Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family pictures 2014

My main goal in life...well one of my many goals is to get really great family pictures at least once a year. I think its really important to document your family and fill your walls with pictures of those you love! I also have this thing where I really didn't have great wedding pictures for various reasons and I get envious of those who I make up for it with pictures of my sweet albeit crazy family.

It is pretty hard to get everyone to smile, look at the camera and get that perfect shot. I always just want one for christmas cards but I am trying to loosen up and be happy with the candid and real life because let's face it my our life is no where near perfect. Also I am trying to soak up all these memories of these little guys because I know how quickly they grow!

The ones of the 3 of them together just melt my heart. It is so sweet to see them treat each other with love, it doesn't happen all the time but I would say for the most part Max and Noah play really well together, they are so close in age they really have never known life without each other. I love that Max is holding Scout, and Noah that smile...if that doesn't make you happy then nothing will! Their personalities come right out...our Shy reserved Max and our crazy playful Noah. Then sweet baby Scout only 3 months old it feels like she has always been with us.

There are a few more I can add but I love the one of Larry and the 2 boys. It is so amazing to see what a great dad he has developed into. The boys love him and love being around him...the second he gets in the door at night they all scream "DAD" and run for him. I was so happy with how the pictures turned out I was a perfect evening and it only cost me a lego and a car to bribe the boys with! I'm exhausted just thinking about next time but at least I have another year to plan it all out! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Mothers Lounge...

 I'm not one to post a selfie but I sat in the mothers lounge the other day with a sweet sleeping baby and I thought man this is maybe the first quiet moment in awhile I have had. Sure I get those moments in the middle of the night while I am nursing her but I'm usually not awake or I did try to read my scriptures during those night feeds to make use of my time ha that didn't last long! I tried though! Anyways I sat rocking her looking at all her delicate tiny features and felt such peace. There is a magical feeling that is given off when you hold a sleeping baby. It renews and refuels me as a mother to sit and soak it in. Then when the crazies run in screaming, laughing, wanting something I can say "you got this AnnMarie" The mothers lounge the other day was my happy place. Scout has not been the easiest baby. She nurses lots and cries even more..sometimes I am at a loss as what to do..I've even thrown around the word colic around. Larry thinks it is my milk supply but I am determined to not giver her a bottle...and so I nurse around the clock. It is a wonderful and soul sucking thing to give so much to a baby but I love that I can comfort her in a way no one can. All my babies have loved to nurse I just can't keep my milk supply up as much as they seem to need it. Scout has gone the longest without being supplemented and I am digging my heals in waiting till she is 6 months to supplement. We will see if I last but I hope I can but I also know that either way as long as she is healthy and growing we call it a win! This motherhood gig is pretty good and these babies of mine are even better!