Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet My Swimmer Fish Max...

We have been swimming every day this week. Its our little routine. I go swimming with Carlene and then Larry comes and picks me up when he is done with work and we eat dinner together. Its been so hot and its nice to just get in and out of the pool all day long. Max is loving swimming with me and all his cousins/friends. Sometimes when its just me and him in the pool he looks around for everyone, apparently I am not his best friend. I am even getting a little tan from being in the sun so much. I do believe that we will be doing this almost every day for the rest of summer! Larry's job is going great. He loves the law firm he is at and is busy all day long. He has been offered a permanent position and we are waiting to hear back if he can transfer up to Sacramento to finish off his last 2 years of law school here. Its been some ups and downs but we are being patient and I am starting to realize law school isn't everything and we need to adjust when things don't go how we expect them to go!

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