Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Today I Broke My Back...

I pulled like every muscle in back today (it feels like it at least). I was pulling Max out of his high chair  after breakfast and suddenly my back gave out. WHAT I am like 25 I should not be having this issue. I quickly sat down said a small prayer then braced myself for the longest crippling day of my life. Lets just say I know why people get addicted to pain killers with back problems. And having a hurt back is not conducive to taking care of children.

I could barely pick up Noah and there was no way I was going to pick Max up. Every time I had to lift him into his high chair, car seat, and his crib (I kinda dropped him in) I winced, and let out a screech of pain. I even called Larry desperately hoping he would come home to help me. I got a lot of sympathy and a try to stay on the couch from him but there was no way he was leaving the office.

Great right? Needless to say I walked around the house bent over like a hunch back getting bottles, nursing Noah, taking care of the boys and feeling every little pain. Sometimes mortality really sucks. I did let Max watch way to much TV for my standards and gave in to every little tantrum just to survive. He even got to eat about 20 Doritos then he chocked and puked up his whole dinner. Great parenting moment. Anyways I am praying my little heart out I wake up tomorrow miraculously healed because I can't take care of these kids by myself so handicapped.

So the moral to my story is don't pick your 27 pound toddler up ever again :) Or practice all those lifting skills you learned in nursing school because you really can hurt your back even though you thought, yeah right I am so young and active and agile this will never happen to me, because you are so so wrong and it hurts like you kinda want to die...well thats a bit dramatic but sorta true.

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