Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Max Joseph Harris is 2!

Can you believe that 2 years ago today I gave birth for the first time to my sweet little newborn baby Max? I know people say time flies when you are raising kids but I honestly didn't believe it until it started happening to me. These last 2 years of my life have been so amazing, life changing, challenging, and fun all wrapped into Max's life. He has drastically changed from his little 5 pound baby body into a full blown toddler boy right before my eyes.

Max is seriously the most active child ever. He is on a mission from the minute he wakes up till he hits the bed at night. He runs, jumps, kicks, skips, and gallops everywhere. I don't know if he actually knows what walk means. He loves to climb on furniture, play structures, and is good at just wandering outside exploring nature. He love his trampoline and can spend a lot of time in there with his balls. Man that kid loves balls, maybe obsessed is a better word.

He has vastly improved his vocabulary and can now say so many words and even is getting good at hearing a word once and then saying it repeatedly until he knows it. He can identify people in pictures and knows my brothers names, and his cousins he is close to. He recently started calling my dad by his first name Joe, because he hears my mom say it a lot. He love to scream loud, have dramatic fake crying fits, and is still loving on his bottle.

His new things are learning his letters. He can say, and identify 15 letters and is learning the sounds they make. His favorite TV show is Super Why and will ask for his show "Why" the second he is out of bed in the morning. This kid is all about routine which is great and it keeps the days flowing good. He loves water, taking baths, and trowing things in trashcans.

I can tell that the 2 year old phases are kicking in with his new found independence everyday he is starting to test my patients and the power struggles have begun. He likes to say "Its mine" and "NO" frequently and I am trying to nip it in the bud. He also had learned who is the softer ones in the family that will give into his wants, the kid is clever. He gets embarrassed and upset when I say naughty to him or tell him he needs to be obedient but he is slowly learning to be a good boy :)

I am so glad my sweet Max has come into our lives. I know he is an active little boy and I know he will teach his little brother Noah to be just like him probably but I am so grateful they are mine. I love being his mom, he makes me laugh, and cry, and get angry but most of all he is the love of my life, and I would do anything for him. Being a mom is amazing and I am so glad that he is growing and developing and is now a big 2 year old!
2 Year Old Stats:
Height: 34 inches (50%)
Weight: 26 pounds (10%)
Head Size: 50 cm (99 %)

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