Thursday, February 26, 2009

22 years old.

I turned 22 today.
The big 22!
We didn't do too much. I got my hair done and We went out to dinner.
Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our story:

Happy Valentines Day!

{Picture taken last year winter 2008}

Larry and I met in the singles ward in El Dorado Hills California. He was 23 and I was 19. He was trying to figure out what to do with his life and so was I. I had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to go back to BYU for the winter semester when I met Larry. He was funny, nice, complementary, and pretty good looking when he got all cleaned up. We spent a lot of time together listening to music and just talking. I wasn't sure really if we were dating but when the time came for my to move back to Provo I couldn't commit to moving. Once that happened we really started dating and in a matter of weeks it went from I want to get married to when are we getting married conversations.

We took a trip to Utah over conference weekend so I could meet his parents and a week later we got engaged in his sister Carlene's backyard. We were married 5 months later in the Oakland California temple. Our engagement was a stressful time in the short while we had known each other. My parents were not thrilled by my choices of forgoing BYU to get married...and I was so young. There was a lot of tears and hurtful memories around our wedding that I don't want to really remember. I planned everything by myself and Larry's mom made my wedding dress.

It was a simple wedding really and a beautiful simple reception at the Martin house in El Dorado Hills. We got married on a Thursday, spent one night in San Fransisco, had our reception on Friday and went back to school on Monday. We never got a long honeymoon and from that point on it was school school school! We lived in El Dorado hills for 4 more months before moving to Ogden Utah and attending Weber State University where we live currently.

I am so grateful I met Larry and made the choice to marry him. He calms me down, puts up with our tantrums and is my best friend.