Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cousin Time Through Out July

We had lots of cousins visit through out July. The Harris's came from utah and we mostly hung out and swam at the Martins. One afternoon all the kids were going nuts so we went to Sky High and let them jump wild. Noah loved going everywhere and Max jumped so much he fell asleep on the way home. Max has 2 cousins the same age as him Oliver and AJ so it is fun to watch them play together. I am so happy he has some boy cousins to always have as friends.

Noah loved it. Also lets pause for a second and check out that pacifier that never leaves his mouth! He is talking with it in, and it is driving me a little nutty. But he is oh so handsome. 


We did a lot of swimming at the Martin pool as well. We are trying to get Noah to embrace the floaties the way the Max has. Max has made huge improvements in the swimming department. He will get all around in the floaties, but still doesn't want to be dunked or go under water yet. Noah as you can tell was a no go on the floaties. He loves water though so we have to watch him like a hawk! 


Lots of cousins to help out with the not so awesome swimmers. We love the Martins Pool! 

One day we also went to the Jelly Belly Factory. Larry went to work so he missed out, and my mom kept Noah at home which was so helpful. He still takes 2 naps a day so it isn't fun trying to balance all that. We had fun, Max was a bit bored and I was tired from holding him up to see everything but he loved being around his big cousins and felt super included. We got a big picture of us at the end that he keeps in his room and shows everyone. He also loved this thing where you put a quarter in and the tractor dumps out jelly beans. Kept him entertained while we waited in line. 

The kids also played alot outside in the backyard. Here is some funny shots of them doing who knows that?! Probably playing some war game or something. Max things it's the best being surrounded by all these people to play with. 
Love Noah in his jammies. He thinks he is one of the big kids. We had such a fun time with everyone we are rooting for them to move out here one day!! We keep telling them California is where it is at! Until next time Harris cousins! 

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