Tuesday, July 30, 2013

KungFu Max

We've hit the phase where a child of yours becomes obsessed with something and even though for Max it's been balls and trucks it's not something a little more sophisticated...a movie! Max is WAY into KungFu panda, he would watch that movie any time of way, multiple times a day. He is into saying "yes master" and "high-ya". It is funny, and then something awesome happened he found out there was a KungFu panda 2! Life changing things here people. I really wanted to also find him some toys to go with it but since KungFu panda came out like 6 years ago there is nothing really available in my trusty target store. We were are the dollar store and I found this kite. I thought...well maybe we could use it for something, he was SO excited when I showed it to him and he for sure thought it was a poster...so a poster it became. I love how something so simple can make a little kids life. The poster is currently on his door and he is loving seeing it. It took all my mom strength to let it be there, not my style at all but I let it go for his little hearts sake.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Boys First California State Fair!!

 We took the boys with my parents to the state fair to see the animals mostly and they did get to go on a few rides, but they were so small there was very limited ones they could go on. Max loved the rides and Noah loved the animals! Noah is an animal lover, and if you can see from the look on Max's face not so much. We took them into the petting zoo and Noah was everywhere touching, petting, feeding, and even trying at one point to get on a lama I think it was. Max on the other hand cried and screamed if anything even tried to come near him. It was hilarious. So funny how the different your kids can be. It just cracks me up how much Noah loved petting these animals. We had a good time, Max even tried milking a goat, and we saw some tiny baby pigs being born. It is fun experiencing new things and showing the boys things I did when I was a kid. We went to the state fair every year and it was always a fun memory so hopefully we can make those with them as well.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cousin Time Through Out July

We had lots of cousins visit through out July. The Harris's came from utah and we mostly hung out and swam at the Martins. One afternoon all the kids were going nuts so we went to Sky High and let them jump wild. Noah loved going everywhere and Max jumped so much he fell asleep on the way home. Max has 2 cousins the same age as him Oliver and AJ so it is fun to watch them play together. I am so happy he has some boy cousins to always have as friends.

Noah loved it. Also lets pause for a second and check out that pacifier that never leaves his mouth! He is talking with it in, and it is driving me a little nutty. But he is oh so handsome. 


We did a lot of swimming at the Martin pool as well. We are trying to get Noah to embrace the floaties the way the Max has. Max has made huge improvements in the swimming department. He will get all around in the floaties, but still doesn't want to be dunked or go under water yet. Noah as you can tell was a no go on the floaties. He loves water though so we have to watch him like a hawk! 


Lots of cousins to help out with the not so awesome swimmers. We love the Martins Pool! 

One day we also went to the Jelly Belly Factory. Larry went to work so he missed out, and my mom kept Noah at home which was so helpful. He still takes 2 naps a day so it isn't fun trying to balance all that. We had fun, Max was a bit bored and I was tired from holding him up to see everything but he loved being around his big cousins and felt super included. We got a big picture of us at the end that he keeps in his room and shows everyone. He also loved this thing where you put a quarter in and the tractor dumps out jelly beans. Kept him entertained while we waited in line. 

The kids also played alot outside in the backyard. Here is some funny shots of them doing who knows that?! Probably playing some war game or something. Max things it's the best being surrounded by all these people to play with. 
Love Noah in his jammies. He thinks he is one of the big kids. We had such a fun time with everyone we are rooting for them to move out here one day!! We keep telling them California is where it is at! Until next time Harris cousins! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wacky Tacky

There is this super fun place out in Roseville called Wacky Tacky...It is kinda a drive to go out there and I might have blogged about it before but the boys love it and so do I. It is a big indoor play place with bounce houses, slides, a big play place, ball pits, and this cool area where there is soft balls you can launch from air guns that the boys especially love. It is a safe clean place for them to play when it is hot and we want a break from the sun. Can you tell the age Max is in right now? Hard to photograph stage is age 3! Noah went crazy for the ball pit as you can see. 

Max totally snoozing once we got back he was wiped out form all his running. This late afternoon nap turned into a nightmare of a late night. Hate when that happens. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steve The Bunny.

I am not a pet person, I have to many things to take care of and animals are not on my list. I am super happy to take the boys down to visit the Foells who do have a bunny named Steve. The boys get their hair cut down there often and it is always a bribe if you sit still you get to see or feed steve after, usually works like a charm! Steve is our pretend pet. Love that I don't have to take care of him, but the boys get the play with him. Noah especially loves the bunny, that boy and animals it's like he is a animal whisperer or something. Sometimes I think he was meant to be raised in the wild or on a farm! It is always a treat to go down and play with the bunny. Such luck boys! 


Monday, July 8, 2013

Lunch Date...Boys choice!

Boys choice of lunch date, where did you think we went? Mcdonald's with a big play place it is. It is funny getting shots of the kids because Max is so busy and moves everywhere and Noah will sit and smile because he is still learning to move he isn't as fast as Max yet. Love these boys of mine and they way I can tell Noah is saying cheese why he smiles. I look forward to years form now when a lunch date with them might mean eating at a little more classy of a place! 


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grandpa Drapers 90th Birthday Party!!

My dearest Grandpa is turned 90 yesterday! My mom and her 8 other siblings through him a 3 day weekend celebration starting yesterday. All her siblings and spouses came in for the weekend to celebrate grandpa. We did a dinner at our house and I was in charge of the decor. We wanted it inside because it was so hot so this is what I came up with. It was so nice being able to do something special for such a special and amazing man. My grandpa served in WWII, raised 9 children, and taught art at Fresno College. He has served 3 missions, been a bishop and in a stake presidency. He was an avid Scouter and has had a huge impact on many peoples lives. I feel honored and blessed to be his granddaughter. I love him with all my heart and was so happy to be apart of the celebration. I was one of the only grandchild to be involved because they didn't want it to be loud and noisy so it was just the adults all weekend but since I live here I got to be involved!


Most of the decor was his art work all over the walls and then lots of pictures of him and his family through the years as they grew.  We had each sibling bring a picture of their current family and added them to the bookshelves. His pottery was displayed everywhere and we even served the dinner on the china that my uncle David brought back for grandma during the vietnam war. It was all very sentimental and showed what a legacy he has made! The gallery wall was put up with lots of my moms art she had of his and probably will stay for awhile now!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!! We obliviously documented today really well. NOT. I need to get so much better at that but we did enjoy our day celebrating our nations freedom! We did our annual stone briar pancake breakfast with kids parade. This year we borrowed a wagon and even decorated a bit. As you can tell the boys are more then thrilled. Max did like the pancakes. We spent the rest of the day with the Nuggents at their house for a BBQ. We ended up putting the boys down for bed early because they really hate fireworks especially Max who hates the loud noises. One day I am sure he will love them, utill then we called it an early night! Hope your 4th was wonderful. We live in the best country in the world, and even though people bash on it we have to remember what amazing freedoms we have! I feel blessed to live in a country where I can go to college, raise a family, have clean running water, feel safe, worship my religion, have rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Maybe it was my time in DC that made me realize how amazing it is that America is here and free!