Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Boys First California State Fair!!

 We took the boys with my parents to the state fair to see the animals mostly and they did get to go on a few rides, but they were so small there was very limited ones they could go on. Max loved the rides and Noah loved the animals! Noah is an animal lover, and if you can see from the look on Max's face not so much. We took them into the petting zoo and Noah was everywhere touching, petting, feeding, and even trying at one point to get on a lama I think it was. Max on the other hand cried and screamed if anything even tried to come near him. It was hilarious. So funny how the different your kids can be. It just cracks me up how much Noah loved petting these animals. We had a good time, Max even tried milking a goat, and we saw some tiny baby pigs being born. It is fun experiencing new things and showing the boys things I did when I was a kid. We went to the state fair every year and it was always a fun memory so hopefully we can make those with them as well.

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