Thursday, June 30, 2011


We went on a family date one hot evening and splurged on a Jamba Juice. Max chowed it down seriously he ate like almost all of mine that little piggy :) It was a fun treat and Max was crying when it was all gone, he hasn't figured out the once he eats it all its all gone theory. Sorry I post so much about Max thats kinda my whole life ya know "being the mom" I need to get better at "being the wife" part again... oh and "being cool & interesting" those things have seriously slacked since Max has entered my life, but he is so cute so Im okay with that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being home brings back a lot of memories.

Growing up in the same place your whole life is pretty great I have decided. I love being back home. It just fits and feels right for us to be living here and raising our little family here. I have such great friends who I have know forever and will be life friends. Ones that you can talk to once a month and feel uplifted and refreshed every time you speak to each other. Ones that you can go to their house often and hang out and ones you drive to go see maybe every couple years, but its like you saw each other yesterday. Just yesterday my mom and I drove to Reno to see one of her best friends whom she has known for over 28 years. They moved away from here when I was pretty young but we always saw each other at least once a year growing up. They don't speak to each other every month maybe 3 times a year and when they get together its a long day of conversation and catching up. It was so fun to see their family and to talk to everyone.

Those seriously are the best friendships where you leave knowing you might not see each other for a while but you know they are there for you when you need them and its a constant long lasting friendship.Being back home makes me remember all the friends I have had and the ones that have lasted. I know I will have friendships like my mom has that last a lifetime. Friends that you can cry to and tell them your problems and you know they won't judge only help. Friends you can talk with for hours and never get bored and ones you can admit how things really are in your life. Its amazing we have family units that we can count on and live your way through life with but friendships are the cherry on top.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet My Swimmer Fish Max...

We have been swimming every day this week. Its our little routine. I go swimming with Carlene and then Larry comes and picks me up when he is done with work and we eat dinner together. Its been so hot and its nice to just get in and out of the pool all day long. Max is loving swimming with me and all his cousins/friends. Sometimes when its just me and him in the pool he looks around for everyone, apparently I am not his best friend. I am even getting a little tan from being in the sun so much. I do believe that we will be doing this almost every day for the rest of summer! Larry's job is going great. He loves the law firm he is at and is busy all day long. He has been offered a permanent position and we are waiting to hear back if he can transfer up to Sacramento to finish off his last 2 years of law school here. Its been some ups and downs but we are being patient and I am starting to realize law school isn't everything and we need to adjust when things don't go how we expect them to go!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just another day with my buddy Max.

Today was a dream day. Really everyday taking care of Max is a dream day. Cheesy? I dare say so but man that little boy just melts my heart. He is so happy and just a joy to be around. He laughs all the time and is really learning everyday. He is getting really good at trying to copy you and loves to be chased around. He screams with joy when people play with him and crawls like a mad man to wherever he wants to go. I want to record his laugh and play it all the time because its so infectious. He would spend all day in the pool and then take a good hour bath if I let him in the evening. He just seems to be growing up so fast recently and I want to remember every little funny thing he did and the way I feel about him, it truly is amazing to be his mom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What We Are Watching Lately...Because I know You Wanna Know!

When your a law student, working, taking care of a toddler and many more excuses you kinda get behind on the "it" things in life. Most of the time I have no clue what is the new cool thing out there and I always sound really old when I can't keep up in a conversation and I am always like...who is that, what is that and so forth. That being said Larry and I have gotten on the Mad Men bandwagon. We have started and finished the first season and are really liking it. Haven't heard of it? Well we hadn't either until it was recommend to us via Netflix. It is set in the yearly know the good days when Men where Men and being a housewife was normal and not seen as degrading {yet} in societies eyes. Really the 60's were a time of radical change and political turbulence but this show is so good. It makes me think sometimes how I would have been the perfect 50s or 60s wife. Really I love staying home, having babies, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and taking care of my husbands needs and business. Sure I am much more opinionated and feel very free to express my wants/needs to my husband without repercussion and I see myself has his equal but how fun would it be to wear a cute dress around the house all day long?

Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Had A Birthday Shout Hurray!

Yesterday we had a low key birthday celebration for Mr. Max! He is now 1 year old and had no clue what was going on but enjoyed his 10 minutes of nonstop sugar eating. I rarely give him sweets so he was really loving eating the blue frosting. He cried when I put his party hat on and for the rest of the night tried to destroy it. Seriously I can't say it enough I love him SO much and I can't believe how fast a year has gone by. It seems like yesterday that he was brand new in the hospital the whole 5 pounds of him just sleeping away. Now he is crawling/walking everywhere, talks constantly, screams a lot, has 8 teeth and still takes 2 long naps and sleeps all night long. My parents continually say how lucky I am to have such a happy baby. He is active and curious and is always on to something new.

Max does some pretty funny things. He likes to put things places. All his toys end up in this big pot by the TV and he will pull all his blocks out then put them back. He likes to take anything that is sitting around and put it in the trash can. He loves his dad and wrestling with him. He is cuddly with soft things like his blankets, pillows, and hugs stuft animals...and also bites them. He shrikes and yells along with the rest of us and loves to jibber jabber all day long. He loves sleeping in my parents closet and gets special treatment from his grandpa everyday. He also loves being outside and will crawl all around the cement but will not touch the grass its funny. We love having him in our family and are so excited to see how he grows and develops more. Its pretty amazing how much one little person can change in just a year. Happy Birthday baby Max!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Would The World Be Like Without Dads...

In my life there would be a lot less mess at bath time, dinnertime, or really anytime spent taking care of Max. There would be no socks left anywhere and everywhere and when baby max'x bed time came around it would be serene and quite no wrestling, and rough housing. Pretty sad life with out those dads I would have to say. Happy Fathers day to the father of my fat Max and to all those future babies that are dying to join the family! Also to my dad who is gracefully sharing the fathering duties while we are living together in the same house hold!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Is All About...

Getting dirty being outside, eating watermelon, swimming, and getting a bath in the kitchen sink.
Tomorrow is Max's one year old birthday and I am pretty excited about it. Max has no clue but I just keep shouting "Happy Birthday" and he smiles and shrieks back. It's not only a monumental day for him but for me as well. I survived the first year of sleepless nights, teething, baby colds, diaper rashes, major spit up, rolling over, crawling, falling down stairs, walking and getting to take care of this little chunk everyday. Overall its been pretty amazing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Update.

Despite some crazy things going around our house we are still soaking up the summer fun around here. Larry goes off to work everyday and I get to hang out and play with Max in the summer sun. We have been going to my sister-in-law Carlene's house almost everyday swimming, playing, eating and talking the day away. Seriously is there nothing better the girl talk? I would say no, and it really is therapeutic for me. Its been such a fun time and really eases my worries about our life and makes me realize things happen and in the end everything works out fine. Max has been taking little steps here and there and today he took like 7 in a row! He is loving all the attention he gets and is constantly getting into everything. In just 5 short days my baby will turn 1!! Seriously time flies, last summer I was about to have a baby and this summer he is walking, has opinions and is his own independent human. We are looking forward to this weekend when we get to celebrate fathers day and Max's big birthday and getting to hang out with Larry who is working so hard for us! What guy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Life is so hard. Larry and I just got some crappy news the other day. News that makes me sick to my stomach and burst into tears everytime it crosses my mind. We now have to make some really HARD decsisons in the coming weeks. At first I was completely over run with emotions and was really feeling like seriously I cannot handle this and felt like we are doing everything right so why are things going terribly wrong? I am now trying to understand and believe that there is a reason but its hard to not have a lot of self pity and resentment. We are in need of prayers and I will fill everyone in once it doesn't hurt as bad to talk about it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chocolate is getting me through...

It has been a doozy of a week. Yesterday morning I was like man this week sucks and then I remembered it was Wednesday and really didn't want to get out of bed but alas a crying baby came before my wants and needs. Max has been sick which is a super downer he crawls behind me crying all day and its making my ears ring poor little guy. The entire day I look forward to him going to sleep so I can eat chocolate, drink diet coke, and watch TV that's a sad confession {but only when he is sick} Also the weather has been awful trapping us inside watching as it rains, hails and whatever else it wants to do. Larry and I had a fight last night I'm tired, stressed, and it always ends up in a fight...why is that? Trying to be nice to each other and working on a marriage sucks sometimes. I know this might seem like personal info but this is my blog about our lives and right now things are tough and I am learning that is real life. Larry's grades come out tomorrow and I really want to just want to put my head under a pillow and forget this entire law school mess. Its hard watching your husband study for countless hours being second in his life all for the sake of grades which could or could not be bad...its like expect the worst right? At the moment I am enduring to the end without grace and being very selfish I need to snap out of it and fast! Any Ideas?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Memorial Day

Monday the weather finally seemed like it wasn't going to rain so I jumped at the opportunity to get out and do something. My sister-in-law Carlene gave us this amazing bike trailer/jogger and I wanted to test it out! We did an 8 mile bike ride and it kicked my butt seriously it was so sore when we were done. Larry toed Max and had to really slow down for me haha it was pretty funny I kept yelling he owed me a big diet coke when we were done. Look how cute Max is ready to ride! He loved it and half way through totally conked out and slept until the end he really is such a fun little trooper. I am hoping I can bike him to the park and play and bike home pretty often and do more things outside with Max as the weather gets better. It was a fun afternoon and at the end Larry got me my big diet coke!