Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Had A Birthday Shout Hurray!

Yesterday we had a low key birthday celebration for Mr. Max! He is now 1 year old and had no clue what was going on but enjoyed his 10 minutes of nonstop sugar eating. I rarely give him sweets so he was really loving eating the blue frosting. He cried when I put his party hat on and for the rest of the night tried to destroy it. Seriously I can't say it enough I love him SO much and I can't believe how fast a year has gone by. It seems like yesterday that he was brand new in the hospital the whole 5 pounds of him just sleeping away. Now he is crawling/walking everywhere, talks constantly, screams a lot, has 8 teeth and still takes 2 long naps and sleeps all night long. My parents continually say how lucky I am to have such a happy baby. He is active and curious and is always on to something new.

Max does some pretty funny things. He likes to put things places. All his toys end up in this big pot by the TV and he will pull all his blocks out then put them back. He likes to take anything that is sitting around and put it in the trash can. He loves his dad and wrestling with him. He is cuddly with soft things like his blankets, pillows, and hugs stuft animals...and also bites them. He shrikes and yells along with the rest of us and loves to jibber jabber all day long. He loves sleeping in my parents closet and gets special treatment from his grandpa everyday. He also loves being outside and will crawl all around the cement but will not touch the grass its funny. We love having him in our family and are so excited to see how he grows and develops more. Its pretty amazing how much one little person can change in just a year. Happy Birthday baby Max!!


  1. These pictures are HILARIOUS!!! I it's like reading a comic with no captions. So so so funny! Happy Birthday, Max! =)

  2. I LOVE the one where you're lighting the candle. SOO great! His face is priceless!