Friday, July 12, 2013

Wacky Tacky

There is this super fun place out in Roseville called Wacky Tacky...It is kinda a drive to go out there and I might have blogged about it before but the boys love it and so do I. It is a big indoor play place with bounce houses, slides, a big play place, ball pits, and this cool area where there is soft balls you can launch from air guns that the boys especially love. It is a safe clean place for them to play when it is hot and we want a break from the sun. Can you tell the age Max is in right now? Hard to photograph stage is age 3! Noah went crazy for the ball pit as you can see. 

Max totally snoozing once we got back he was wiped out form all his running. This late afternoon nap turned into a nightmare of a late night. Hate when that happens. 

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