Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Max's 6 year old molar!

Tonight as I was brushing Max's teeth I noticed that he had a tiny little adult molar popping in! Crazy! He hasn't lost any baby teeth yet but seeing that first permanent tooth made my heart break just a tiny bit. He is getting older and while I am just weeks away from welcoming baby #4 it is a bit sad that my first is growing and getting big. I know he has major mile stones ahead but for some reason this one hit me a little hard! He was SO excited when I noticed and showed him, he has been kinda sad he hasn't lost a tooth yet and lots of kids in his class have but this made him feel super special and was showing everyone in the house :) Love that boy of mine, and slightly glad he still has all those baby teeth and hope he hangs on to them for awhile longer so he doesn't have those funny smiles as well as protecting those adult teeth that will eventually come in! Big night in the Harris household.