Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A look into our Tuesday morning...

This morning while getting ready I was also doing laundry and left the dryer door wide open which was to tempting for a little boy. He quickly climbed inside and decided to camp out there for the morning. He wanted his shoes, blanket, and bottle to join him in his new spot. He is so funny when I try to get pictures he purposely looks away, he thinks he is so clever.

We get up pretty early around these parts so some mornings by 8:00 am I let Max do whatever and other days we are very structured. Today was a slow morning where the time just drags by so I let Max do whatever he wants. At the moment he is doing water play in the family room. Yep inside the house with buckets of water because its June and cold outside. He just stepped into the buckets with his socks and jeans on. I should probably just let him go play in the bath thats a better idea. It is pretty entertaining watching him play and listening to his little conversations with himself.

How do you make it through the long summer days with children? I usually am pretty good about planning out everything but some days are slower then others and I keep looking at the clock counting down the hours till nap time. Its hard with a new baby but we were able to get into the pool this last weekend and Max loved every minute of it and it worked out just right for Noahs nap. We will also be doing lots of days at the park and the splash pad, as well as taking the kayaks to the lake. Max loves the boat rides and pointing out all the animals and trash cans on the ride. Well Noah is up from his nap, and Max is soaking wet so I probably should stop blogging and get back to motherhood duties.

And we can't forget sweet Noah. Look at his smile! And dare I say maybe blue eyes? 

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  1. Noah is so adorable!!! Ur a rock star mom!