Saturday, September 6, 2008

The First Year Comes To An End...

We made it! Happy one year anniversary my love. Its been an exciting year!
Got Married
Lived in California for fall semester working & going to school
Moved to Utah in December
I stared at a new school WSU!! whoot whoot
We lived in Hooper for 4 months with Larry's parents
I hated Utah and cried almost every day
I took a full load & Larry too and I got my CNA license
I got a job on campus at the bookstore
We moved to on campus married housing!
Went to school all summer & worked
I got As in Anatomy & physiology
Larry made mock trial team & moot court
I got offered a supplemental instructor job for A&P {I teach A&P for 2 hours a week}

We have had a great year...a move that was terribly hard on me. Let me tell you if you want to test a marriage move to somewhere cold where your wife knows no one. {haha} Really its been a huge blessing to be here at Weber its a great fit for us and school and life has been great. I have met some really great friends and love living on campus. Larry is so patient and kind and loving towards me. He was everything to work out perfectly and just wants the best for us. He is a great companion and I am grateful for is to ONE YEAR MY LOVE!!