Tuesday, July 30, 2013

KungFu Max

We've hit the phase where a child of yours becomes obsessed with something and even though for Max it's been balls and trucks it's not something a little more sophisticated...a movie! Max is WAY into KungFu panda, he would watch that movie any time of way, multiple times a day. He is into saying "yes master" and "high-ya". It is funny, and then something awesome happened he found out there was a KungFu panda 2! Life changing things here people. I really wanted to also find him some toys to go with it but since KungFu panda came out like 6 years ago there is nothing really available in my trusty target store. We were are the dollar store and I found this kite. I thought...well maybe we could use it for something, he was SO excited when I showed it to him and he for sure thought it was a poster...so a poster it became. I love how something so simple can make a little kids life. The poster is currently on his door and he is loving seeing it. It took all my mom strength to let it be there, not my style at all but I let it go for his little hearts sake.

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