Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scouts first few days at home...

Well we are home safe and sound. Little Miss Scout has a very loud and sad cry when she is upset. She is pretty content for about 15 minutes after she she eats, then she either goes to sleep or cries some more to bed fed some more. I am hoping we get the hang of it all. The boys love her and so do we. She hangs in her bassinet a lot but I will be honest she is held almost all day, I know bad but she is so sweet and cries so much if she is being held she doesn't so for my ears sake, and the boys who don't really like her crying I hold her or the other people in the house. I do love looking at her perfect little features, she has the clearest skin and I think right now she looks a lot like Noah. The boys always give her kisses and want to see baby scout. This is the first night home when everyone was freshly bathed, in pjs and ready to go to bed. It is very exhausting getting all three ready. I'm ready to drop dead and sleep...until she starts to cry and needs to eat!


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