Thursday, March 28, 2013

Noah One Year Later

My baby Noah celebrated his 1st birthday 2 weeks ago. I find it fitting that I am just now documenting it,  poor second child. We really didn't celebrate being that everyone has been so sick. But luckily a week before I was lucky enough to get a 1st year shoot of him.

What can I say about this last year? Getting pregnant with Noah was a surprise being that it was weeks after Max turned 1, but little did I know he so needed to come to our family sooner rather then later. He really has been such a joy to have, and seeing him and Max interact these last few months, and especially when he stared to walk has made the surprise even sweeter.

He is almost walking, very smiley, and finally sleeping 12 hours a night! He loves his pacifiers which is nice after having Max not take them, and he loves sitting forward facing in the car. He is the sweetest, cuddliest, animal loving boy out there. I feel a bit bad his life hasn't been documented as much as Max's BUT I have been busy living everyday in the moment taking care of these sweet brothers. I am overwhelmed with love and joy that even though it is hard I get to stay home everyday with them. I feel so lucky, and I hope years from now they will too. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for Noah. I am sure he will quickly be running after his brother and establishing his personality and place in our little family. Happy 1st birthday Noah! 


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beware: Really Sappy Mommy Post...

This last week has been pretty amazing I have to say. I have done nothing except play and be with my boys all week. I know I know...I am a stay at home mom I should do that everyday. But in reality I don't. This week I did nothing but play with Max and Noah. We went to the park every day, we played outside for hours, we sang songs, had picnics, played in the Teepee. We took lots of baths, and played in the water out side. Whatever Max wanted to play, Noah and I were right beside him. We read extra stories, and played with friends.

Did my house get extra dirty...yes. And yes there is a pile of laundry that needs to be done, but man alive my boys were so happy. I didn't drag them to any stores, or run any errands, I didn't chat of the phone with friends, or get on the computer if I had a free second. And honestly I haven't felt this appreciated, and exhausted in a long time.

I usually always take them to the park, and play with them but this week has been so different. I tried not to say, just a second Max...or give mommy 5 minutes. I was there and present. I listen to all the funny things he had to say. I taught him some planet names...because he is so into rockets and space right now. I tried teaching Noah how to blow kisses, and get him to walk a few steps!! And I just soaked up all their little kisses and hugs. Their fat little feet, and their bellies sticking out of the shirts. I didn't mind them crawling and jumping all over me. Every time they ran or crawled by I gave them kisses and told them how loved they were.

Tonight as I lay with Max in the bed after a long sunny day of playing I realized how amazing it is to feel your very active little boys body go limp next to you as he falls asleep and drifts off to dream land. It was such a peaceful moment, his soft rhythmic breathing, the primary songs quietly playing, and I knew he was happy, and cared for and that is what being a mother is all about.

I know that there are so many children out in the world, that are not as well cared for. It breaks my heart when my mom, who is a teacher tells me stories about kids at her school who's parents treat them horrible. To me going to the park or zoo is so normal. To me having warm baths, clean jammies and brushing teeth is so normal. I am reminded daily how lucky I am to be able to do these things with my kids. I feel so blessed that I am able to stay at home with them, to give them the normal, loving, cared for life that they deserve.

I never knew how little I would care about my needs once I became a mom. I rarely look in the mirror after I get ready for the day. I rarely think about the things I need or want. It is all about them, and that is okay, because that is how it is suppose to be. I am more then happy to give my boys everything they need or give them fun opportunities before wasting it on myself.

When Max says "I love you mommy" that is seriously the best words in the world. When Noah hears my voice and franticly crawls to me for a hug it makes me feel so love. When my husband who works so hard so I can stay home, comes home and asks what he can do for me...I know I am a blessed woman.

There are hard have read about them. Not everything is always rosy. There are fights (loud ones) there is a lot of tears from kids and parents. There is days where I worry sick about staying poor law students and having just one income. There are days when I think we are crazy to think we can succeed in this harsh world. But that is the beauty of life. This is what working towards eternal progression is all about...working together through the good and the bad as an eternal family.

I love my family...even when I hate them.

I am blessed...

and I love when I get to be this sappy mommy :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oldies, But Goodies...

Most days I am in super mom mode till about 4 o' clock. The boys are up from naps, it is time to start dinner, everyone is a bit cranky and even a diet coke won't fix the afternoon lull. Does anyone else have that problem? I look at the clock and I swear it has been 2 hours but it laughs at me and has only been like 2 minutes  One day I had a genius idea to stick Noah in the sink while he was fussy and let him play while I stared fixing dinner. Max quickly stripped down and demanded to join. Both of them are way to big for sink baths, but it killed a good 45 minutes and everyone was happy! 

Now anytime someone is fussy or cranky I striped them down and stick them in the sink for awhile. It works wonders and the time flies by. I'm super grateful for small things like this that can get me through the day. Most of the time I have to hunker down till about 10pm when Larry gets home so anything to make all 3 of us happy that doesn't involve candy or TV is a win in my book! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Glamorous Life Of A Stay At Home Mom.

Both my boys are naping right is amazing. 

Noah had a lovely ear infection last week, I found out on my birthday
 (FYI birthdays with kids SO different) 

Larry not only has his normal classes this week but also Friday night, and All day Saturday & Sunday. 

I have to teach Relief Society on Sunday...where is screaming Noah going to go?? 

Sometimes when they boys are asleep the last thing I want to do is clean, so I tell myself I will do it later and zone out infront of the TV (does a mom good) 

I have created a 3 point plan to get rid of ALL bottle in our house, potty train Max, and get the boys in the same room. My goal is by August this is complete...haha insert Max stroking his bottle and saying no mommy I love my baba. 

One of my favorite times of the day is putting Max to sleep. We lay on his bed listening to primary music, with his toddler body nestled up to me it is heaven. I love the smell of him and his tiny snores. Oh how big he is getting, it hurts my heart every time I see him doing a big boy thing. 

With Noah turning one, I contemplate when we get to have another sweet baby around...Larry has a full year of law school left and the bar to take. Every time I think about it I get irrationally sad. Trying to balance fiscal responsibility with my crazy need to reproduce is a bit hard. 

I made a goal to drink less diet coke...then it went major on sale and quickly forgot about said goal. 

I also told Larry I could stay out of Target for an entire week! I have been Target free for 4 we think I can make it :) 

Lastly I have decided that have one baby is amazing...but having 2 is over the top. Seeing Max and Noah interact with each other makes my heart want to burst. I know it is sappy but honestly, when I see them make each other laugh or Max share with Noah is makes me know to my very core how worth it  is to have these boys. And what a blessing it is! Despite the messes, and fights, my boys are so sweet and loving most of the time it makes up for me doing this parenting thing by myself (most of the time) totally worth it.

Couldn't you just eat this baby alive?