Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Update.

Despite some crazy things going around our house we are still soaking up the summer fun around here. Larry goes off to work everyday and I get to hang out and play with Max in the summer sun. We have been going to my sister-in-law Carlene's house almost everyday swimming, playing, eating and talking the day away. Seriously is there nothing better the girl talk? I would say no, and it really is therapeutic for me. Its been such a fun time and really eases my worries about our life and makes me realize things happen and in the end everything works out fine. Max has been taking little steps here and there and today he took like 7 in a row! He is loving all the attention he gets and is constantly getting into everything. In just 5 short days my baby will turn 1!! Seriously time flies, last summer I was about to have a baby and this summer he is walking, has opinions and is his own independent human. We are looking forward to this weekend when we get to celebrate fathers day and Max's big birthday and getting to hang out with Larry who is working so hard for us! What guy!

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