Saturday, June 30, 2012

6 am never looked so good...

After a long family reunion week we woke up super early and had to pack up and leave. Luckily we only had to drive less than 2 hours home because I was so tired. The boys didn't really sleep well all week, especially Noah and on top of that Larry had to leave half way through the week for a trial, that was then moved so I was ready to get everyone back on schedule and back in our beds. Before that though I was able to catch Noah in a happy state way early because he loves getting up around 5:45 in the morning. But look at that could you not want to get up and nurse him that early?
Also one last thing we had to go before everyone headed off to different states was get a shot of all the grandchildren that had come for the week. There was 19 kids there {one family was not there} and the 25 grandchild will arrive in January! I love that the boys have lots of cousins to grow up with. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Family of 4

Today we hit up some parks around Tahoe and then walked around all the little shops. I wanted to go up on the gondola ride but it was pricey and I couldn't stomach spending that much for a 10 minute ride. We had fun walking around with the babes and some of Larry's siblings hanging out in the cool Tahoe air. The weather was amazing all week, especially today. We found some sweet bears along the way and I FINALLY got a picture of all 4 of us that was worthy of posting! I can't believe we've doubled in size in less than 2 years.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Noah Dean At 3 Months...

Look who is 3 months old. Really Noah did it have to go by so fast? Noah has turned into such a little chunk in a matter of weeks. He so sweet and those cheeks are so kissable. Noah has learned to smile really well, and can recognize faces well and track people as they move about the room from his bouncy chair. He loves to smile and coo and blow bubbles from his little lips.

He sadly is not sleeping through the night for me but will typically do a 5 hour stretch, eat, and then go back to sleep. He loves sleeping swaddled and on his side, not his back just propped up on his side, its kinda funny sight. He sleeps in his baby bed or on the boppy pillow still. He is into a good nap time routine being up 1-2 hours then down for 2 sometimes 3 hours in the afternoon. Max and him are now on the same 1-4 nap schedule which is so nice! {I am blogging this as they sleep peacefully in their beds}

He has started to drool like a dog, its everywhere which makes me suspicious that I will have another early teether on my hands. Heaven help us all, this mom hates teething. He loves to nurse until the milk runs out then he cries frantically until I make him a bottle.  He eats so much I feel like I am constantly eating and yet its not enough. He gets pretty exciting when he starts to see me lift up my shirt, he will kick his legs frantically and screech until he has made contact. Nothing is better though when he is satisfied and in his milk coma being held in my arms doing his half smile as he drifts off to sleep. 

I love his wet little lips and how when you go to give him a kiss close to his face he automatically opens his mouth searching for something. He has started to discover he can coo and make a little noise, and he is laughing pretty good. No better sound then a laughing baby right? His hands have started to relax, not in little fists as much, and he has discovered he can suck on them when he is hanging in his chair or swing. 

I love my little Noah, and I can't wait to see how he grows and develops in the coming months, but its bitter sweet to say the least. These last three months have been so amazing getting to hold him and love him. I love how Max is stating to get protective of "his baby" and how he likes to "help" me change his diaper or put his pacifier in his mouth. I hope through the months and years they become the best of brothers.  Heres to another month down Noah!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zephyr Cove, Tahoe 2012

This week we are hanging in Lake Tahoe for the Harris 2012 family reunion. We are staying in a huge cabin with 32 people, 19 of them are kids! Pretty crazy! Today we headed out to the beach and played all morning before we headed home for nap time. We were a little unsure of how Max would take to the sand because historically he hates anything that gets into his sandals or is on his feel. The second his fat feet hit the beach he froze, but once we removed his sandals he ran around bare foot and was happy as can be.
Max also loved jumping off rocks the entire time we were there. He is going to give me a heart attack one of these days...
Don't worry I didn't forget that we have another little boy. Noah slept the entire time so I didn't document his first time to the beach minus this awesome shot of him covered in the stroller. Overall we have a really fun time, and will have to come back again soon. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Little Newborn Is Gone...

Seriously this baby is killing me with his cuteness. Really Noah could you be any more cute or awesome. Nope probably not. I am so in love with this baby who I love to call Mr. Chunk because look at those chins. I could kiss those cheeks, and chins all day. I love being able to sit and nurse him then when he is nice and satisfied get him all smiley and laughing, its positively bliss. I love his sweet milk breath and little shrikes of joy he is starting to make. I love when is falling asleep and in the in-between stage of awake and sleep and he is laughing and smiling with his pacifier in his mouth.

Oh boy Im smitten, and when he starts to get bigger and bigger it makes me want another newborn bad, because this feeling is amazing. It's not that Noah is not enough for me, or that Max wasn't as well its that you are filled with so much love you just don't want the feelings to fade or the newness to go away. I love holding his little clammy hands because he has them in tiny little fists most of the time, and playing with his curly toes. Just thinking about him growing breaks my heart a little bit and wants me to soak up every possible moment with him. 

It's not that me and Larry aren't planning to have more babies, I am hoping the lord blesses us with lots more babies, but its just that as Noah grows its one less baby I get to have...that sounds so bizarre but this stage is so short lived, it slips by so fast. They only are little and non mobile for so long, when you can hold them and they don't wiggle away or you can snuggle and kiss them all over and then don't run away. I love when Noah nuzzles into my shoulder and the nook between my chin and chest, its heavenly to feel his heavy chest move up and down against mine and listen to his deep breathing. 

As I say goodbye to this newborn stage I'm excited to see how Noah develops in his personality and his look. Its fun to see the resemblance between him and Max and its going to be crazy when they both get into brotherly trouble. This stage is magical and I pray that I get the opportunity to give birth again and enjoy the sweet baby stage a couple more times..maybe like 10 more, right Larry? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Max Joseph Harris is 2!

Can you believe that 2 years ago today I gave birth for the first time to my sweet little newborn baby Max? I know people say time flies when you are raising kids but I honestly didn't believe it until it started happening to me. These last 2 years of my life have been so amazing, life changing, challenging, and fun all wrapped into Max's life. He has drastically changed from his little 5 pound baby body into a full blown toddler boy right before my eyes.

Max is seriously the most active child ever. He is on a mission from the minute he wakes up till he hits the bed at night. He runs, jumps, kicks, skips, and gallops everywhere. I don't know if he actually knows what walk means. He loves to climb on furniture, play structures, and is good at just wandering outside exploring nature. He love his trampoline and can spend a lot of time in there with his balls. Man that kid loves balls, maybe obsessed is a better word.

He has vastly improved his vocabulary and can now say so many words and even is getting good at hearing a word once and then saying it repeatedly until he knows it. He can identify people in pictures and knows my brothers names, and his cousins he is close to. He recently started calling my dad by his first name Joe, because he hears my mom say it a lot. He love to scream loud, have dramatic fake crying fits, and is still loving on his bottle.

His new things are learning his letters. He can say, and identify 15 letters and is learning the sounds they make. His favorite TV show is Super Why and will ask for his show "Why" the second he is out of bed in the morning. This kid is all about routine which is great and it keeps the days flowing good. He loves water, taking baths, and trowing things in trashcans.

I can tell that the 2 year old phases are kicking in with his new found independence everyday he is starting to test my patients and the power struggles have begun. He likes to say "Its mine" and "NO" frequently and I am trying to nip it in the bud. He also had learned who is the softer ones in the family that will give into his wants, the kid is clever. He gets embarrassed and upset when I say naughty to him or tell him he needs to be obedient but he is slowly learning to be a good boy :)

I am so glad my sweet Max has come into our lives. I know he is an active little boy and I know he will teach his little brother Noah to be just like him probably but I am so grateful they are mine. I love being his mom, he makes me laugh, and cry, and get angry but most of all he is the love of my life, and I would do anything for him. Being a mom is amazing and I am so glad that he is growing and developing and is now a big 2 year old!
2 Year Old Stats:
Height: 34 inches (50%)
Weight: 26 pounds (10%)
Head Size: 50 cm (99 %)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Our DAD

Happy Fathers Day!! 
Your are the best dad in the world. Thanks for going to work everyday and making money to buy us cool toys. Thanks for throwing us in the air really high, wrestling, jumping, and playing ball with us. Thanks for being the one who gives us baths because you are way funner then mom would be, and thanks for giving us treats behind moms back. You are a pretty cool dad and we want to be just like you when we grow up. We love you and one day will be able to actually says those words! 
Thanks for being our best dad. 
Love Max and Noah 

Hope everyone has a great fathers day. I am so lucky my boys get not only their dad as a great father figure but they get to live with their grandpa Joe as Max is now calling him now as well. They are such lucky boys surrounded by great male role models, and a grandpa that has unconditional love for them! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wait...Its Mid-June Already?

Okay this month has flown by. I can't believe its almost the middle of the month. Here is my random updates...Also did you know Max's birthday is NEXT week? WHAT? Time flies when your taking care of kids, I swear sometimes I don't know what day it is.

Noah is the cuttest baby around. Seriously the once little guy has chunked up in the last few weeks. He is smiling and laughing and loves sticking his tongue out. He slept 7 1/2 hours a few nights ago for me! I sadly packed away the newborn clothes...I guess its time for a new baby right Larry?

Max is officially in summer mode. He is fearless in the water but is really great at wearing his life jacket  until we have left the pool area. He loves throwing things into the water and making me get them. His favorite part of the day might be his 40 minute long bath each night where I just let him play. He eats about 3-5 popsicles a day. Yes I know I just admitted it but its sometimes juice right? Also sometimes Larry and him take a bath together and its funny to hear all the laughing and splashing going on in there.

I am good, running around chasing after these boys, sometimes I feel like I am going crazy and the only time i sit down is when I am nursing and even then I am usually yelling at Max to not climb, kick, or get into whatever he is doing. I feel like I have no time for myself, not even my precious shower time with Max hitting the door till I get out, but its okay for the most part, I know that its just that time in my life to devote to everyone else and I wouldn't have it any other way... for the most part.

Larry is busy busy with work and school. He has a huge case he has been working on that goes to trial the same week we are suppose to be at his family reunion. So I will be taking the boys by myself for the earlier part of the week...some vacation right :) Next year we are ditching everyone and going to Hawaii right larry?

Hope everyone has a great Fathers Day weekend, we will be trying to beat the heat and eating lots of popsicles I am sure!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Facts...

Max can say like 30 words and knows about half the alphabet. I am feeling pretty good especially because 2 months ago he said almost no words expect for ball :)

Noah doesn't like to sleep for me during the day. Serisouly this kid is nuts and never sleeps when he needs to it is sorta driving me nuts. The second Larry comes home though, he knocks out on his chest for the rest of the night.

Noah loves to nurse on my left side and hates to nurse on my right side for more then 5 minutes...its funny, and annoying. Maybe one side tastes better then the other?

Max is a creature of habit. Every morning when he wakes up he wants to watch his favorite TV show with his bottle. He hands me everything that is in his crib one by one then, we proceed downstairs to watch his show.

Max goes to bed at the same time every day and takes a nap at the same time every day. He listens to primary music at both times...maybe I am slightly trying to brainwash him?

The only way I am surviving with these boys is keeping them on strick routines. They are happy and I am happy. I will swear by routines until the day I die.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Today I Broke My Back...

I pulled like every muscle in back today (it feels like it at least). I was pulling Max out of his high chair  after breakfast and suddenly my back gave out. WHAT I am like 25 I should not be having this issue. I quickly sat down said a small prayer then braced myself for the longest crippling day of my life. Lets just say I know why people get addicted to pain killers with back problems. And having a hurt back is not conducive to taking care of children.

I could barely pick up Noah and there was no way I was going to pick Max up. Every time I had to lift him into his high chair, car seat, and his crib (I kinda dropped him in) I winced, and let out a screech of pain. I even called Larry desperately hoping he would come home to help me. I got a lot of sympathy and a try to stay on the couch from him but there was no way he was leaving the office.

Great right? Needless to say I walked around the house bent over like a hunch back getting bottles, nursing Noah, taking care of the boys and feeling every little pain. Sometimes mortality really sucks. I did let Max watch way to much TV for my standards and gave in to every little tantrum just to survive. He even got to eat about 20 Doritos then he chocked and puked up his whole dinner. Great parenting moment. Anyways I am praying my little heart out I wake up tomorrow miraculously healed because I can't take care of these kids by myself so handicapped.

So the moral to my story is don't pick your 27 pound toddler up ever again :) Or practice all those lifting skills you learned in nursing school because you really can hurt your back even though you thought, yeah right I am so young and active and agile this will never happen to me, because you are so so wrong and it hurts like you kinda want to die...well thats a bit dramatic but sorta true.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A look into our Tuesday morning...

This morning while getting ready I was also doing laundry and left the dryer door wide open which was to tempting for a little boy. He quickly climbed inside and decided to camp out there for the morning. He wanted his shoes, blanket, and bottle to join him in his new spot. He is so funny when I try to get pictures he purposely looks away, he thinks he is so clever.

We get up pretty early around these parts so some mornings by 8:00 am I let Max do whatever and other days we are very structured. Today was a slow morning where the time just drags by so I let Max do whatever he wants. At the moment he is doing water play in the family room. Yep inside the house with buckets of water because its June and cold outside. He just stepped into the buckets with his socks and jeans on. I should probably just let him go play in the bath thats a better idea. It is pretty entertaining watching him play and listening to his little conversations with himself.

How do you make it through the long summer days with children? I usually am pretty good about planning out everything but some days are slower then others and I keep looking at the clock counting down the hours till nap time. Its hard with a new baby but we were able to get into the pool this last weekend and Max loved every minute of it and it worked out just right for Noahs nap. We will also be doing lots of days at the park and the splash pad, as well as taking the kayaks to the lake. Max loves the boat rides and pointing out all the animals and trash cans on the ride. Well Noah is up from his nap, and Max is soaking wet so I probably should stop blogging and get back to motherhood duties.

And we can't forget sweet Noah. Look at his smile! And dare I say maybe blue eyes? 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Morning Fun


This morning I was able to get a couple of shots of both the boys looking pretty awesome their pajamas. Every morning between the hours of 7-8 the boys wake up and we come downstairs and watch Max's favorite TV show while I nurse Noah. After everyones fed we all get dressed, comb hair, brush teeth and then go play outside. Today was just like any other day but I managed to even get some smiles out of them! I am taking way to many pictures of these boys but its so fun to capture every little thing about them.