They came around lunch time and it was like a tornado blew through. Noah was everywhere touching everything and Max was wanting the ice cream they had brought me. It was a bit overwhelming and once they left I felt happy that I still had another day to relax and sleep  and relish in this sweet baby girl. She is nursing really well, but a lot which I forgot about it. She also is pretty fussy...the boys would basically just sleep and sleep she doesn't seem to know how to get comfortable and just sleep so I just nurse her and let her sleep on me. The first night was rough and I eventually kicked her out of the room! She is the only baby on the unit right now so all the nurses love just holding her all night while I slept! I was nervous that having a girl would mean a fussy baby and I think I am right. Larry just says that it's because she just was born and is figuring out how to be a human. We will see. For now every time she starts to wail I get a little anxiety in me. But this is my 3rd time around and while I am confident in my ability to take care of her it is still scary to figure out a new baby and their needs. Also take a look at these pictures. Could you just die with the boys holding her? They were excited for like 1 second then moved on, which is great actually. Not totally caring a lot but not jealous either, that is ONE benefit of having them all close in age! Love these 3 babies of mine! 


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