Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Little Newborn Is Gone...

Seriously this baby is killing me with his cuteness. Really Noah could you be any more cute or awesome. Nope probably not. I am so in love with this baby who I love to call Mr. Chunk because look at those chins. I could kiss those cheeks, and chins all day. I love being able to sit and nurse him then when he is nice and satisfied get him all smiley and laughing, its positively bliss. I love his sweet milk breath and little shrikes of joy he is starting to make. I love when is falling asleep and in the in-between stage of awake and sleep and he is laughing and smiling with his pacifier in his mouth.

Oh boy Im smitten, and when he starts to get bigger and bigger it makes me want another newborn bad, because this feeling is amazing. It's not that Noah is not enough for me, or that Max wasn't as well its that you are filled with so much love you just don't want the feelings to fade or the newness to go away. I love holding his little clammy hands because he has them in tiny little fists most of the time, and playing with his curly toes. Just thinking about him growing breaks my heart a little bit and wants me to soak up every possible moment with him. 

It's not that me and Larry aren't planning to have more babies, I am hoping the lord blesses us with lots more babies, but its just that as Noah grows its one less baby I get to have...that sounds so bizarre but this stage is so short lived, it slips by so fast. They only are little and non mobile for so long, when you can hold them and they don't wiggle away or you can snuggle and kiss them all over and then don't run away. I love when Noah nuzzles into my shoulder and the nook between my chin and chest, its heavenly to feel his heavy chest move up and down against mine and listen to his deep breathing. 

As I say goodbye to this newborn stage I'm excited to see how Noah develops in his personality and his look. Its fun to see the resemblance between him and Max and its going to be crazy when they both get into brotherly trouble. This stage is magical and I pray that I get the opportunity to give birth again and enjoy the sweet baby stage a couple more times..maybe like 10 more, right Larry? 

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